Best Mountain Bikes Under 200 Dollars Reviews

If You’re Looking for best Mountain bikes under 200 dollars then you are at the right place! Choosing the right one some times may be tall order & timeconsuming task. That is why I’ve researched countless hours made a set of 10+ best bicycle mountain reviews that will help you in your search for a beast of a machine. I’ve recorded high rated mountain bicycles for entry-level or beginners to medium level at the affordable price, ready for a performance, going for under 200 dollars. These are simply affordable in cost, but not cheap in operation.

​Mountain Bikes Under 200 Dollars – Comparison

ImageBike NameBest forSuspension TypeWheel SizeSpeed
Kent Mountain BikeMenFull Suspension2921
Mongoose DolomiteUnisexFat Tire267
Stowabike V2 Folding Dual SuspensionUnisexFolding2618
Mongoose R3577 MaximGirls/YouthFull Suspension2421
Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Mountain BikeBoys/YouthFull Suspension2421
​Mongoose Status Mountain Bike for Men and WomenMenHardtail2618
Kent DS Flexor Mountain BikeMenFull Suspension2921
Mongoose Montana SportMenHardtail27.521

​Best Mountain Bikes Under 200 Dollars Reviews

​​If you are looking for dependable bike Reviews to buying a good mountain bike less than $200, you will get tons of reviews available online. But It is not too easy to went through all the bike reviews & then decides to obtain the cheap MTB into your financial plan. You’ll confuse that which one to buy one of the reviews. That is why I compile a set of best mountain bikes under 200 dollars to produce your job easier. Through this list, you will get unbiased information about 10+ top-ranked MTBs now available online.

1. ​Kent Hawkeye Mountain Bike

Men adore super-efficient bicycle; You do not want a bike which may disappoint you and perform poorly in the street. That’s precisely why ​Kent Hawkeye Mountain Bike is going to be an ideal bike for you.

​That is undoubtedly one of the top-rated dual-suspension mountain bikes under $200 for men. The coloring scheme also works only perfect for the males. For more information about this great bike, follow with me

Kent Hawkeye Mountain Bike

Who Is this bicycle made for

​From the info above it is Crystal clear that this bike is intended for the males- with a huge passion for mountain bike riding. But it will not restrict that women can not make use of this wonderful bike, A strong women can also ride this bike. That’s why a few riders believe this as Unisex MTB.

​It’s a great performer on almost any terrain. With very little bit updating like bicycle & appropriate installation, you will be helpful to go on the road; it’s going to deliver correctly. Much like Mongoose Dolomite Fat MTB this bike also strong enough to take care of the heavier guys. Comfort has never been an issue.


  • Chain shield for safety when pedaling
  • Well constructed & Simple to Assemble
  • Inexpensive, Excellent bicycle for the beginner riders
  • Dual disc brake for optimum stopping power
  • Solid bicycle for your price together with Shimano parts
  • One of the Best-selling MTB under $200 criteria
  • Dual suspension fork for growth control over bumpy terrain


  • Uncomfortable seat post
  • Not ideal for larger or tall men
  • Disc brake accessible Just in front

​Final Impression: As mentioned previously That bike Is perfect for the men who want to ride on a 26″ full suspension bicycle. More specifically in case, you’re a short/average bodied man, you can look at this bike as you among the top-ranked 26-inch double suspension MTB for short/average height riders under 200 dollars.

I presume you know it Well that Which size bicycle should be ideal for you, but if you are the taller man than average elevation then you are able to consider Kent DS Flexor 29 Inch full suspension mountain bike for you.

2. ​Akonza Cobra 26″ Mountain Bicycle Full Suspension 21-Speed

​We concerned that, all women Do not love hardtail bike riding. A high number of girls prefer full suspension bike than a hardtail bike simply because of comfortably. It may be said easily, that double suspension bike can absorb shocks better on the bumpy train compared to every hardtail bike.

​That is why We’ve listed a fantastic Full suspension bike for all women under $200. Yes, It’s Merax Falcon full suspension Mountain Bike. Follow me to learn more about the Extraordinary dual-suspension bike

Akonza Cobra 26" Mountain Bicycle Full Suspension 21-Speed Compatible Outdoor MTB Bike

Who Is this bicycle created for

​The bike Is an Excellent entry-level bike That brings many features onto it at an economical cost. Among the intriguing features of this bike, the version involves the aluminum dual-suspension framework that handles the bumps well, smoothening them, and increasing controller. Additionally, it is streamlined in character, providing you with the feel of intactness.

