1Storm Motorcycle Helmet Reviews


    1Storm Helmet bring you a wide collection of choices from the realm of racing gear and safety products, as their helmets have extreme, weatherproof graphics you'll like greatly. The helmets have been bought by lots of folks simply because of the gorgeous graphics engraved on top.


    1Storm Helmet Motorcycle Full Face Skull

    The 1STORM helmets have an outer protective shell. It's made from an aerodynamic design alloy-shell technology which makes it justifiably secure to have as a safety helmet.

    The skull images sets it helmets out there there--as it's so cool to own around mind whilst forcing. The helmet is available to XXL. Additionally, there are different designs to select from. Each helmet includes engraved graphics onto it that exude fashion and confidence. The interior of the helmets is equally as fantastic as the exterior. It has a heavy cushioned inner cushioning which make you go out of breath when you're driving at high speeds or does not hurt your cheek bones.

    You've got excellent venting stations, namely ventilation channel that is fifth-position and three-level high venting control, and an extra back venturi effect that is aerodynamic exhaust spoiler which compels the fresh air in and outside efficiently.

    Structure and Fashion

    Let's go over the features of the helmet:

    Ultra Lightweight and Permanent

    The helmet is extremely light and durable because of its thermoplastic steel based technology helping to make it secure a choice.

    Ventilation Control

    The helmets have a ventilation control and five-position venting channels to provide a breath of fresh air. The noise cuts and provides a riding experience to the rider plus he will enjoy his racing adventures into the fullest.

    Comfort Inner Liners

    The comfort liners of the helmet are made up of a breathable, technical, gentle and hypoallergenic fabric that keeps dirt, sweat and the heat away as it melts off completely on its own. The liners could possibly be vaporized, eliminated, and cleaned to get further prolonged periods of usage.

    Cheek Padding

    The helmet's inside cushioned and is packed with plush padding. This allows the utmost comfort to the rider if racing or the driving gets tough!

    Tinted Visor

    The tinted visor that comes in addition to the helmet is UV protected.The face guard is optically correct and it gives a very clear vision into the rider so they is able to make much better decisions with the color out of front shield. This will help him quantify the obstacles. It also provides protection from the blinding rays of this sun.

    The visor gives fog and wind resistance to cut the winds swiftly and readily.

    DOT Certified

    The helmet met the united states standards of safety regulations associated with their safety products and also has surpassed. This kind of certificate to the product makes it a commodity for the rider and gives it all of the authenticity.

    Pros & Cons


    • The brakes are light and durable.
    • The brakes possess three-level top ventilation systems combined with five extended position ventilation stations.
    • DOT accredited and approved. The approval adds and credibility and value.
    • The inner liners of the helmet is easily eliminated, cleaned and can be reused by the rider for prolonged amounts of time.
    • The inside of this security helmet is heavily cushioned and filled with lavish, comfortable padding that reduces the shock while driving or racing at high rates.
    • The mechanical skull increases the charm of the helmet.
    • Ships global.
    • A funding buy.


    • The fitting of these helmets may be cluttered. Some found it overly tight while some the others thought it was too loose. Thus, you really have to look at the size chart carefully to know what size works for you personally personally.
    • The chin straps were shown to be loose by a few of the clients.
    • No more specific spot for wireless or bluetooth sharing or communicating.

    To Buy or Not To Buy

    We've seen a great deal of favorable reviews and feedback and customers applaud the genuineness of the item. 1STORM Helmets have the best graphics among all of the safety goods on the industry. These helmets are ultra light weight, durable and simple to handle and utilize. The inner comfort liner is among the better that we've seen till today as reduce and the inside cushioning is padded to absorb the shocks that can come the rider's way whilst forcing or racing. The inner linings may be easily removed and washed.

    The fast release procedure and also the cheek padding help the helmet to keep set up once the riding gets rough. The chin straps come with a clip and so they quickly snap rendering it just take the helmet off and wear.

    It's moreover a budget buy, which is generally thought to be affordability as you buy a whole lot of capabilities that are special. We're confident that you wouldn't want to miss on the opportunity to get such a gear at a reasonable price.