Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet


    Locating Your broad feet can be a real nuisance. Operation shoes are cut slightly narrow to ensure a tight match for athletes together with feet that are often wide. This can be annoying as an average pair of shoes will probably fit very uncomfortably and you'll need to manage blisters and pressure marks if you're a wide feet. But fortunately, remain a couple of basketball shoes that cater to wide feet.


    In this Guide, I am going to Reveal you five current basketball shoes which should fit comfortably, even in the event you have "Shrek" foot!

    How to find shoes that work for wide feet?

    Your player aYou and signature sneaker found a colorway that is indeed nice, you will need to contain it? The single problem: that the shoe isn't designed for wide feet...

    Can you still make it operate?

    Look for stretchy upper materials

    Shoes come with different Substances on which colorway you become based. So if you have a set of footwear that is just narrow, opting for a stretchy material like woven or a knit will probably accommodate feet far better compared to business mesh or synthetic leather.

    On the Flip side, there are basketball shoes just like the KD signature line which run so narrow that you just can not make it act like a wide-footer. Check out the shoe overview I have created here if you wish to understand your shoe runs. Click also to see a profile of this shoe which tells you whether it conducts regular wide or narrow also on any shoe.

    ​Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet Reviews

    How did I come up with this list?

    I am Continuously recording every basketball shoe review that is published on websites such as solecollector .com, and on popular sneaker Youtube channels. Whenever a reviewer mentions that a shoe operates wide (or narrow) that is entered to a database.

    1. Air Jordan 31

    Overall The Air Jordan 31 disappoints reviewers. The others predict it dangerous, while a few think the grip is adequate. The fabric that is superior gets a lot of compliments however, also the leather heel is not as enjoyed and caused pain for a couple reviewers. The grip is killing what might have really been a great shoe.

    - Premium materials

    - Full-length Zoom cushioning

    2. UnderArmour Drive 4

    The most powerful Point of this is its traction. The herringbone pattern that is competitive and thick works on every surface - even out doors. The Micro-G cushioning in the heels is fine, but the forefoot feels pretty much dead. The materials are and a period that is slightly painful was mentioned by a few reviewers. In general, this really is a shoe that outperforms its budget pricing and certainly will get the job done for every manner of player - especially if you've got wide feet!

    - Fair price

    - Amazing traction

    3. Adidas Harden Volume 1

    The Adidas Harden plays well in all types except fit. Traction was nearly solidly praised by reviewers. Materials vary among different colorways but are of high quality in every. This shoe's single weakness is that the period that is debilitating. Especially the leather fur cap caused a great deal of reviewers trouble.

    - Low profile Boost

    - Quality of materials

    4. Nike Lebron 14

    The Nike Lebron 14 receives mixed reviews. The demand for plenty of impact protection and also bigger, more heavy players using feet will prefer the Hex Zoom cushioning installation. Regrettably, a lot of reviewers commented on heel slippage and excess movement during stops and cuts. Not really recommended for players who have narrow feet.

    - Impact protection

    - Comfortable fit

    5. Under Armour Charged Controller

    The Under Armour Charged Controller can be just a very affordable low-cut basketball shoe made for quick guards. The grip is extremely inconsistent. Especially on dusty courts, you'll need to wash. For a light and slim shoe, the fit is not quite as good as one would anticipate. Lots of reviewers cite the exact roomy (and heavily glued) fur box. Cushioning is adequate and encourage features are nominal but sufficient. In general, the Charged Controller is really a shoe that is solid, however there are basketball shoes that are better , also at the lower retail cost of 100.

    - Very affordable

    - Good materials