5 Best Basketball Shoes For Guards: How To Buy The Best One

If You’re a guard that Likes to overcome opponents off the dribble with crossovers that are mortal and smooth pull up jumpers you need shoes which can keep up with your own kind of play. There is not anything more annoying than a footwear that prevent you from accomplishing your potential!

In this article, I am going to Show you the way you’re able to find the perfect basketball shoes which can be tailored towards protect play.

What makes great guard shoes?


As a protector that is Fast, traction is by Much the most significant part of a shoe’s operation. Traction will allow you allow you to to stop on a dime when attacking the basket to blow having an explosive first phase, and give you the traction. Shoes with traction reevaluate all your strengths will give you of your entire quickness and might make you slip a competitor’s crossover – no one wants that!

So, the Important things as a protector is to obtain shoes with traction.


Shoes with comfortable cushioning That make you feel like you’re walking on clouds are great for big guys that are heavy, however, not for guards. As a shield, you almost certainly weigh a good deal less compared to Shaqs of this world, and you want impact security. In fact, soft and pliable cushioning original steps a split minute slower and includes a negative impact on your speed and quickness because it leaves cuts and will take away from the court feel.

As a guard, you want to have a Responsive cushioning setup with court feel it doesn’t take away from the quickness.

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Style of Shoe​

In Today’s game, most guards are currently playing in mid-top or non soccer shoes. These shoes have been cut a lot lower around the ankles when compared with conventional basketball “boots” which reduces the weight and also allows a larger amount of freedom and flexibility of movement. The ankle support that was lost is made up for along with support features including outriggers and sturdy heel counters. You are currently recovering from an ankle sprain, or if you do not really feel comfortable playing in low-tops take a look at braces. Apart from that, low or mid-tops are the way.

Therefore, if We’re looking for best basketball shoes for guards, and you would like to search for low-tops with excellent cushioning.

​Best Basketball Shoes for Guards Review

1. ​​Nike Lebron Soldier XI Mens Basketball Shoes

The ​Nike Lebron Soldier Is a significant upgrade on the unsatisfactory ​Nike Lebron Soldier. The greatest change is that the lacing program. Critics are split on whether it works or not. Some like it, some hate it. The ​Nike Lebron Soldier is a good overall performer for guards. The disadvantage is the expensive selling price of 200.

Nike Lebron Soldier XI Mens Basketball Shoes

– Great Traction

– Very responsive shoe

2. ​​Under Armour Men’s Curry 3Zero Basketball Shoe

Under Armour is Still relatively new into the basketball sneaker match but the Curry 3 has been seen among the most consistent and well-performing signature traces. This shoe has been optimized for the mode of drama of Steph Curry and provides you with great traction and court texture for fast crossovers and cuts into the hoop. As Steph is light and does not play above the rim, the cushioning is business and impact security is nominal.

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Under Armour Men's Curry 3Zero Basketball ShoePurchase It Now!

– Amazing traction

– Nice materials

3. ​​adidas Men’s Dame 3 Basketball Shoe

The Adidas Dame 3 is uniformly commended for blade grip setup and its Bounce cushioning. The setup of the upper with many lacing holes to choose from permits one to customize the fit. Most critics had a hard time. Complaints about heel slippage have been ordinary too. Overall, this shoe is a terrific fit for players using a marginally wider foot (to reduce heel slippage) who try to find a good overall performer at a fair price.

adidas Men's Dame 3 Basketball Shoe

– Bounce Cushioning works well

– Fair price

4. ​Under Armour Men’s Curry 3Zero Basketball Shoe

The ​Under Armour Curry 3 Is part of a less expensive and slightly downgraded line of Steph Curry shoes. The traction has remained exactly the exact same and performs very well on clean courts but many reviewers whined inconsistency on (somewhat) masked courts. The substances which are somewhat less premium than in the initial Curry 3 however do a good job are shown in by the low price. Universally enjoyed by shoe critics would be the adjustable heel which works great for brace wearers and offers lock down that is great. All in all, the ​Under Armour Curry 3 can be a solid performer at a price that is reasonable.

Under Armour Men's Curry 3Zero Basketball ShoePurchase It Now!

– Adjustable Ankle Support

– Very supportive

5. ​​adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe

The ​adidas Performance is really a very reasonable shoe that is made specifically for outdoor use. Traction works on outdoor courts but struggles hugely on dusty indoor courts. The cushioning provides great impact security which is crucial on courts that are external and feels very tender. Materials feel marginally cheap but have become comfortable. If you are currently seeking a lightweight and affordable outdoor shoe which is like a running shoe foot, then a ​adidas Performance is just a wonderful choice.

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adidas Performance Men's Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe

– Very good traction

– Well-balanced cushioning

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