Bell Revolver Evo Unisex Motorcycle Helmet Review

At first sight that this helmet looks great. As a single colored matte black finish and also available in all sizes from X-small, small, medium, large, X-large around and including 2X large and at a body weight of just under four pounds it not only looks great but is light and easy to carry when not being exploited. You would expect from the fabrication with their experience and standing as the complete face it integrates the comforts of one piece head-gear along with all of the advantages.

The manufacturers of the face helmet have been associated with manufacture and motorcycle helmet layout since 1954. They shows a fire that is excellent for safety in an road racing environment or in racing, and firmly believe that if you’ve got absolute confidence you can turn your attention to to the purpose of your activity. In this case the enjoyment of road riding.

Bell Revolver Evo Unisex Motorcycle Helmet

Bell Revolver Evo Modular Motorcycle Helmet (Solid Matte Black, X-Large)

With the companies overall awareness of detail and their never ending search means that every element of design for the ascetic and practical usage have been addressed. This helmet was refined by the organizations development and research team and they’ve come up with a helmet that was really great.

As the helmet is initially created for bikers at a ordinary road riding environment it has incorporated each of their extensive knowledge of engine cycle racing technology and employed the best of the knowledge.

Bell Revolver Evo Unisex Motorcycle Helmet Features​

Aerodynamic shell

The beginning of any terrific design is the body of the helmet. Searching for minimal wind resistance is a must which coupled with the construction of this shell helps to ensure that this lightweight but very safe and simple to wear as well as light to wear.

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Accurate sizing

Which means that the ideal size for your purchase ensures that a comfortable and safe fitting of the helmet in the function that protect you and it’s to do its job. Correct sizing is necessary to guarantee a snug fit to reduce road noise and end rush.

Elegant fit silhouette

This combined with the true sizing ensure relaxation and outstanding protection throughout usage. One would expect in the manufacturer with this caliber, with the contoured cheek pads giving the comfortable level of this helmet.

The redesign of these seals has also added into fitting and the comfort of the helmet and assists in ensuring the face protection. Ready for just about any accessories you can want next.

Adjustable ventilation system

This ensures that the best of both worlds together with ventilation which is adjustable to match weather conditions at various times of year but minimal road noise at higher speeds.

New chin drape and cushioned wind collar

These ensure that the helmet is more comfortable to use by massaging the collar, and venting around these two areas may be raised. The chinstrap is cushioned and it has d-ring fastening with Magnefusion Strap Keeper that easily and quickly secures the chin strap.

Click release face protector system

This no tools required change system means that it is easy to change the shield to coincide with the time of conditions or day. Even though all examples exhibit the helmet with a visor it is actually supplied with a definite one. The shield also has protection against boils scrapes and UV harm. No top mount POV cameras with this one, side mounts just.

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Removable interior for washing

This really is a necessity in the present usage as indicated in the instructions supplied and for laundering manually, the inner is really simple to remove.

Integral pockets for audio speakers

These pockets are great for practically any audio system should not required do often permit the ingress of road and bike noise although if used. It could b needed to fill the pockets with some fabric to pad them out in case you find the noise from wind or the street becomes a issue.

Approved by the DOT

A reassurance that the helmet meets the necessary safety specifications required from the current legislation and ensures it’s production is in line with today’s best practices Superb 5 year warranty What you would expect from a company who have invested so much in development and research and also back it up with a great warranty. So as you can view with over forty decades of design and manufacturing feel the manufacturers have managed to make a helmet for usage and with the security and comfort you’d expect from a manufacturer of this standing.

I think we may safely say that Bell Revolver Evo Full Face Modular Helmet could be the best available.

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