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    Exactly What Makes a G​reat Kayak Helmet?

    Contemporary best kayak helmet can be found in styles that are nearly as varied while the paddlers who wear them. But, there are a few characteristics to look at when evaluating any helmet for relaxation and the security it can provide.


    ​Kayak Helmet - Comparisons


    Product Name

    Primary Material


    Carbon Fiber

    2.4 pounds

    Carbon Fiber

    2 pounds


    1.8 pounds

    Carbon Composite

    4.67 pounds

    Rugged ABS Shell

    2 pounds

    ABS Injection Shell

    2 pounds

    ABS Injection Shell

    2 pounds

    ABS Outer Shell

    2 pounds

    ABS plastic

    1 pounds

    The helmet shell may be the primary line of defense in absorbing impact forces and reducing a potentially skull-cracking blow into some bump. The more heavy the casing, the more effective it is. Composites such as carbon fiber and Kevlar will be the stiffest, and so they have the advantage of being lightweight. But helmets are rather expensive. Many formulas of injection-molded the r mo plastic are found in most mid- to low-price range helmets these helmets are not as inflexible as composite helmets, and a little heftier, but they are going to offer the protection required by most users.

    The component of this helmet would be the lining that could be the supply of impact and actually the barrier between you. It offers a cushion between your head and the helmet casing, and also helps to manage the deceleration forces that wouldslam the mind against the inside of the skull if you experience a hard blow to the mind. The helmet liner is also key to fit and comfort in any certain helmet.

    And for the shell and the liner to complete their jobs, the helmet has to stay positioned on your head. It must not wobble sidetoside or slide down in front or back, plus it has to resist being ripped off by the force of their water in ocean waves or heavy rapids. Appropriate fit to mind size and shape along with an efficient strap system are both vital here.

    Protect Your Mind You Only Have One

    Choose a kayak helmet that fits snugly and feels comfortable enough. Because everybody's mind contour is unique, this may be tricky. Think about carefully your usage patterns. Are you going to be charging Class 5 rapids a huge selection of days from the year, or paddling on tender backwaters a couple of weekends in summer timeseason? Do you conduct heavy rivers, or shallow, rocky creeks? Do you need warmth or cooling ventilation? Most these are factors in your choice of a best kayak helmet. Last, thinkmanufacturers are making a range of colours and designs accessible now.

    ​Best Kayak Helmet Reviews ​- Best Choice for You

    We have sorted through a lot of helmets and identified some of the most useful models concerning comfort, protection, and value for that money. Use our review of this white water paddling helmets out there to help you find the helmet that is ideal at the ideal price.

    1. Sweet Protection Rocker Helmet

    We had to really go along with the Sweet Protection Rocker whilst the ultimate helmet to get professional level functionality. You'll get protection, although it will cost you some cash to enter a Rocker.

    Sweet Protection is a Norwegian company that has been building helmets, kayaks, and multifunctional equipment. They are serious about their helmet technology. Using thermo plastic Laminated carbon fiber (TLC) gives the Rocker the elastic, impact-absorbing properties of injection-molded Thermo plastic combined with the effectiveness of carbon fiber that permits a balance of impact immunity with light weight, together with different performance properties distributed in various areas of the casing.

    The helmet features the discreet Occigrip adjustment platform to micro-adjust the fit for stability and relaxation. The full-coverage liner is created from moisture-wicking Coolmax fabric that remains comfortable in a array of temperatures and is removable for washing machine.

    The sculpted ventilation slots at most notable are a feature that produce this helmet unique. We enjoyed that the helmet comes complete with an adjustable shatterproof visor and all mounting hardware. A visor like this allows extra quantities of security against both the elements and impact.

    This helmet also comes at a version for those that would like face security. This can be a top piece bit of sports and it has some 2-year warranty and customer service backing appropriate for its price. We urge the Rocker for boaters who want to push at the limits of their sport.

    What we liked

    • Comfortable and mild
    • Outstanding design information
    • A recognized firm

    That which we did not like

    • High cost purpose

    2. Gath Gedi Helmet

    When wearing a helmet turned into a novelty, this company released the surfing helmet. Yet, with surfers pushing the bounds of the game on heavier waves and also tow-in surfing, the life-saving advantages of mind protection were obvious. Some of those Gath helmets in America appeared on chargers. Now Gath helmets would be the best choice for water lovers across the world water sportsmen, and rescue personnel.

    The Gath Gedi is aCE EN 1385-approvedwhite water helmet. Its shell is created from UV-stable ABS that's designed to flex on impact, occupying force exactly exactly the way bumpers and crumple zones in cars do.

    Neutral bouyancy and also good immersion characteristics decrease the chance of head and neck injuries. The Gedi has been fitted with an excess coating of impact protection for the leading of the head. Removable ear pockets enable the user to modify from skull cap style to full coverage, and also the ear pockets come with ports that are adjustable. This is a helmet, with head band and a foam liner that offer a snug, cushiony fit. Even the chin strap webbing is wrapped to prevent chafing.

