Best Garmin GPS Reviews: The Top 5 Models Compared

Technology has altered everything in every industries. You have no worries to becoming lost or decreasing your track with all the GPS systems developed by different 21, today.

​Garmin GPS – Comparisons

ImageProduct NameScreen sizeWeight
Garmin nüvi 2789LMT7″12.3 ounces
Garmin Nuvi 50LM5″6.2 ounces
Garmin nüvi 52LM5″6.4 ounces
Garmin Nuvi 2689LMT6″9.6 ounces
Garmin Nuvi 2589LMT5″6.4 ounces
Garmin GPSMAP 64st2.6″9.28 ounces
Garmin eTrex 10 Worldwide2.2″5 ounces
Garmin Edge 1000 Bundle3″4 ounces
Garmin Edge Explore 10003″14.4 ounces
Garmin nüvi 2757LM7″12.48 ounces

Using global positioning system has made life easier, and also you can have it like a portable navigation device or on your own smartphone. GPS systems are applied in different ways such as finding location, time, navigation, unloading, along with tracking.

There are many brands out there that produce those apparatus, but Garmin continues to be contributing in earnings for many years. GPS systems are made by Garmin with routing accuracy, cheap rates, and other incredible capabilities.

I have researched the market for the Garmin GPS system which it is possible to buy to suit your needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to find a GPS for the car, bike, map forests, surf planes, picking out your field for military or farmers application, the next Garmin GPS is going to be worth considering.

Best Garmin GPS Reviews​

1. ​Garmin nüvi 2789LMT 7-Inch Portable Bluetooth Car GPS

Garmin provides you with some of the GPS systems available on the market with high end capabilities. Try the Garmin nüvi 2789LMT 7-Inch, if you wish to spend money purchasing a quality global positioning system unit, and you’ll love utilizing the device.

It includes a glass screen measuring 7 inches having a pitch to zoom orientation and display.

When you are utilizing this apparatus, you will see your maps on the monitor. You are going to find traffic alerts that appear across both side.

Garmin nüvi 2789LMT 7-Inch Portable Bluetooth Car GPS with Lifetime Maps and TrafficPurchase It Now!

You can easily discover places. This consists of food, hotels, gasoline stations and more without departing the map. This device also provides you which means that you may operate the apparatus while the hands remain on the wheel.

The GPS system is smartphone connection compatible. You can download the smartphone link app in your own device (iPhone or Android) to get realtime services such as the elements.


  • The big 7-inch glass screen is easy to read
  • The device is Bluetooth-compatible
  • It has active lane advice
  • Gives You direct access to complex areas like airports and malls
  • Easy to find places together with all the Up Ahead attribute
  • Programs talked Garmin real directions
  • It has preloaded maps of North America


  • It’s pricey

2. ​Garmin Nuvi 50LM Navigator

With the technology of today, becoming lost traveling would be an issue of choice. There are many GPS devices you may purchase to make certain you are safe wherever you’re.

Another GPS system for tracking your method, from Garmin that you may purchase could be that the Garmin Nuvi 50LM Navigator.

Garmin Nuvi 50LM NavigatorPurchase It Now!

This really is an extraordinary design with a large 5 inch screen display which gives you. It’s made to make navigation easy. The GPS is versatile, and it can be used by you in your car or if you require assistance with directions.

The global positioning system unit comes with a quality build material with a windshield mount that secures the machine securely; ergo you don’t need to be concerned about it slipping when.

Operating the device is pretty simple as it’s a menu with just two major icons for preparing a route and the other for returning into the map view. There are bigger icons for settings volume control, and also help method. These make it straight forward to use the unit.


  • Has a Massive 5inch screen
  • Features preloaded maps using free lifetime upgrades
  • Has lane Help with junction view
  • It discusses the name of the roads
  • Offers You a Terrific value
  • Has speed camera locations


  • Does not have Bluetooth and visitors choice

3. ​Garmin nüvi 52LM 5-Inch Portable Vehicle GPS

There are high chances of you becoming lost when you see places you have never been earlier. If you do not have the perfect GPS, how will you trace back your way? You always ought to have such an instrument to browse.

