Best Giant Coolers Box Reviews

Best Giant coolers box are great for use, Massive collections or long hunting trips. I’ve checked the finest springs on the industry which means you can find the best cooler for the ​money.

Whether you’re following a Long-term cooler that can keep ice for weeks Or a brief term cooler which will be just enough for a party of sporting event we’ve got you covered.

​Best Giant Coolers Box Reviews​

1. ​Grizzly Coolers 165 Quart

The Grizzly 165 will be the better of the best in huge coolers. Arriving at a Whopping capacity this really is among the coolers in the marketplace.

It’s a outside making it demanding and With 2 + inches of insulating material this item could maintain ice for weeks, maybe days. This item will pay for itself at the money you’ll save ice hockey.

Grizzly Coolers Grizzly 165 Quart

Grizzly are for making quality, a brand Coolers made right in the united states. It is going to handle whatever that you throw at it being bear proof with a lifetime warranty you may rest assured knowing if anything goes wrong Grizzly will allow it to be all right.

The One Thing That competes with this particular cooler in size and ice hockey Retention is coolers and your. But Grizzly certainly are a brand, the cooler looks much nicer and it’s really less expensive than the Icey-Tek.

Fundamentally if you are after a cooler with ice retention that is excellent You can not go wrong. There is also a more 165-Quart option available for those Searching for a lighter cooler


  • 54 1/2 inches wide, 30 3/4 inches deep, 3 2 inches top
  • 90 pounds empty
  • 165-Quart capacity
  • Moulded in barbell for power
  • two inch drain plug for fast and complete draining
  • Rubber latches keep the lid tight
  • non slip along with non-marking rubber feet
  • Moulded in heavy duty handles 4 hands holds
  • Foam rubber gasket keeps the cool air in and hot air out
  • Licensed keep proof
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Manufactured in the USA

2. ​Pelican Products Progear Elite Cooler, 250 Quart

As soon as they come the Pelican 250 is made like a tank and it functions just also.

My younger Pelican 35-Quart maintained ice for more than 10 days once I did so my Pelican ice test sufficient reason for a whopping 250 Quart capacity this Pelican will keep ice even more.

I Really like That this giant cooler has 6 grips therefore it may be performed even Assuming you have enough folks when full.

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Pelican Products Progear Elite Cooler, 250 QuartPurchase It Now!

Not as cost effective since the Grizzly however, it does possess any exceptional Features with it has fold upward threaded drain plug which can attach a hose and the media handles and pull latches are so straightforward and easy to you personally.

Given how easy the latches would be to use with gloves onto this cooler will be perfect for people in colder climates.

3. ​YETI Tundra 350 Cooler White

Yeti will be the founders of the roto-moulded cooler and their 350 model doesn’t disappoint.

Yeti create the best looking and highest-spec coolers in the marketplace. The outside is produced with a superior plastic finish and also the attention to detail is unmatched by any company on the market.

They are of the world with excellent and ease design making their products so common, the iPhones.

With a capacity there is Plenty of room on your gear and Your own ice. Bear proof and harmonious these grinders are fantastic.

I have a Yeti 45 and love it. As she believes it’s the most sexy cooler available on industry, my spouse adore it.

Therefore, in case you want the most commonly known brand in the industry and also the most sexy cooler you are going to desire a Yeti.

4. ​Coleman 200​ Quart XP H2O Marine Cooler

Coming in at No4 will be your Coleman 200 Quart XP H20 Marine cooler. In under $300 this cooler is fantastic significance for it’s size.

With insulation that an cooler this bad boy could maintain Ice for approximately seven days. This is ok, but nothing when compared with a Grizzly or Pelican which will likely keep ice atleast two times as long.

Purchase It Now!

The Cupholders around the lid are an extremely valuable feature for all those Boating or camping so that you’re not likely to lose your beer throughout the soil.

Flip up grips on both sides make carrying easy but using just 2 handles you will fight to proceed when it’s full.

All around a Wonderful option for those who have a tighter budget and Desire the size but don’t require the ice preservation of the coolers.

5. ​ICEY-TEK Classic 270 Quart Cooler – Long Box Style Ice Chest

Icey-tek create the big kahuna’s of the cooler box planet. Arriving at a Whopping 600-quart capacity it doesn’t get much larger than that.

