AGV AX-8 Dual Sport EVO Helmet Review


    The AGV AX-8 Dual Sport EVO Helmet is a top quality, top of this food chain helmet that's been refined from a DS, which is a dual game version of these AX 8 dirt helmet.


    AGV AX-8 Dual Sport EVO Helmet

    The conversion will come in the dirt helmet that starts giving it over a sport design. This metamorphosis is changed in by the venting system, and with a couple more adjustments, you find yourself a dual sport lid.

    The EVO evolves the DS and includes a whole lot of progress. This is an immediate outcome of AGV listening to some of the complaints from its clients and correcting the errors.

    The helmet is DOT and that means you can wear this in Canada and the united states without anyone stopping you to get tickets.

    What Can You like?

    Some features are somewhat add-ons although others are changes in the material itself when it comes to the recent AX8 series. As an instance, the chin guard includes a rubberized lining instead of a. If your head rolls in the event of a wreck, this was done to protect your chest area from the chin guard impact.

    The helmet includes a buffed up EPS and thickened padding on the relaxation zones to make it longer shock absorbent.

    Consistent with the usage of complex materials, AGV has chucked out the plastic bolts which used to keep the peak in place and replaced them.

    For one to combine your goggle straps the form of the AGV AX-8 Dual Sport EVO Helmet has been retained somewhat similar to this AX 8 dirt with lines still present. AGV has likewise made sure you could fit various blue tooth com units like individuals from Sena.

    The Qualities to Be Aware of

    This is a decent rev-up from AGV which appears to have a great deal of stuff in the kind of progress. Why don't we find out what else can it offer.


    The AGV AX-8 Dual Sport EVO Helmet is manufactured from Tri-Composite material (Fiber glass, Kevlar and Carbon) as expected of any premium helmet outthere. It places it right back available.

    The fit is still oblong, which means that a majority of this market will be able to fit this particular helmet on. Nevertheless, contoured cheek pads and the tight fit mean that you may need to order 1 size larger than your mind.

    3 shell sizes have been supplied using by AGV for finding this relaxation fit.


    The AGV AX-8 Dual Sport EVO Helmet has a visor now instead of this face structure which you see in the dirt form. The face guard has an extensive field of view. It's an edition.

    The visor mount system is made up of a screwed in mechanics, so keep your screwdrivers ready when you need to change the visor for virtually any reason. It would have been nice to find a release system that's becoming a trend in most of the helmets on the market.


    In the place of a shield, the eyebrow port has a competitive seeming slider, which can be utilized to close or open it. The EVO version involves a removable breath guard which prevents your breath from round the inner surface of the facial guard.

    2 chimney vents along with two brow vents encourage the eyebrow vent for venting.

    The exhausts at the back are four in number 2 at the top and 2 near the winglets. The earners might have been placed under the spoiler to make usage of the atmosphere turbulence in a better manner, but they work fine yet.

    Padding and LiNing

    A Dry-Lex, 'sanitized' fabric makes your ride smooth and comfortable by wicking the sweat. Both inner lining and cheek pads could be removed and washed without any issues.

    The main advancement in the EVO model may be the grade of their comfort liner and cheek pads. The foam is much thicker plus it fits tighter in contrast. This is not necessarily a terrible thing, and you could order a size extra if that fit is perhaps not exactly what you expect.

    The comfort lining is attached at two in the trunk and four bracket points; two at the front. Normally, this arrangement would have generated pressure points however the padding thickness is handled in order to avoid that.

    Customer Reviews

    A good deal of customers find that helmet to become topnotch. However, a few of the models appear to have skipped the Q and A method, because some users found things to talk about in this superior excellent helmet that is otherwise . High helmet noise, vibrating peak, and fogging were at the forefront. Face guard and visors despite AGV maintains marred the general experience of their buyer.

    Bottom line

    The helmet is strong and lightweight, which suggests from the build quality. It is just a given, however it's wonderful to see attention being placed inside this premium helmet besides hammering it to safety.

    In case AGV can just take good care of checking the services and products until they render their manufacturing plant, they can avoid these arbitrary models getting handed for their own customers.