Arai XD4 Motorcycle Helmet Reviews: Protection and Style Combined

Innovation in design and design is everything you will see in the 2020 Arai XD 4 helmet over the Arai XD3. Featuring an improved shape and a form arc, it keeps its look and adheres to the principle of elegance. But the upgrades do not stop now. There are a plethora of ventilation system design improvements and color schemes that can make the ADV or on-road tourer in you happier than you’d be back in 20​20.

Arai XD 4 Motorcycle Helmet

Arai XD 4 Motorcycle Helmet

Some of these improvements include additional vents onto the visor and an entirely different, albeit effective upper diffuser work (which we shall discuss soon). As can be expected by Arai, all that and you still possess your Snell M2015 and DOT approvals. Safety in design? You bet!

What Can You Love?

The FFS or the ‘Freeflow System’. All the riders people know in regards to the ‘freeflow’ system in the exhausts, nevertheless the principle of operation is a bit different when employed in this helmet. The accession of 10-millimeter vents together sides the power to diffusers and chimney vents are on the list of major overhauls which can be found from the XD4 including the power to correct the matching of cheek pads and also the comfort liner.

The Top Features to Look Out For

What can the Arai XD4 Motorcycle Helmet bring to the table? Let us have a look, shall we?


In which makes you look like an actual Transformer such as it there the casing looks complicated enough. If only the visor was somewhat smaller…but that could defeat its purpose, wouldn’t it? Anyway, the shell’s fit is an oblong, which makes it ideal for most users from the ADV touring category.

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But this helmet is the tourers as well as really a sport one to its off-roaders. The shape is very good for protection in high impact events and the swept-back design is of use at speeds too.

1 common complaint in helmets will be the lack of elastic fittings and casing sizes. That the Arai XD 4 Motorcycle Helmet comes with adjustments that make it possible for you to get the helmet fit in your face snugly or broadly as you desire. This is along with the five shell sizes supplied by Arai – M, S, XS, XL, and XXL – the most prevalent ones.

Weight-wise it is on the other side with 3.66 pounds, although it’s somewhat weightier for people who have weaker tendons in their neck area.


For individuals who are familiar with the XD-3 and who have put an appreciable variety of miles about it, the face-shield on the XD4 is noticeably wider than the XD-3. It also features a system the problem is taken care of with this particular brand new FFS ventilation with flexible cowl vents, which removes the dependence on a coating.

The face-shield is issued using a normal UV-resistant, transparent vision feature. It might be secured rather than a snap-fit for that equilibrium.


Coming to the characteristics which get this particular helmet special could be your FFS system. Now there are ‘Brow-Vents’ on the face-shield nearby the peak. These vents allow the airflow to accomplish your forehead in the place of an indirect loop allowing you to feature a ‘wind-in-my-hair’ experience.

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You find chin vents if you compare this one together with you. The port used to function as chin vents are larger too, keeping in light of the easier functioning of the helmet.

Then you have your chimney scoops with all the clickers that are bigger but the actual difference between the XD3 and XD4 could be the diffusers. Back in XD4, the diffusers come with two scoops each in their front, and that can be assumed to boost the airflow towards the top creating a vacuum cleaner. The result is the diffusers will begin throwing out it and sucking the hot air from the interior of the helmet. More comfort!

Padding and Lining

There’s still an integrated chin-curtain (flexible), nevertheless, the real upgrades are from the cheek pads and comfort liners with a thicker cloth and much more pillow. Even the foams utilized in those Arai helmets tend to be lasting and contoured for the face. In XD4 now you can remove the extra 5 mm cushioning on top of the current ones, to save you in purchasing a separate pair which is 1 size less. The same is true for the comfortable lining.

Customer Reviews

Customers who have bought this miracle all our praises at present. Most are satisfied (and a few think) concerning the safety, convenience, and style that premium helmet offers.

What slight complaints they have are all regarding the visor, which the FFS doesn’t seem to care for the efficiently’s problem.

Bottom line

Comfortable stylish, solid, stable, and available in most sizes are guaranteed to capture an eye or turn heads with the perfect color. It is not going to neglect you in those categories and assesses all the.

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Their pin-lock to the rescue as the face-shield could be a problem. There’s a visor harmonious with XD-3 XD and XD4 too. Needless to state, you’ll be forced to hold more miles on this glorious piece.

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