Arai VX PRO4 Offroad Motorcycle Helmet Review

The Arai VX PRO4 Offroad Motorcycle Helmet comes after a long hiatus from the preceding VX PRO 3. They will have seriously listened to the topics cared for almost everything in the model and stated with their clients. What’s more, this extensive redesign contrasts with SNELL and DOT evaluations.

​Arai VX PRO4 Offroad Motorcycle Helmet

​Arai VX PRO4 Offroad Motorcycle Helmet

What Can You Love?

The plan includes how the method by which the chin pub has been molded, in addition to many developments in the lines. It now has more of a curved design that breaks out in case of an impact instead of breaking up and affecting your jaw. That is with the straightened design.

The helmet profile is more lively with crease lines along with reduced protrusions, but a suitable ridge to install the goggle with a ring at the back of the helmet. The polyurethane that is additional supports on a person’s attention interface which interfaces with your straps and also retains them.

The Top Features to Look Out For

A lot of redesigns and improvements exist in this upgrade within the form of attributes, and which we will see.


The casing is constructed of a proprietary tech known as Complex Laminate Construction or cLc. It is composed of 3 layers with the inner and outer being laminate and also a distinctive composite fiber ‘mat’ material sandwiched among. You can think of materials, although the foundation is ceramic that’s pretty much standard these days. The fiber ‘mat’ adds to the strength and rigidity of their inner and outer layers and leads in a better direction of impacts.

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Only at 3 pounds. 7 oz., for the medium, that is heavier than the VX PRO 3, however, the excess weight is justified due to the exceptional laminate structure for additional safety.

The model of the helmet is intermediate oblong, that’s the typical form of a skull at a person, with a few exceptions. Still, Arai has believed this fact and added some more room at the temple room for its oddball and given 5 sizes to select from.


The peak is more and wider with an amount of 5 millimeters. The artists have taken good care to darken the bottom of this peak to avoid beams from hitting your eyes.

As compared to the VX PRO 3, the summit on this lid has than you’d purchase. But this is a design by intention. It helps for silent lift whenever you are mixing this up in blazing fast speeds.

It’s mounted on the helmet using urethane bolts and also a setscrew to regulate the position. The summit shears right off in the event there is a header at the dirt since it is plastic.

Additionally, a person’s attention interface feels somewhat smaller than the Arai VX Pro 3, but it needs to be enough to suit your goggles.


Three chin vents which are in the kind of protrusions lie in your chin guard. These allow for an increased number of airflow compared to its predecessors that had the vents.

The chimney vents are right beneath the summit together with toggle buttons that have now been designed can be seen with hands-on.

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The venting is passive instead of these vents which are found on the last VX-PRO 3. The people at Arai have added a supplementary vent in the center to make the exhaust vents 6 in number. They lie and can be removed quite easily.

Top-notch exhausts feature on each side which enhances the venturi effect, as opposed to the incorporated ports in the model.

The EPS includes 10 mm port holes drilled in various points, effective in blowing lots of atmosphere on your scalp and hair (if there’s any left).

Padding and Lining

The lining here is from Dry-Cool tested form MotoGP. The two cheek pads and the comfortable lining are both removable and washable. The neck roll can be removed. It was not possible while in the last version because of the peculiar port structure. The Dry-Cool liner has specially inserted potable water cells that accelerate the warmth and heat move in your skin and scalp to the airflow between the EPS.

The cheek pads and comfort liner fit very snug with multi-density foam. The emergency cheek pad removal system is most certainly the simplest version of itself from the Arai VX-PRO4 Off-road Motorcycle Helmet. Each cheek mat features a small pull label that the emergency medic should pull. And the mat comes right off. Effective to remove when you’re knocked out, without twisting your head.

Customer Reviews

All the reviews of the customers who bought this thing leaned towards appraising it perfectly. Some issues that were matching aside, maybe not one criticism was filed until today.

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That is how good they are at Arai.

Bottom line

Considering that this can be a superior helmet from Arai, you’d expect nothing less regarding comfort and safety that shows in the building with the lid.

Verdict? Three words. Worth. Every. Penny.

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