Best Bell Pro Star Helmet – A Comprehensive Review

Bell helmets are produced by the sports company Bell Sports Inc., that’s a very common brand in terms of earning the most reliable and deep helmets for your racers to provide maximum protection and hence, finding the most appropriate for the rider. Bell Sports Inc. was established in 1954 under the guidance of Roy Ritcher. Since that time, the organization has always strived to deliver their best services and products in head protection.

Bell Pro Star Helmet

Bell Pro Star Unisex-Adult Full Face Street Helmet

The review of this Bell Pro Star Helmet will reveal to you that spending an amount of $1199 with this helmet is not just a terrible idea. Read concerning it particular helmet to clear your doubts before buying it.


This helmet is designed for that competitive racers. It will provide maximum visibility while driving to the motorist.

The aerodynamic design and ergonomics found by employing modern wind tunnel analyzing and learning out of the real life experiences of their riders on the track in it are manufactured.

It is possible to remain relaxed while driving at a high speed, since the helmet will keep you secure as well as comfortable at precisely the exact same moment.

That you’re able to find your fit 14, it comes in five different sizes.

It’s possible to understand this helmet for only $1199 that’s an excellent bargain, considering all of the positive aspects.

This helmet’s casing is way lighter than the usual helmet which its competitors are manufacturing as a result of use of material which enters the manufacturing of their casing.

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This helmet has a special lining that provides maximum protection against all kinds of effects to you, be it low or high. The liner is elastic that may adjust itself into the impact being experienced.

Maximized seeing with all the Panovision viewport.

This helmet can be worn by you for an upright position or while sporting touring.

It meets with the certificate of the Department of Transportation (DOT).

The cheek pads from the helmet are magnetic which permit you clean them and to take them off.

Before reaching you personally, professional racers have approved it. So, you may invest your valuable $1199 inside this helmet without any worries.

Shell Design and Quality

The shell may be the hottest TeXtreme carbon shell which is nearly 20% lighter than the other carbon or freshwater cubes. The aero-dynamics and the dynamics spread the consequences to stop some harms.

The lining used is elastic and uses a three-layer technology. Each coating plays with its role depending upon the strength of the effect. For example, once the intensity is low, it is going to utilize the first coating, and as soon as the strength of the impact is high, it utilizes the deeper layers.

The liner used is moisture-wicking, so it will continue to keep your head cool and sweat-free.

It may be the lightest fullface helmet, however it is definitely not any less in strength. It is strong in addition to durable and certainly will not dump you.


Interiors of this Bell Pro Star helmet have become notable. It uses this shell’s inner lining and 6 EPS foam layer. The technologies utilized in the interiors are only wonderful.

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A three-layer flex effect liner gives the best protection against impacts, by which all the 3 layers are made up of three distinct materials.

The cheek pads of those helmets are magnetic that means that they are immediately released, cleaned, and again attached for security into the cheek locations.


The helmet has been uniquely infused with technologies that will continue to keep the atmosphere flowing that could help keep you comfy and cool throughout your riding. The fabric used from the lining is the recycled jade from Virus which maximizes the smooth airflow, resulting in lowering the temperature within the helmet upto ten degrees to help keep you dry even at the sunlight.

The fabric is ultra moisture-wicking which absorbs the perspiration and dries up quickly.


Unlike the conventional visors, the visor used within this helmet will permit you to see better cartilage and vertically.

It’s used a Panovision viewport to ease maximum visibility into the rider, regardless of what speed he’s going, or where he is riding.

The majority of the accidents occur due to dangerous lane shift. With this viewport, you’re going to have the ability to see change and better the lanes.


This Bell Pro Star Helmet has been approved by Snell M2015 along with DOT. You need to be assured of the quality of the helmet. Is well worth every penny.

Visibility is among the most important safety facets as you hit on the road. It is essential that you find out all the objects clearly. Even the Panovision viewport used within this helmet allows one of the most visibility anytime, anywhere.

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Different Factors for Consideration

The advanced technologies found in this helmet consist of the Bell’s modern wind tunnel applied at the aerodynamics of their casing.

Another thing worth considering is the burden of the helmet. The teXtreme carbon employed from the shell is 20% lighter compared to the carbon fiber, which takes away a supplementary 2 3 ounces away from the head; like that, it will not strain your neck muscles.


You’ve got to keep in mind Bell Pro Star Helmet was created keeping in mind the requirements of a racer, since the improvements in the tech employed within this helmet were created to the feedback written by the racers on the track. If you’re interested in a helmet suited to sport touring, you will need an additional 1 cm size for the helmet.

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