The Merax Falcon Is Available in 85 percent Assembled with the remaining parts to be paired together with basic tools in your home. It’s a great choice for your young as well as the aged, chiefly owing to its weight capacity as well as the strong frame.

​Any beginner on Offroad biking Should pick this bike as it can be stretched to the constraints. Its capacity to deal with any terrain is also to it. The manufacturer’s advice is threading the pedals before you use the bike as it could damage the threads later.


  • Most affordable novice level mountain bike for women
  • Quality dual suspension for intensive shock & increase control
  • Heat treated Aluminum framework hence light weight
  • Maximum weight capacity up to 330 lbs therefore over weight guys can take to
  • Arrive 85% assembled by owner.
  • Have L/R signs marked on both pedal to put in them properly
  • Kick-stand, Bell & Reflectors included
  • Shimano drivetrain using RevoShift to alter 2 1 speed easily
  • Various colours available to select the best one for you


  • Pedals autumn if not closely fitted
  • The chair isn’t comfortable. Better to change it

Final Impression: ​So finally we have determined to Declare this, Its a top-rated cheap 26″ complete suspension mountain bike for females that wish to buy just under 200 dollars. But Men additionally allow using this newcomer level mtb. Therefore, if you’re average height person & excited about starting your entrance level biking with comfortable, then you need to rely on this bike on your shopping list.

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3. ​​Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mens Mountain Bike

​Finally, a bike exclusively for Thicker men, and also the style too is 1 place for their muscle bodies. Said to review any terrain, including snow and rocky surfaces that the Mongoose dolomite fat tire bike is in its class. Its revolutionary design might look like the thing to do for cycling fans that want to go to some other place on the bike.

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mens Mountain Bike

Who’s Is this bicycle made for

​This bike can deal with any bodyweight. Owing to their beefy nature, nobody is too heavy for them. This is one of the most useful fat mountain bicycles for obese individuals at a $200 budget.

This bike comes in handy for heavier People as it can certainly deal with their weight without difficulty. Much like the maximum is 250 lbs, it might handle more weight without an issue.

The tires are wide, but give you Stability all along the ride.

The bicycle has a height of 38″ which makes It suitable for practically any height. It is partially assembled, and also some minor parts are to be fitted using basic tools. For braking, it uses disc brakes, which can be effective.


  • Certainly ideal for gift some one.
  • Beautifully balanced & cruiser fashionable bike
  • Well made & sturdy fat tire mountain bike.
  • Great mountain bicycle for your obese riders
  • Totally functional at any weather state & terrain
  • Fitted dual disk brakes for flying in virtually any circumstance
  • Easy & rapid assembly, so beginner do not need to worry
  • 4″ wide knobby tires to get excellent control over the muddy region.


  • Maybe Not for long rides
  • The bicycle is very heavy Due to the tires as well as the steel framework

Final Impression: Mongoose Dolomite bike is a good Choice for cruising along with friends and family where you choose. It’s tough and sturdy, capable of tackling virtually any terrain of one’s pick. Preferably the shore terrain.

4. ​​Stowabike 26″ MTB V2 Folding Dual Suspension 18 Speed Gears Mountain Bike

You may be thinking why I’ve Recorded the Stowabike v2 26″ Double Suspension Folding MTB in the beginning with this list best mountain bikes under 200 dollars?

​Well, the listing finest MTB reviews under 200 dollars will not perfect when I do not mention this unique fold mountain bike. This is a multi-functional dual suspension bike. Additionally, the folding solution is your great thing for this particular MTB. You can transfer it anywhere while you would like as well as you can fit this into your trunk.

Stowabike 26" MTB V2 Folding Dual Suspension 18 Speed Gears Mountain Bike

​Outstanding attributes Performance & multi-functionality make this bike special among the list of best mountain bikes under 200 ​dollars. Not anymore- continue together with me to get more information about this particular bike.

Who Is this bike developed for

​This one is built for mountain biking bicycle Riders that need the best among the very best. Men & Women both may ride this bike since it is weathered mtb. Besides the great appearance, it is manufactured to continue. If you value distance, be it at home, on your bike, or where your bike will take you, then this will be for you. It’s 26 Inch wheel size means that it is likely to be considered a cozy ride for nearly every rider.


  • Took only 20 sec to fold
  • most useful Uni Sex mtb with folding facility
  • includes quality tires to get rugged roads
  • Easy transport & could be store anywhere
  • Comes with bell, reflectors, gear & kick stand
  • Great entry level adjustable bicycle at a affordable price.
  • Great Mix of Full-suspension & Folding option
  • Partially assembled that’s why simple assembly the remainder part
  • When folded, the bike only measures 38.2 x 12.6 x 29.5 inches


  • Cheap pedals
  • seat might possibly be wider; perhaps sexier. Replace with one.

