1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Full Face Helmet Iron Man Red

You will find premium helmets, so that there are helmets, there are economical helmets, after which there is this. Even the 1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike ​Full Face Helmet Iron Man Red is affordable to anyone. It’s a consensus which helmets which are cheap have abhorrent build-quality.

1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike ​Full Face Helmet Iron Man Red

But this item seems to be the exclusion of this. The helmet is DOT certified, which is just a massive surprise to some lid.

What Could You like?

The helmet is made for a selection of people in the ‘younger’ demographic. The conclusion is glistening and bright, and there are a total including matte and glossy black. The lacquer prevents the paint away and is protective.

The looks have been kept simple. Front has a very simple silhouette, with a chin vent at the middle in the kind of a triangle. One crease goes from front towards the trunk, beginning the wing inlet like a Nike arrow along with giving an look that is angled from the medial side.

The inlets and exhausts at the leading rod out and also have sapphire beetle summarizes, that will be appealing to younger crowd.

The lower casing outline is festooned with a rubber gasket to break up the monotony at the glistening finish.

The Features to Consider

It’s a helmet, therefore let’s see whether it’s any features that are distinctive.


The casing has been made using a thermoplastic metal, which claims to be ‘Aerodynamic’. In all honesty, it is the form. This material is in fact a polymer chain that includes enhanced properties and is resistant to elevated temperatures. This makes it suitable for injection molding, and which is used to make the shell.

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The resulting alloy is tender, durable and capable of withstanding medium to high speed influences while maintaining ethics. Surprising to find this degree of safety at entry level pricing. Oneup for 1Storm!

Weighing in at 4 lbs, for your massive size it is nearly a light helmet, that makes it unsuitable for wearing to get extended durations. It may create your kid stand out from his peers at a ride earn or match a conversation piece.


The face shield is wide and enormous, promising a massive area of view. It’s outdents at the bottom to lift this up or close it down readily, even wearing a glove.

Color variations of this helmet have their own colored visors, however is a very clear face guard. One one of these colors might be ordered separately.

The helmet is not designed with an inside sun visor.


Ventilation with this particular helmet is very easy. There’s a chin vent at very front, supported by just two wing inlets which make one section of this Nike arrow ‘shape’. Two chimney vents allow the air in at the top. The air circulates inside and is discrete by 2 exhausts that are stylish at back.

Venturi effect was named by the passive back focus on a principle. Turbulence is caused by the helmet during its back when travelling at rates. You’ll know this when you see enhanced visuals of windtunnel testing of a few objects including cars and such. This turbulence causes a vacuum effect at the back that’s strong enough to suck the moist and warm air out from out the helmet. Simple and effective.

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However, this helmet does not have any other form of routing or air stations in the EPS, therefore it is difficult to gauge the cooling system is. Still, there have never yet been any complaints regarding the ventilation so it ought to be good.

Padding and Li-ning

The cheek pads and comfort liner could be removed easily and replacements can be found if the helmet dimensions and padding thickness don’t fit you correctly. But the grade is standard; nevertheless, it really is neither good, nor bad. The fabric is okay and the cushion effect is sufficient to allow it to be hot with the kiddies.

Instead of wringing it is preferred to do so in cold water and air dried, although the lining and pads is washable.

Customer Reviews

Clients are thrilled as a result of the purchase price point. A few ups use that one too, although most of them bought this helmet to get their children. So there exists a plus point, some of these had a good laugh at a few typos on the packaging. Some people complained about the build non-optimized utilization of space, quality and padding that was lack-luster. But the opinion was affordable.

Bottom line

This is a fantastic entry level helmet for teenagers and children seeking to venture into the environment of riding scooters or scooterettes and bikes. Since it’s a full helmet, it will make your children appear cool in town and protect them at the exact same time. It is powerful, DOT approved, has choices and nice color schemes in visors with acceptable build quality.

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It’s not just a high end helmet, and unquestionably will eat your own mind. You’d better be away accepting ‘you get exactly what you pay for’.

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