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Because you’ll find tens and thousands of devices out there, picking out the best may be difficult. This is the reason you should get yourself a apparatus that is ideal just like the Garmin nüvi 52LM Portable Vehicle GPS, and also you can get to a destination with no worries.

Garmin nüvi 52LM 5-Inch Portable Vehicle GPS with Lifetime MapsPurchase It Now!

This system comes with a display so you can view everything clearly within the map of the area you need to go. This device points if you want to prevent and also has addresses; there are options for parks, petrol stations or restaurants across the route.

For anyone who would like a performance, the Garmin nüvi 52LM 5inch Mobile Vehicle GPS may be the best pick. It features voice prompted turn-by-turn directions with street titles that are spoken.


  • Has a robust suction cup for easy mounting and rapid release
  • it is not hard touse
  • It’s a touchscreen interface using 5-inch angled color screen
  • It is compatible with microsd card
  • The apparatus has lane assist
  • Comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery using just two hours battery lifetime


  • Does Not have directions
  • Difficulty changing the settings

4. ​Garmin Nuvi 2689LMT North America

Looking using accurate and applications maps that are smart? You want no additional apparatus apart from the Garmin Nuvi 2689LMT North America.

The system allows one to browse through North America because it has all united states maps.

You can utilize spoken commands as you are driving, when using this GPS.

For all those that love GPS systems that one suits you. It has orientation touchscreen that gives you.

Garmin Nuvi 2689LMT North AmericaPurchase It Now!

In addition, it has junction views and lane guidance that supply views to you that will aid you in finding the best lane. This GPS will not depend to guide you and this really really is only one of a big advantage compared to other mobile dependent GPS systems.

You may enjoy the Up Ahead indicator of the device which when triggered, the navigator exhibits a bar over the map side. This supplies you with areas of gas along with other places, ATMs their nearest food. This will help you choose a location if you are not in a position.


  • Has life map updates
  • 6-inch glass display
  • Gives you the Opportunity to Look for popular stores, restaurants, along with others with Four Square
  • Features voice triggered navigation
  • Utilizes Blue Tooth technologies for hands-free calling
  • Includes detailed maps of United States
  • You can add a wireless backup camera


  • Has poor glare in the daylight

5. ​Garmin Nuvi 2589LMT North America

In your series of those Garmin GPS systems that are best, we have. It is another device for people who’re searching for for an navigation.

The apparatus has traffic updates and life maps that guide you. It’s designed to zoom double orientation display which you can browse effortlessly.

Garmin Nuvi 2589LMT North America with Lifetime Map Updates and Traffic AvoidancePurchase It Now!

It has a smart-phone link program that connects with Apple or even Android smart-phones to deliver locations and speeches to the GPS from phone. You can get live services like the elements. It is blue tooth compatible to grant you a hands-free operation.


  • Has a voice recognition software
  • Blue Tooth technology for hand-free calling
  • Features Absolutely Free life map updates and traffic avoidance
  • Doesn’t depend on mobile signal
  • Has busy lane advice


  • The screen resolution is low

6. ​Garmin GPSMAP 64st High-Sensitivity GPS

Folks find it challenging to research different terrains because they fear becoming lost. You can reach any place you would like. One of the GPS from Garmin that you can carry with you is your Garmin GPSMAP 64st.

This is a apparatus with amazing features and provides users. This system comes with a 2.6-inch sun readable colour screen that gives you simple reading with no struggle.

Garmin GPSMAP 64st, TOPO U.S. 100K with High-Sensitivity GPS and GLONASS ReceiverPurchase It Now!

It’s possible to research any terrain. It’s a global base map with the complete policy of full US including Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii. The device can be equipped using a compass comprising accelerometer tilt reimbursement which indicates the spot you’re headed and where you’re standing.

