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We decided to change this, setting up 10bestselect.com to help readers get the most out of their outdoor hobbies. Here you will find articles discussing the best equipment and accessories for your needs, all created by those with a genuine love for the outdoors.

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10bestselect.com Editors:

Some people take the occasional fishing trip or have the odd summer camping holiday, while others take every opportunity they can to get their hands dirty and experience the great outdoors. Emmett, the founder of 10bestselect.com, is most certainly one of the latter.

Emmett set up 10bestselect.com as a way to use his experience in outdoor hobbies to help others, watching it grow as he found an ever-increasing community of like-minded fishing, hunting, camping and hiking enthusiasts.

Johnny is a firearm enthusiast, avid hunter and lifelong 2nd amendment supporter. Outdoors, hunting and shooting were big part of his childhood and he continues with these traditions in his personal and professional life, passing the knowledge to others through freelance writing.

Jame is a professional fishing guide and mentor with years of experience. This initial childhood fun turned into an almost full-time hobby, often traveling the country to find out new exciting waters to fish in.

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