Bell Race Star Helmet – A Review

The Bell Race Star helmet was first introduced in 1967. It was the first helmet of its own moment. Without undermining dependability and the strength in the mind protection Bell is known for its fashionable and helmets they produce.

Bell Race Star FullFace Motorcycle Helmet

Bell Race Star Full-Face Motorcycle HelmetPurchase It Now!

It uses innovative technologies to provide the best security and meets all the needs of a racer.

We will detect the features of the solution and see if it’s worth your hard earned money.


The Bell Race Star helmet is designed for racers.

  • This Bell Race Star gives you highest reliability.
  • The liner lowers the impact by taking advantage of stateoftheart technology.
  • It will come in five shell sizes, which means it’s possible to purchase the helmet that may agree with your head size perfectly.
  • The Bell Race Star helmet uses carbon fiber for its shell which gives stiffness and strength into the shell.
  • It’s an extremely quiet helmet on account of this modern ventilation techniques utilized in it.


Even the Bell Race Star helmets utilize bend impact liners. The lining has. Every layer comes in to play based on the degree. The darker layers of those liners are all involved to evenly distribute the impact, when the impact is made of impact.

The Race Star is designed in such ways that it gives you.

The helmet has an oval shape which is longer on the front side and the rear.

A lot of road mishaps occur due to unsafely lanes, and this happens due to lack of vision. With this Race Star helmet, you get Panovision viewport which eases visibility and averts any crash. You can see better in a position, even when you’re driving in the trail or the road.

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The recycled Jade lining makes the inner fabric of the helmet. The fabric, manufactured by wifi, provides a natural cooling effect by lowering the temperatures indoors to 10° F. Even if it’s quite hot outside, you can still stay cool and loose of perspiration.

It weighs 4.15 pounds and is a more moderate weight reduction.

Shell Design and Quality

The casing employs carbonfiber that is a material that is heavy, however it also looks very stylish and will turn a few heads in its direction. The shell will get you through any race with head protection and is durable and strong.

Going they got from the racers, the organization designed a shield that may be as tall and wide as possible.

Bell is known for putting quality material inside their helmets. It also makes use of fine silver threads. Using silver at the liner will retain the bacteria buildup and can continue to keep the helmet smelling fresh, as silver is known for its antifungal properties.


This helmet’s liner is made up from the herpes virus Cool Jade fabric that’s only jade. The 6 EPS foam layer will give you the customized fit, therefore it doesn’t float throughout the ride and sits on your head.

Along with of this, it also uses a three coating technology in the lining. The liner is prepared in ways so that it can handle all the impacts.

The layer of the lining will absorb the effect if the impact is low. Then a layers engage to equally divide the impact during the surface in case the impact is higher.

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The 3 substances used in the liner are polystyrene, polyolefin, and polypropylene. The polyolefin lining gives protection against low-speed affects, and polypropylene liner gives protection against speed impacts. The polystyrene liner gives protection against the highspeed shock impacts.


There is a double chin vent, a dual crown vent, and a eyebrow vent. All these vents are blindsided by little sliders. At the end of this helmet, there are 3 rows of exhaust vents.

Therefore, there are plenty of vents to help keep your face cool and promote proper air circulation.


Use Panovision viewport that will permit you to observe the maximum of this trail and watch out for any obstacle on the course is made by the visor from the helmet.

The helmet seals perfectly around the visor, and hence it won’t permit any air to make its way indoors through the gaps. It makes it a silent helmet and reduces wind noise. The atmosphere is only going to arrive in through the vents.

This Bell Race Star’s visor includes a lens for clear vision. For providing a greater peripheral vision the aperture is contoured.


This Bell Star helmet is accredited in DOT, ECE 22.05 and Snell M2015. It’s been tested to see how they perform on the tracks, and so they fared well.

Factors for Consideration

It is supposed for racing and also duration rides. Consequently, if you’d like to buy for sports then you should go together with a size.

It is a helmet. Unlike other helmets, you won’t call for ear bits to nullify the noise.

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The helmet comes with magnetic cheek pads which can be removed.

Purchase It Now!


The Bell Race Star helmet is one of the best purchases that you can create. It comes with amazing functions is durable, and keeps you safe constantly.

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