The apparatus has the capacity of keeping upto waypoints and 200 paths therefore that you may store your favorite trips and recall them after. You may share with other individuals. It features a wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and ANT therefore you can share your waypoints, routes, tracks and geocoaches wireless along with different apparatus which can be compatible.

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  • Features a sunlight readable 2.6-inch colour display
  • Comes with an expanded internal memory of 8GB
  • Provides wireless information upload
  • Offers live tracking
  • Has 3-axis compass together with barometric altimeter
  • High-sensitivity GPS and GLONASS receiver using quad helix antenna


  • Loses satellite sign
  • Some clients say It’s difficult to use

7. ​Garmin ETrex 10 Outdoor Handheld GPS Navigation Unit

If you want to own a simple GPS device that anybody can operate with ease, then you definitely should consider buying the Garmin eTrex 10 Worldwide Handheld GPS Navigator.

This is a device for children and beginners, and it features incredible marking waypoints and paths.

It has a compact size with the ability to store up to 1000 waypoints which means that you can have fun as you possibly encounter.

Garmin ETrex 10 Outdoor Handheld GPS Navigation Unit - AW16Purchase It Now!

The system is sold with 2.2-inch 176×220 screen resolution monochrome display which allows you to learn even when there is bright sunlight.

It has a high-sensitivity GPS receiver using hot-fix and also GLONNAS service for positioning. Additionally you will enjoy worldwide base map which which enables whenever you are traveling one to spot your local area.

Yet another thing about the gadget is its own battery lifetime. So that you may enjoy your journey the battery could run for up to 20 hours.

If you are seeking a wonderful device for hunting, biking one of other outdoor activities, then consider this version as a great purchase.


  • The screen presents information from a clear and bright manner
  • Stable and waterproof
  • Has a battery having a very long run
  • It has paper-less geocoaching
  • Can track both GPS and GLONASS at the same period
  • It may save and exhibits locations, terrain, difficult and traces among others


  • it’s a basic apparatus without a complex features
  • The maps which can be included are not helpful

8. ​Edge 1000 with Bike Cadence Sensor

If you’re seeking a GPS that’s filled with a number of new features, try out the Garmin Edge 1000 Bundle. This is really a bike computer that makes it possible to get the navigation when you are cycling. Without worrying about getting lost, you can get to nearly every place.

The global positioning system unit has a color touch screen with a clear display for easy viewing. The display was made to adjust in a low area like tunnels along with shady areas.

Edge 1000 with Bike Cadence SensorPurchase It Now!

This device allows you to turn your biking sessions in to races and you can seethe real time results. You will get alerts for segment start and finish.

With the bike, you are not restricted. You research all sorts of paths and can navigate well into cycling roads and ride places you’ve always wanted.

This system allows you to find notifications, so it is not hard to stay upgraded when you are riding. You’re able to find email, call alarms, and texts from your iPhone 4s.


  • Has a Big screen display of 3 inches
  • It provides you with smart alarms
  • Has preloaded maps to help you to browse in the best biking streets
  • You can ride in contest together with the Garmin Connect Segment
  • Offers You instantaneous uploads to Garmin Connect mobile to test and discuss


  • The Unit is very pricey
  • Has a Bad battery lifetime

9. ​Garmin Edge Explore 1000

If you would like to acquire the best navigation when you are riding off-road and both on, get a traveling motorcycle computer. I would recommend one to get exactly the Garmin Edge Research 1000 Cycling Computer which can be one of the Garmin biking GPS methods.

This can be a device with the same performance to the edge 1000. It sports a color touchscreen buttons on the front and below the screen.

Garmin (010-01527-00) Edge Explore 1000Purchase It Now!

Cycling maps have been pre-loaded by the device with points of attention such as hospitals, golf clubs, sport centers and hotels.

This apparatus can help for you because it has if you’re a adventurous rider who would like to explore new routes that are. You simply need to enter the distance that you would like to pay for, and the GPS and the starting direction will compute to three cycling routes.