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Wait…omg…yes it will! Create a ​270 quart cooler for ​under 1000 dollars

These coolers are roto-moulded and comprise pressure injected Insulation just like your Grizzly/Yeti coolers. This means that they could easily maintain ice 12 days + and maybe even longer depending on your usage and the surface temperature.

ICEY-TEK Classic 270 Quart Cooler - Long Box Style Ice Chest

I haven’t heard a great deal about Icey-Tek the brand and so I can’t actually Vow for the high quality and I Hade like to see a bit higher compared to the usual 2 year warranty on a cooler over $1000. For that reason I have had to down their own durability.

In case you Want a super duper extra large giant cooler and also the 400 quart Capacity of the Grizzly isn’t enough you’ve basically got little choice but to choose Icey-Tek.

6. ​ENGEL ENG320 High Performance Cooler​

Engel make a Assortment of quality earners and are well understand of their electric coolers. Their roto-moulded coolers are good quality chargers, but I have found they aren’t as great as additional roto-moulded coolers.

ENGEL ENG320 High Performance Cooler - WhitePurchase It Now!

It completed worse compared to the Yeti and Pelican in my 10 day ice evaluation But retained ice a days. The vinyl finish isn’t as fine because the Yeti but that I do definitely love that the clasps which hold the lid down double as jar openers. Wherever you’re, A wonderful little feature to own.

The Engel is bear proof White nonslip rubber. Even the 320 size is exceptional and some might prefer the rectangle shape to something’s shape like the Grizzly.

7. ​Igloo Yukon Cold Locker Cooler

The Yukon has been one of the most surprising coolers I have reviewed. After seeing the problems that the Igloo Sportsman’d I expected very little from the Yukon, but it surprised me with a really great cooler.

The 250-quart version is no exception.

Igloo Yukon Cold Locker Cooler

Using 3 inches of insulation in lid and the walls This May have any Of the ice retention you may ask for in a cooler. Grip grips allows up that will help you carry the mounted that is large drain plug and also this cooler makes for fast draining of your cooler.

The Igloo Yukon is actually one of those premier rated coolers available on the market up there by Grizzly, Yeti and Orca.

I ran out of coolers over 200-Quart that are worth ranking so for The 2 coolers we’ll start looking at coolers round the markers. Still huge coolers however, less giant as the people we have mentioned above.

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8. ​ORCA ORCG140 Cooler with Extendable flex-grip handles

The Orca 140 cooler has been my choice for the most effective large cooler since they are extremely high quality such as the Yeti and are completely made from the usa using american-sourced parts.

They’ve all Cooler together with the help of insulating material pouch at the rear for items and they have a lifetime warranty.

Purchase It Now!

Their prices dropped making them probably one of the most affordable roto-moulded coolers on the market.

If you don’t need 140-Quart and a cooler is sufficient for the needs then purchase an Orca. You’ll love it.

9. ​​Igloo Quick and Cool Cooler

If you are following Cool 150 and the Igloo Quick is your choice For you. A enormous 150-Quart capacity that this is very good for shorter trips, parties or athletic events where you only really must keep your items cool for 2 days maximum.

The hinges are Made from plastic and can break time because of sunlight over Vulnerability. However, they’re cheap and relatively easy to replace if this happens.

Igloo Quick and Cool CoolerPurchase It Now!

Lack of a rubber plus How the insulating material is much Grade that is poorer and thinner means that you may not get the ice retention which you see from the coolers that are roto-moulded.

But it’s well under $100 and also a perfect alternative for someone who only needs a basic large cooler.

10. ​Igloo Super Tough STX Cooler

Like the Quick and Cool created the Super Tough is. Stainless Steel latches instead of plastic ones, overall superior and more sturdy grips using a grip durability.

Insulation is probably slightly better in this one however, it isn’t Going to perform the standards of a cooler that is roto-moulded up.

Igloo Super Tough STX CoolerPurchase It Now!

4 inbuilt Cupholders are a Terrific characteristic for boating and camping and The moulded in ruler is terrific for quantifying your latest grab.

That can be priced using a 3 year warranty and great for all those Who do not desire to pay a arm a leg for a cooler but don’t need the Least expensive cooler on industry. It’s a Fantastic Happy Medium in terms of Value for money.

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