Best Basketball Shoes for Dunking: A Comprehensive Guide

Like any other basketball player Needed to be able to dunk. There was just one problem: I had been too lazy to work hard in my vertical jump. Naturally, I was always on the lookout for shoes that could make me jump higher.

At the I have tried lots of shoes and heard there are shoes maybe not as much. I want to share this knowledge.



Are there shoes that’ll improve your vertical jump?

Every Basketball participant wishes to jump high, so it’s no wonder there’s a lot of fascination with shoes that provide you.

​There Was Even a brand of basketball shoes promising to increase your vertical jump with a special mechanism that they call “Load and Launch”. Athletic Propulsion Labs released their first shoe. After that, their business took off once the NBA announced because they supplied an advantage, the shoes would be banned.

My Review of those ​PG 3 NASA

The ​Nike PG 3 NASA includes In two colorways: One includes a shameful top with a green lone, one colorway comes with a material and the. I just like this monochrome upper’s kind combined with the gaudy highlight of the rubber. Check it out yourself:

I’ve played in the ​PG 3 NASA currently for about two weeks and want to share my beliefs of these shoes with you.

Can they cause you to jump higher?

​My initial impressions are very positive. It is not as you can All the sudden jump from this gym, however before my very last league game I was able to do some dunks for the very first time in a little while. I wasn’t competent to measure my vertical jump and compare it to other shoes right away, but I plan to do that! When I had to guess, I would guess that I am jumping about two inches higher than with my older Jordan CP3’s. Section of this could function as the traction of a set of shoes but that I had pleasure in that lay up line together with my newest PG 3 NASA!


​The gym, I play, has Dusty supplies most shoes a great deal of trouble and courts. And at first, I wasn’t impressed with all the traction of the PG 3 NASA, but it got better and plays well today afterward dividing up the rubber in just a bit!

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​Needless to say, you will need to wipe Then and today, and because the traces of this traction pattern are rather narrow you need to do it. A quick swipe may not bring improvement. But when you simply take 23 moments and also do some strong wiping to find out the dust of the traction pattern, you will be ready to opt for some time.

In General, the traction is so good! I wouldn’t suggest playing outdoors in such. The rubber is really soft and won’t survive long and also the narrow grip layout is actually a dirt magnet.


The cushioning feels a little Strange initially, because there’s plenty of it and basically nothing at the front. It feels as though there is a significant drop that is heel-to-toe than that I was used in my basketball shoes.

​Should you think that the main focus of this is to maximize your vertical leap, and then this installation makes a ton of sense. Most of the power transport throughout a vertical jump does occur in the very front of one’s foot and energy would be stolen by a cushioning and reduce your jump. Instead, the Strain’N Launch Technology in the forefoot of the shoe provides a very direct court feel that Enables You to push All Your energy into the floor with the compression springs shown in the image below:

But do not worry, you get this very’s impact protection Comfortable heel cushioning! All these aren’t any Kyrie 5 with a overall cushioning installation that is rockhard. The gap between heel and forefoot cushioning requires a time.

Nike Men's Kyrie 5 Basketball Shoes

Materials, Comfort & Size

The upper Is created from a mesh material that keeps the feet and offers ventilation cool during games. A very comfortable full-length bootie offers the “sock-like” fit that’s highly well known in basketball shoes these days. I got those shoes in my own size 10 also at first I believed the size 10 may be a little too tiny and that I also wear in Jordan or Nike Brand shoes. But after dividing them at a little, the loosened up and give you an extremely tight fit today.

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The inner bootie is a bit of a Pain length wise there’s very little room, and to enter left. But I have feet, so that I love the lockdown that a shoe that is tight provides. Going up a size will most likely be a good idea!


The APL Boomer Delivers a Whole Lot of Different support attributes: The silhouette maintain your feet from rolling and provides a lot of foot support, the wide base and outrigger offer equilibrium and the TPU heel counter protects you.

The shape, overall, Along with the sturdy materials gave me an extremely secure and nearly “invincible” feeling. If you’re utilised to playing lighter and more flexible low-cut shoes like the Kobe lineup, the comparison is really stark. You get rid of just a bit of flexibility and freedom of movement.

Overall Verdict of the ​PG 3 NASA

Even though shirts really are not my favorite style of Basketball shoes I’ve grown fond of these. The advancement of this jump isn’t massive, but I could feel it. And for some one like me, who is 6ft tall and right on the border line to be able to dunk, this can make a impact! In the event that you are able to spend the hefty $199 price tag and would like to try out a brand new shoe company having a special feature, then secure a set of ​PG 3 NASA!

However, in case you do not want to really go For the strain ‘N Launch tech of APL but receive yourself a couple of shoes that will enable your jump then carry on reading, because I am going to reveal to you some traits you want to search for in the next shoes!

How to find the Best Basketball Shoes Dunking

In case your Goal would be to jump as high as you can, then you need a shoe that fulfils those 3 criteria:

1. Tight fit

Your shoes need to match properly If you wish to get the best vertical jump outcomes.

There’s nothing worse than slipping inside your sneakers when Trying to jump. Badly shoes make you lose much of one’s momentum and equilibrium throughout takeoff and lower your jump height. You may wish to think about wearing high-performance basketball socks if the feet don’t feel locked in.

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In General, You can’t under estimate the importance of a fit. If basketball players get their vertical jump quantified in pre-draft mixes, they wear a half size too small to shoes!

2. Really good traction

This aspect is extremely linked to number 1. Slippery shoes (or judges) are poison to jump high.

Throughout a Vertical jump, you first gain flat speed by running towards the batting, then you plant your jumping leg (or both) and utilize your leg(s) being a lever(s) to transform the flat speed in to vertical speed.

Now, Imagine what happens once you attempt to jump when your shoes slip on the surface.

You Either autumn or your jump is likely to soon be lower as your leg loses anxiety and can function as an effective lever.

That can be In addition, the main reason you may jump hardwood planks compared outside courts that are dusty. You are able to convert speed into speed.

3. Stiff sole

When it comes to jumping large That you do not want shoes. They absorb a lot of energy when you are pushing into the ground and, therefore, negatively affect your own vertical while these could be more comfortable and easier on your joints.

That really is To dribbling a basketball that is level comparable. The ball dampens the impact so much that it will not bounce back as large as it might if the ball had been inflated if the air pressure is really low.

Now that you currently what to look For, I’d like to show you a few current basketball shoes for jumping, appropriate really. These shoes fulfil the three criteria great traction.

These are the shoes That Are well-suited for ​Best Basketball Shoes Dunking​ from the set of lace shoe reviews I have created here. Practice The connection and discover out which shoes will be the general basketball Sneakers based on the many well-respected shoe reviewers out there there.

​Best Basketball Shoes Dunking Reviews

1.​ Nike Men’s Lebron 16 Synthetic Basketball Shoes

Nike Men's Lebron 16 Synthetic Basketball Shoes

2.​ ​Jordan Jumpman 2020 Mens

Jordan Jumpman 2020 Mens

3. ​Nike Men’s PG 3 Basketball Shoes

Nike Men's PG 3 Basketball Shoes

4.​ ​Nike AlphaDunk Basketball Shoes

Nike AlphaDunk Basketball Shoes

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