    The Gath Gedi could be used with a array of accessories such as visors and camera mounts. This helmet comes at the surface of the price range, but having a 3-year warranty and a 20-year security record, it's money well-spent to have these legendary water sports helmets.

    That which we liked

    • Very light and comfy
    • Close-fitting along with low-drag characteristics
    • top reputation for performance and quality
    • Comes with a 3-year warranty

    That which we did not like

    • Sizing runs really little
    • Highprice point

    3. Sweet Protection Strutter Helmet

    The Strutter helmet out of Sweet Protection has been a popular of whitewater boaters for more than 20 years. The more Strutter, A lightweight helmet catches the classic baseball cap design using a 3D shape that is computerized.

    Certified for security from up water to Class 4, that this helmet features a very long fiber thermoplastic shell that unites Polyamide with long fiberglass strands to generate unique impact resistance at a low volume. Extra protection is provided by a carbon fiber reinforced polymer insert on the inner front of the casing. Even the EVA lining absorbs shock and has high-memory fit characteristics, and can shape to an individual's mind shape for relaxation. It also resists breaking at low temperatures.

    Even though we personally enjoy full-coverage protection, most boaters prefer the Strutter because of its traditional profile along with super-light weight reduction. The base ball cap design itself naturally eliminates many potential pressure and pinch points, and the helmet is very easy to get on / away. Comfort pads are all contained, and the Occigrip adjustment system lets you snug up the helmet thus it roll or doesn't wobble. The polypropylene chin straps offer equilibrium and also make this helmet comfortable to get regular wear.

    We found helmet that was little had a great deal of technology build. It's a very helmet, and that is reflected in its pricepoint.

    That which we liked

    • Lighting and comfortable to wear day
    • European made with a pioneering company
    • Sporty seems

    That which we did not like

    • The helmet sits too high on several mind shapes

    4. WRSI Trident Composite Helmet

    The Trident is a aluminum composite helmet by the White Water Research and Safety Institute.

    Designed for high-definition sailing, the Trident gives greatest impact protection by mixing a carbon-composite outer shell using a watertight sub-shell and EVA foam liners. The lining is removable and replaceable, and this model comes with 9 fit pads. The strap system automatically corrects to hold the helmet in place.

    We enjoyed type and the general fit of this particular helmet. It's quite light at 1.45 lbs., and certainly will be comfortable so long as you pick a size appropriate for your face. Front visor maybe not merely deflects the sun, it also keeps some space between your face and the stones, and also the use of high-visibility white vinyl onto the chin-strap quick-release buckles can be also a wonderful touch.

    The 1 disadvantage was that the absence of some options for ear protection, something that will be standard at this price.

    That which we liked

    • Good shell design and contour
    • Super-lightweight
    • Plush liner
    • Very durable and strong texture to this particular helmet

    That which we did not like

    • Minimum attributes for your cost

    5. Shred Ready Standard Helmet

    Even the top-shelf version in Shred Ready's ABS helmet line, the Standard Fullface gives the maximum amount of protection available this one is strong, light, comfortable, and also perhaps one of the very affordable fullface helmets available.

    The EPP lining material along with closed-cell foam fit pads gives this version a snug, cushioned fit. Like the ABS shell, the liner is made to take care of influences, making for a helmet.

    This helmet features Shred Ready's HOG dial modification back retention strap system that permits precise match different head shapes-- we found that this wasn't necessarily needed when the custom fit pads were corrected to coincide with the head shape. The detailing and relaxation features with this particular helmet really are excellent, once we've found with other Shred Ready helmets we've analyzed.

    The Shred Ready full-face provides protection needed for creeking and paddling shallow rivers. Additionally, it looks very cool. However, much like full-face helmets, the fit is critical-since the helmet encloses the full head, there's a greater prospect of having pressure points and vexation. Vision can be an issue.

    With a high tech model,you will need to make certain that the helmet works with your particular head shape and can be comfortable for long wear. The Shred Ready Total face is the greatest helmet for your price if it fits your head.

    That which we liked

    • American produced
    • Stylish protection at a low cost
    • Has a 1-year warranty

    That which we did not like

    • May not be comfy on some mind shapes

    6. Shred Ready Standard Fullfcut Whitewater Helmet

    The Shred Ready Fullcut helmet is centered on exactly the exact same design with added extensions which drop down to give ear protection, as the favorite Standard Halfcut.

    The full-cut is built around an injection-molded ABS casing that gives protection and durability at an affordable price. The helmet feels secure and light on the mind, with a snug, comfy fit provided by the enlarged polypropylene (EPP) lining and closed-cell foam fitting pads. The liner is designed to retain its qualities even with multiple impacts.

    Soft material covers the liner and adds comfort, and the matching pads hook into the liner for easy custom fit adjustments. A retention strap system which runs across the back of the mind beneath the rim enables the fit to be dialed set for users and prevents the helmet.

