Bell Stripes Moto 3 OffRoad Motorcycle Helmet Review

It’s obsolete but maybe not outdated, also it’s straight back! The Bell Tripes Moto 3 OffRoad Motorcycle Helmet is here using sport and a bang a orange and black ‘Stripes’ picture. The iconic helmet in Bell has carved its way from the sub-par category with striking design and much needed improvements in its safety characteristics. DOT and ECE 22.05 rated.

Bell Tripes Moto 3 OffRoad Motorcycle Helmet

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What Would You Love – Bell Tripes Moto 3 OffRoad Motorcycle Helmet?

The graphic is both killer and simple. The 70’s timber paneling color scheme on a dark backdrop contrasting at either side and at the eyebrow shield makes it seem striking as its design was all those years ago. Four stripes ranging from white to off white, yellow and creamy pale chocolate-brown run out of the ideal hand side, make a 90 degree turn and scatter all the way across the side till it reaches on the left 1 / 2 this chin guard and quits there.

Glossy and polished, the dark paint and lacquer do the job along with the Stripe and also make this helmet standout without any chrome, with a shiny look.

The chin shield feels put on with four angled, cushioned and competitive vents on either side of the centerline.

The liner at the bottom has a nice gasket lining covering the EPS which extends all the way. Therefore does a person’s eye vent, but the gasket here features a definite ‘girth’ which gives out a muscular look.

In maintaining the retro style, the chin-straps would be the Double-D bands.

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The quality is very good and is equally as expected owing to their broad experience.

The Top Features to Look Out For

So what changes have been incorporated in this ‘original’ ?


Weighing in at 2 pounds. And 13 ounce, it is very light owing to the fact it’s constructed from a lightweight fiberglass composite shell that guarantees to keep your squashy melon safe. Fiberglass is a bit on the milder side in terms of toughness, however it might extend and mold to withstand stress and strain before its integrity is jeopardized. Quite often, it’s blended together with other components to make a shell, therefore that tensile strength and its flexibility is harder and retained chemicals make up for the durability.

Whether there are doubts about the security evaluation, the DOT and ECE 22.05 evaluations should calm things down for you personally and allow you to have that reassurance.

So that it is going to suit many people in the market it is intermediate oblong in shape and fit. It is a bit narrow at the front, however, not by too much. The back is big enough to allow for the average head.

Bell has made the iconic lid available in EPS sizes and 3 casing, giving you unparalleled choice in fitting so far as motocross helmets are involved.


The peak is attached to the shell above the eyebrow with five studs, but is obviously pretty easy to remove. You simply pull it off and outside it pops up into your own hand. For installing it back, align the visor and then snap it back in, one by one.

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It is a helmet in essence, although the lack of a bubble visor may be hum dinger to get a while. It’s intended to be worn with goggles, therefore it’s supposed you have those goggles using straps on cross country biking. The attention port is shaped and large to fit in just about any type of riding goggles.


This is just a Motocross helmet, so whenever you have this on you are getting to have the full burst of breeze that is in coming onto your face. Still, the helmet will come in with 8 angled and foiled chin vents that remain open with no toggles.

The EPS doesn’t have any atmosphere stations to discuss about it as there are no chimney or grills ports. Once the comfort liner is removed, the structure looks simple.

Padding and Lining

Cushioning is thick from thick town with premium suede and microfiber liner that fits quite snugly, like a snarly teddy bear hugging your head. Terry cloth liner and the cheek pads are anti microbial and are in wicking perspiration up promptly efficient. It could be removed easily and washed without much work.

The cool thing is the fact that outs for com units or speakers have cut now.

The comfort lining snap keeps you and fits at the EPS liner at the brow and the neck. In case you absolutely need to find a gripe about it, nonetheless, it lacks that depth of the cheek pads.

Customer Reviews

Apart from raving reviews about the yield of a few of this yester year’s favourite helmets, a number of these asked a snap. But there have been no major complaints relating to unique helmet and that classic.

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Bottom Line

The return of a classic design truly bodes well for that rider brotherhood, along with protection and style take over and inject a sense in a ‘feel like god’ experience. The Bell Moto 3 Stripes isn’t really a museum piece by any means and certainly deserves a place in that special corner of your center (and garage !)) .

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