Bell Adventure RSD Adult MX 9 Off Road Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

Bell Adventure show helmets are a popular for bikers across the world for its longest time. With over 60 decades of experience in helmet design and engineering, the company has come up with their latest edition beauty.

Bell Adventure RSD Adult MX 9 Off Road Motorcycle Helmet

Bell MX-9 Adventure

Structure and StyleThe modern fiberglass composite design helmet is just a Bell original and offers a retro appearance. The company, true to its name, has made sure that it meets most of the most current DOT certificates. If you want to learn if this helmet should be in your list, browse our whole review to find out.

The Bell Adventure RSD Adult MX 9 OffRoad Motorcycle Helmet comes with a oval shape that’s among the most helmet contours used and is an easy fit for everybody. The helmet also has a larger fit than normal and is available in 3 sizes, so for a fit that is relaxed. Which usually means that whenever you use a helmet of size XL, it’d really be preferred to purchase a 2XL within this range.

The helmet is made out of lightweight as well as fiber glass which is tough. You wont feel any pressure whatsoever while riding your bike even. The helmet has been designed to provide maximum relaxation with padding that was good as well. It has light vision to aid the rider view clearly and wider on the interior because of that it’s a fit.

High Level Features

The same as every other Bell’s Moto helmet, this one too is filled with features. Ranging to safety to weight, they have tapped this specific one against the categories.

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First Amendment

The company has worked alot on the type of Bell Adventure RSD Adult MX 9 OffRoad Motorcycle Helmet by simply introducing the elements of both new and old designs. It has a frame with a greater and wider chin pub, the oval form and the soft padding inside. The outside was made distinctive from the other versions with the use of dark color giving the helmet a much retro look, making it a iconic wear.

Lightweight Fiberglass Shell

Bell has tried to provide a completely different twist by simply utilizing a composite shell to this item. The fiberglass cloth is extremely light weight after wearing it and thus, that you do not feel anything on your own face. This creates rides and also places pressure. The fiberglass can also be demanding in temperament that keeps you safe and provides that the ideal durability to it. The helmet could endure for years without a scratch.

3 Shell/3 EPS Sizes

The helmet fits having its wide assortment of casing and EPS sizes on individuals. The 3 EPS sizes to the helmet create the fit look as though it’s been customized for you. The fit creates the ideal ride.

EPS Lined Chin Bar

EPS is the foam for helmets. It’s soft for just about any ones, and rigid for just about any effects. Bell has lined the chin of these helmet with ESP foam to protect your jaw on long rides or rocky roads from any kind of damage.

Removable Liner

The helmet includes terry cloth liners, which feel soft against your skin and consume all kinds of moisture. The liners are also anti-microbial and block the atmosphere of any germs in the helmet. You may get rid of the liners and then bathe them in awhile. You replace them when they’ve exhausted and could buy yet another set for these.

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Velocity Flow Ventilation System

Do not get exhausted while riding – that the pace flow ventilation system offers you maximum relaxation. Add to it the very fact you possess virus scratch and UV protection glasses, offering protection to you.

Nutra Fog II Anti Fog

Proceed when you need, without fretting about the current weather, any moment. The anti-fog system ensures you are able to observe whenever it is raining or even when you’re out during morning.

DOT and ECE Certified

The MX 9 OffRoad Motorcycle Helmet it has gotten approval and meets of the safety standards put in place by both ECE and DOT. The helmet has DOT and ECE certificates and is one of the safest.


  • The helmet has good airflow
  • The fiberglass material is highly durable and safe
  • It provides maximum comfort with Terrycloth liners and also a Fantastic match
  • It provides value for cash


  • The fit of the helmet is much bigger than all its dimensions
  • Though broader match, it doesn’t have enough room to set up speaker kits

To Buy or Not To Buy

The MX 9 OffRoad Motorcycle Helmet is really a superb combination of comfort, style, and safety. Not only does it have a limited edition retro styling, it combines it with fabric to guarantee maximum relaxation. The helmet is durable, lightweight, and safe on all fronts. The certificate from DOT and ECE work in its favor.

The only drawback for the helmet stands in its own size which is a bit larger than the one. For instance, a individual using XL could fit well into a sizable one using this particular range. The helmet can be really a wonderful buy if you’re searching to get a sturdy helmet and gives value for money.

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