    Like all Shred Ready white water helmets, the Fullcut was designed with use in mind. We enjoyed the detailing on this helmet each of rivets and metal fittings are created from steel. The nylon webbing used for the straps is tender, and attachments and the buckles are molded from Duraflex plastic. Port holes and the drain are both well-positioned, and ventilations from the ear-guard portions of the helmet let you hear what's happening.

    The overall appearance of the Shred Ready Fullcut is slick and modern, with ridges on the shell over impact locations that are likely. This helmet can be an American made product with a warranty on materials and workmanship. It is a wonderful helmet at an economical price point.

    That which we liked

    • high-quality build details
    • Fashionable yet strong and comfortable
    • Value pricing

    That which we did not like

    • Cable back fit adjustment system seems weak

    7. ProTec Ace Wake Helmet

    Even though the ProTec Ace is listed as a helmet, we all wanted to peek at it because of Protec standing as being a skate board and watersports helmet manufacturer.

    The Ace is famous for its ultra-fast draining characteristics supplied by 15 large holes among paddlers, kite surfers, and wakeboarders. The build of the ABS helmet did not disappoint it showed the refinement that arises from several decades at the sport helmet industry. Removable ear guards provide the sense we enjoy, plus they feature water channels to maintain things clear throughout your ears.

    This Ace's liner system gives extra padding where it's necessary and it is very snug, and offers. This system works well without being gadgety or obtrusive. The chin strap is simple and simple to fix, and foam padding keeps it out of digging into or chafing.

    Even the high-visibility Ace models in red, crimson, and blue come with a mount strap on the helmet's back. The Protec is just a solid brain bucket from an established manufacturer. You can't go wrong with it.

    That which we liked

    • Very solid and cushioned feel
    • Well-designed ear guards
    • Super Fast draining

    That which we did not like

    • Rear adjustment strap edge can dig in the back of the neck

    8. Tontron Water Helmet using GoPro Mount

    The Tontron Water Helmet is a typical helmet using an EVA foam liner. A back dial-strap size modification system allows for tuning the fit snugly to different head shapes, and also the ear protection pads that are removable allow the user to accommodate the helmet into unique requirements and temperature ranges.

    This helmet is drained with 1 1 openings propagate across rear and the surface of the casing and particularly well-vented. This capability would make it convenient for sports like kite surfing, surfing, and water skiing in addition to kayaking.

    The helmet is more fairly lightweight and comfortable to get an ABS helmet, however, what really interested us would be the range of unusual features it has. It comes standard with an GoPro mount on the front. Rail mounts all sides of the helmet above the ear bit permit LED lights. The helmet looks like a caving or mountaineering helmet, when all is mounted upward, but the helmet retains a profile, without the accessories mounted. The plastic mounts onto the outside this shell will even function as additional impact bumpers.

    This really may be definitely the helmet within our inspection, and considering the worthiness price range it drops into, we recommend it .

    That which we liked

    • Comfortable full-wrap liner
    • in-ear guards
    • Camera and lighting mounting systems contained
    • Great cost

    That which we did not like

    • No matching pads comprised
    • Manufacturer Isn't well-known

    9. NRS Havoc Livery Helmet

    The Havoc Livery Helmet from Northwest River Supply is a simple, lightweight ABS helmet having a closed-cell EVA liner. The plan provides exceptional impact security, and six large vent ports give good fast and airflow drainage.

    This is. With a dial fit system that will let exactly the identical helmet is used by any adult and also relaxation pads, the Havoc is a short-term solution. The name livery is taken by it as it is the option of many white water guide outfitters and kayak rental businesses.

    The pins and hardware system will be simple and sturdy as one would expect from the helmet built to be worn by people on a large number of river runs every season. And though the Havoc doesn't give the degree of security needed by extreme river runners or creek boaters, the very affordable cost and flexibility of this helmet make it a good alternative for users who need several helmets as an instance, to take friends out, or to GearUp several relatives for weekend outings on milder moves of white water.

    That which we liked

    • Good-quality by a proven company
    • Comfortable for All Day wear
    • Great cost

    That which we did not like

    • Provides minimal warmth or protection
    • Narrow chin strap needs some cushioning

    Choosing the Most Effective from the Crowded Field

    While kayak helmets have been in existence for some time, in the past there was not anything close to the assortment of styles and prices we today see. The only means was to draw on our own knowledge and experience together with skateboarding, surfing, rafting, and snowboarding, while also depending on reports by team riders and professionals. The reputation and history of the manufacturers have been also essential considerations.

    It Really is a Matter of Life and Death

    Accidents can occur even during family outings on the majority of oceans. Head security is essential and you also want to pick out a helmet sensibly, particularly when shopping for your children. Base your choice on the security maybe not on matters of style or money, and also be careful with sizing and fit. Hopefully you've found this review for always a place.