AGV K5 Adult Enlace Street Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

Odds are, if you’re a bike junkie, you want to twist into your ride alot. You take your bike to many diverse terrains, while it is for cruising about it for pleasure or restarting the visitors in the metropolis. And whatever expertise in riding, you may hold, there are always chances of injuries. And you will need some thing to protect your face when falling from the bike from getting smashed.

AGV K5 ​Street Motorcycle Helmet

AGV K-5 Unisex-Adult Full-Face-Helmet-Style Hurricane Helmet

And the AGV K5 Enlace Street Helmet is the perfect helmet to do your job. Why? We will cover that in this review of the AGV K5 Adult Enlace Street Motorcycle Helmet.

AGV – The Go to brand for Helmets

The celebrity AGV is known for producing quality motorcycle helmets for a long time now – 1948. They’ve a presence in the world with all AGV helmets being worn by riders such as Johnny Cecotto, Marco Lucchinelli, Kenny Roberts, Angel Nieto, Giacomo Agostini, along with Barry Sheene. That’s not it; the legends of now enjoy Valentino Rossi also prefer the helmets using the AGV mark to secure their heads.

AGV is on the very top in manufacturers of the class in the current market. This fact alone is sufficient to let you know exactly the importance and trust that goes in the brand. AGV employs a number of performance impact within their model range that is comprehensive. Corsa and pistaGP of AGV are located at the peak in the world with series and AGV Grid of the amulet on some of the racer’s minds finishing the midsize category.

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And AGV has placed all of their utmost in this K5 Enlace to provide for the need of a sport rider. Rest assured; your thoughts are in cover with AGV.


AGV has a reputation of offering BestinClass features. And AGV K5 ​ remains true to it. Specially made for game dare-devils and its street riders, AGV K5 Enlace Street Helmet provides plenty of features to strengthen your mind.

  • CAF (Carbon-Fiberglass) constructed outer shell that is available in two different sizes sizes
  • EPS inner liner which is available in 4 different sizes combined with 4 different densities
  • FEM (Finite Elements Analysis) optimized Shell and EPS dimensions
  • ventilation system is supplied by IVS. You have a chin guard vent to help you protect your face while you will find two leading air vents to make riding easier. There is an atmosphere extractor using a back on/off switch.
  • Central front air port built into the shell profile using direct high airflow station
  • Shell profile integrated with rear spoiler
  • Sanitized 3D Dry-comfort material manufactures removable plus washable liner and cheek pads
  • includes detachable breath deflector and eyebrow curtain
  • Scratch-resistant face guard with anti-fog poly-carbonate providing a 100% UV protection. Is available in 2 sizes depending on how big the helmet.
  • Screen with micro-opening method
  • XQRS (Extra Quick Release System) visor mechanism for quick elimination of this visor
  • Removable and replaceable scratch-resistant Sunvisor (ISV) integrated by Tooless
  • Double D retention system that will make driving quicker
  • DOT certified, so you have nothing to be worried about here


Designed for dare-devils that were diehard but will do the job for casual use. Its own swank style makes you seem cool when still riding and at precisely the identical time protects your head it comforting too.

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​The shell of the helmet is constructed of carbon-fiberglass that also comes in 2 sizes. The inner liner of the EPS is available in 4 different sizes of 4 distinct densities. The best thing about the EPS dimensioning of this helmet is that it’s customized with FEM providing a pay that is better for the head.

The helmet’s visor is scratch-resistant and is created to save your screen. The visor to anomalies’ immunity keeps your view clean to keep you focused on the track. The visor can be removed because of its XQRS real estate if required.

Air Circulation and Ventilation

The venting of the AGV K5 Enlace Street Helmet is the part. Ventilation system is offered by IVS and consists of one chin shield port along with also an air extractor and two front air vents along with the back power switch.

K5 Enlace comes with a removable breath deflector and skin curtain allowing air flow and providing you with relaxation at the exact same moment. The venting system was created keeping in mind the speed of traveling when you’re rushing down the tracks or in the roads.

Noise, Weight, and Comfort

AGV K5 Enlace Street Helmet noise cancellation is all up to the mark and standing of the business. Keeping unwelcome sound outside, it allows you to stay focused on the road and maintain the mind cool. The eyebrow curtain and cheek pads sit comfortably in your face, providing a feel.

The helmet is lightweight and won’t feel a burden. Should you keep the mind focused on a thing whilst putting it in reality, you won’t actually feel a helmet onto your mind.

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The K5 Enlace’s level of comfort is exceptional enjoy most of AGV products. Its cheek and texture on your own face while put on and chin pads are replaceable. With a size manageable strap, it sits on your mind providing great stability.

Other Things

The helmet will come in small, medium, and massive sizes with various shades options. AGV K5 Enlace Street Helmet is DOT certified so you don’t have to be worried about quality or comfort. If you are a street or track racer, then you should buy that one without any hesitation for your security, while looking trendy and suave.


The AGV helmet it has attracted yet another classic into the industry and does not disappoint. In comfort and security, ​AGV K5 Adult Enlace Street Motorcycle Helmet ensures us that the company hasn’t lost its touch and we can expect a greater product out of it in future. A best buy in its price range, I’ll recommend K5 especially if you’re a dare devil or a street/track racer.

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