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  • Has a memory capacity which can store up to 200 waypoints
  • The unit has a rechargeable battery with up to 15 hours of time
  • It works with Garmin Join to examine, categorize and discuss your ride info
  • Preloaded using Garmin cycle maps
  • It has new features to keep you safe on the road
  • Has a large color display screen


  • Expensive and difficult to use

10. ​Garmin nüvi 2757LM 7-Inch Portable Vehicle GPS

A lot of people today prefer purchasing a global positioning system which provides them with the crucial features while residing at the budget that is ideal.

Because it may be hard fishing outside the finest GPS, I’ve simplified your search by giving you the Garmin nüvi 2757LM Mobile Vehicle GPS that has been highly rated by the users for its amazing features and efficiency.

Garmin nüvi 2757LM 7-Inch Portable Vehicle GPSPurchase It Now!

Clients love the natural voice that guides drivers using milestones, buildings and traffic lights ergo making it easy to browse.

It features an simple to use touchscreen interface that provides a simple operation to you. And that means you can observe it has a more colour screen. This screen features a back light and a manual orientation display.

The unit has a map of United States containing free lifetime updates. The up ahead screens gasoline stations, restaurantsand restaurants and other locations within the map.

This GPS system additionally features bird’s-eye junction viewpoints that show pictures of intersections and releases and PhotoReal.


  • Leads drivers to their own destinations right with ease
  • It has a large screen That’s easy to see
  • The port is user friendly
  • It has lane help
  • Has turn-by-turn direction feature


  • It locks up and fails to refresh

How To Pick the Best Garmin GPS

GPS systems are offered in many different shapes and sizes to meet the needs of unique users. It’s important to look for you with the specifications that you want depending on how you wish to utilize it. Take note of these things whenever you’re looking for a GPS system.

Unit Size And Screen Size

GPS vary in sizes and that means that you may elect to pick a smaller device or even a big one. The unit’s size impacts the magnitude of this screen. This usually means whether the device is bigger that the monitor size will increase. The device’s burden raises. It’s important to consider whether you want a screen device or a weight, before you purchase a global positioning system unit.

For one to see the trail map with 23, it’ll soon be easy, you ought to think about the resolution of the screen.

Touchscreen Or Buttons?

It’s also wise to consider the right interface taste which you desire. Because they are fun and easy to work with folks love apparatus. Because it will soon be user friendly even if you’re wearing gloves, throughout winter, you can consider a device.

Traffic Information

So you are able to avoid routes with traffic jam the best garmin GPS system should provide you with traffic information. Having all the traffic information can assist you to avoid road closures, speed traps , and accidents.

Ease Useful

GPS systems are created to make navigation simpler. Prior to purchasing a GPS, it’s essential so that you are able to know that which devices provide a user-friendly interface to users, if you accomplish its ease of use scores.

Other Advanced Features

This is found in higher priced GPS systems which have features like preload maps a barometer maps and software wireless transmission and electronic compass. When you are getting, if you require features in your apparatus, then it’s possible to narrow down your options.

Voice Command

This applies specially if you’re interested in a Garmin GPS system for the vehicle. Could it ask for directions and require commands? This allows you to operate a vehicle and operate the apparatus hand.

Other Considerations

  • multiple satellite link
  • the Cost of the Global Positioning System
  • Upgraded maps
  • Does it possess a powered bracket?
  • Does it have 3 d construction perspective?

Final Words

Garmin is one of those brands which provide GPS methods that are superior to clients. You can buy one or more of these devices that are top from the provider, and you will have of getting lost no excuse. You may trace back your way when you yourself have one or more one of the unit because they provide you with information on hospitals, gas stations, attractions along with other points that are nearby.

The aforementioned are great at features, performance, prices, monitor size and resolution and portability. Pick the one with features that you like from the list of the best garmin GPS, also you also are able to reach any destination.

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