AGV AX 8 Dual EVO Helmet Review

Weighing only 3 pounds, the AGV AX 8 Dual EVO Helmet is among the lightest helmets in the sounding dual helmets. It owes its lineage.The phrase “EVO” from the name signifies, “Evolution” and it revolves around the concept that the helmet has experienced notable changes as compared to the 2011 version. This dual sports helmet is perfectly crafted using a peak and offers the most noise insulation.

AGV AX 8 Dual EVO Helmet

AGV AX 8 Dual Sport Evo Helmet (Black, Medium)

The Appearance

The AGV AX 8 Dual EVO Helmet is available in various shapes, sizes, and colors. The helmet has a plethora of different colors like carbon fury carbon Grunge Matte, GT Black/Gunmetal/Red GT Black/Silver/Red; White, Black Titan Grey to Supply. It has an obvious hard plastic coating that increases its durability and protects the paint.

The Structure

The slightly narrow and oval shape makes the look astounding. The sizes vary a lot with the shell matching a neutral face shape of 60 cm. The outer shell has been so shaped that it, along with the smooth base border, reduces the damage caused by the loud impact owing to its shock-absorber properties.

The intercom speaker comes with a tricky fit because there aren’t any ear bubbles. The helmet, however, will not provide a headset of its. Therefore, a compatible headset that ties from the helmet should be judiciously chosen by the biker.


The helmet is both a bane and a boon. On the rides through demanding terrain, the lightweight protects the head by the jerks of those recurrent flashes. Never the less, it is prone to the rough winds. The aerodynamics of this helmet has been taken care of this concern preventing it from flying away readily. The helmet can be just a revamp of the version with a liner. The lining can be easily removed and washed. Additionally, it has exceptional moisture-wicking properties that make the helmet comfy wear.

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Ventilation System

The venting is taken care of by both closable intake vents at the visor in the front of the chin guard on the front and a single closable mouth vent. The intake vents are controlled while although the mouth vent’s adjustment can be achieved while. The chin vent may be necessary, can be removed without the aid of any gear. The jawline and A person’s attention vent will be provided non-closable ports which make the street ride enjoyable, with four.

The Shield and the Visor

The helmet features a group of summit face guard, visor, and goggles. The face shield offers three positions and seals against the attention interface to you. The shield is more efficient enough to avoid fogging and to whisk the rain droplets away. A chin strap that holds the shield in position neatly puts into place it.

The mechanism helps make it effortless close it through the 3 detents and to open the thick face shield. The wearer, so, is affected by the chance of abrasion because of the faceguard on every holiday season and also the interaction with the switchgear. AGV AX-8 Dual EVO Helmet has however gone a long way in making sure the sliders are of top quality that does not wear and tear with the replicated and intended brushings. The shield can be easily removed by employing a dime.

The visor is efficiently shaped to exhaust the incoming air. It offers a shield against sunlight and your riding partner’s dirt and mud. The off-road goggles are accommodated by the large eye interface easily.

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The Peak

The peak and the face shield are stored with aluminum screws that were brand new. These screws can be removed as per demanded to make use of the helmet without the shield or peak. The summit is designed to permit a large gap to the helmet shell. The design makes it look just like every double helmet whilst allowing airflow throughout it. Also, it does a role in preventing the overhead sun.


The above-average visibility is offered by the helmet. While the huge chin bar and also the breath protector blocks the forward vision, the vision narrows down. The helmet will do a decent job as compared to other helmets of the same category.


For the people who like speeding their way through the highways, then noise-insulating material is offered by the helmet. The tight seal of the face guard and the vent design maintain the noise level low. At the site where the eyebrow pads meet with the back of the helmet, so the AGV should fill it with cushioning. Noise is generated by the split location in rapid turbulence and hence has to be taken care of. For now, an ordinary satisfaction noise cancellation is offered by the helmet.


The helmet doesn’t fall into the category of dual sports helmets. The style is efficient enough to provide an integrated ventilation system. The Dry Lex lining makes the wearer comfortable. Certified by DOT, the bargain is met by the helmet. Offered in a multitude of layouts and three sizes, AGV AX 8 Dual EVO Helmet can be a pick for those clients. It offers value for the money which is a significant advantage in a market that compromises on products’ high quality.

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