Bell Bullitt Carbon Review: A Sweet Treat for Your Head

Even the Bell Bullitt Carbon Chemical Candy Helmet is an extremely old looking helmet that its profile can be a bit unconventional. That is apparent from the shape of this bubble face shield. The silhouette will feel weird into the millennials as that really is just a ‘modern spin on the original’ according to Bell. Worry not though there is a horizontal protector available for a more sophisticated appearance and you also can order it.

Bell LE Bullitt Carbon Chemical Candy Full Face Helmet

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As the original Bell Star-120 may well not be up to the current standards if you figure out how to locate a person, the Bell Bullitt Carbon Chemical Candy is DOT and ECE 22.05 certified. So you are receiving a throw back but perhaps not compromising on safety and also feature places that are additional.

What Would You Love?

The picture features a retro feel to it with lots of flakes. It’s festooned with orange, yellow and crimson lines running parallel to the throat ridge towards also an off-white accent along with the sides moving all the way to the 37, and going all of the way and starting at the front in a fashion and carrying it forward.

The clear coat paint in addition to the carbonfiber is transparent and shows the weave that is inherent clearly.

The trimming and inner cushioning it has D bands made to complete the look and has a high finish to it. This helmet gives an awareness of maintenance while manufacturing to offer you that luxurious look that a number of riders long for a great deal taken out.

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In the event that you need to add a com unit into the 29, Bell has added several bits and pieces of technology like cutouts for speakers at the cheek pads. Some riders wouldn’t be concerned about the final result, although it would look very weird with the com unit sticking out on this type of helmet.

The Most Effective Features to Look Out For


The casing is a composite of carbon fiber that unites the lightness of their carbon and also the potency of the chemicals.

Round oblong shape. So individuals who have intermediate minds ‘may’ have a issue, however with three distinct shell sizes and 3 EPS sizes that are unique, your fit is just an endeavor away.

The Bell Bullitt Carbon is lightweight at 2 lbs. 14 ounces. In moderate size. You may not actually believe the burden.


When it involves manage shields, you’ve got a number of choices. There are bubble guards and shields with smoked as well as clear, and retro brightly tints. This 1 ships having also a dark and a bubble smoke.

The face shield can be removed as a coin in the mount screws on both sides and rotating it a bit.

The locking mechanism is surprisingly simple. It is made of a magnetized strap which happens from the end and pops to another jar half inserted in the shell of the helmet.


The chin vent with this helmet includes a straightforward design, similar to the cyberman style that is newer straight face mouth piece. It is a lively port, meaning you can close and open it.

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The ‘studs ” or rivets that you see on the front above the eyebrow line are actually vents which relate with the atmosphere channels in the EPS liner.

Moving on from the standard methods, but keeping with the silhouette, Bell has also incorporated a Venturi exhaust at the rear below just a ridge. The effect is actually a exhaust that keep the helmet looking stylish and must perhaps not be observable at range.

Padding and Lining

Even a non-removable, feather grain neck roll protects the cheek pads underneath which could be removed in their mounts that are cinch. The pads are perforated to wick your perspiration out quickly. The fabric to them is a mixture of grain and suede leather which would make them very soft.

The comfort lining is fit with 2 snaps at the brow and two in back below the occipital form, which makes it quick and easy to remove for washing machine. It’s foam cushioning where necessary and premium material and also a mesh that eases the airflow.

Customer Reviews

For a great attempt at a retro look with modern functions, Bell seems to have missed out on a few issues that are essential. There are complaints regarding the comfortable lining metallic slides on the eyebrow creating stress points. Many people whined about rain water seeping through the face shield outline without any gasket to carry out it at the very best.

Others weren’t happy with the capabilities of the helmet and asked for a pin-lock attachment method.

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Bottom line

If all is a wonderful retro look and the functionality of protecting your mind the helmet is really nice. If you expect anything else from this like excellent airflow, sound and attachment points for your cameras and blue tooth units, you’ll be left hanging because some features are somewhat inadequate yet others don’t exist.

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