Final Impression: Together with all of these Exceptional Features, this bike is one of the most economical bikes in these times comparatively other costly bikes out there on the industry. You will not discover every other best folding mountain bike at the budget. It is greater than the usual standard MTB.

​Its folding option is a significant Innovation by you can place this bike in small storage and usually takes anywhere quickly. All of these benefits, features & impressive performance make this bike special among the set of mountain bikes under 200 dollars. Now it’s your turn to consider this bike to determine whether you buy it or maybe not.

5. ​​​Overdrive 29 1 Hardtail Mountain Bike

​Kiddies have regularly complained about Locating a Great mountain-bike of their size. Sometimes this can be an appreciable allure. But it’s now come to an end, thanks to the debut of the ​Overdrive 29 1 Hardtail Mountain Bike. This cute small kids mountain bike stems under 200 dollars.

The glossy orange color too Ensures the youngsters think it is attractive and certainly will remain glad to take out it for a long ride to the scenic terrain.

Overdrive 29 1 Hardtail Mountain Bike

Who’s Is this bike designed for

As per the outline above, this Bike was created for your growing boys who alike have a hunger for mountain bike riding only like you. Also, girls will ride this bike. Its notably best mtb for its growing kids.

​The recommended age range for this Bike is 4-9 years- Children beyond or below that age stove may come across the bike bigger or smaller. If he enjoys rate but always finds riding the bigger bikes a tall arrangement, you then should buy him this equipped bike.


  • Smooth gear shifting
  • Installation tools included
  • Great customerservice by Diamondback
  • Durable structure and caliber components
  • Linear pull brake system for optimal stoppage
  • Undoubtedly a excellent piece for your beloved kiddies
  • Shimano activate shifter to pay 6 rate to scaling
  • HL Zoom fork for soaks up blossoms & rock on the terrain
  • Partially pre-assembled. Easy to Collect the rest
  • Great option as a gift somebody on birthday or event
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  • Just One color
  • No Kick Stand included

Final Impression:​ This bicycle is one of the best Mountain bicycles under 200 ​dollars for the adoring kiddies. Your boys/girls especially growing child at the moment are going to believe it is easier keeping up with daddy and mother on this supreme quality bike. It’s a great choice for growing children to fulfill their bike-riding fantasy because this bike is a premier mountain bike for children.

6. ​​Mongoose Girl’s Maxim Full Suspension Bicycle

Are you currently concerned about getting a Mountain bike to get a teenage girl just under $200? Look no further!

​As like Mongoose Ledge 2.1 for boys, We also said Mongoose Maxim 24″ mountain bicycle for your beautiful kid who is not fitted on 26″ mountain bike. This bike comes with superb attributes that are not common on other bicycles at this price range. Only go through this review in a glimpse to understand the reason why this bike is a wonderful option for the teenagers at a very low price.

Mongoose R3577 Girl's Maxim Full Suspension Bicycle

Who’s Is this bike designed for

​As you can guess from the name that Mongoose Maxim is more suitable for younger teens/girls or ladies who are there about in height. It’s fitted using 24″ brakes & dual suspension system hence quite comfy and provides better control to the rider.

​It is designed for its mountain terrain Though it fits greatly in the metropolitan setting. Can be utilized to go to school/college, street, or work commuting.

The SRAM twist shifters are to make The system work smoothly. The bike comes completely dissembled though collecting is not as hard.


  • Versatile bike so that you can put it to use for multipurpose
  • Easy to assemble as most parts are preassembled
  • cushioned seat post & handle bar according to riders elevation.
  • Highly recommended beginner mtb for adolescent girls.
  • Shimano drivetrain using Grip shifter to change 2 1 rate readily.
  • 3 part mountain crank that offers it a broad range of gears to alter
  • Chain guard & bike stand comprised. Therefore that you do not have to get them extra
  • Equipped with the double suspension fork to offer a snug ride on rocky terrain.


  • A little bit heavy as its the complete suspension bike
  • The front headphone demands re-tightening from time to time.

Final Impression: For starters, according to feature & Specs this bicycle one of the very best mountain bikes under 200 dollars for young ladies. It’s suitable for all sorts of terrains and an great mountain biking experience.

7. ​​Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Boys’ Mountain Bike

​Those parents who are looking to get A mountain bike for those boys should not hunt more. Here we recorded Mongoose Ledge 2.1 boys mountain bike that’s amongst the best mountain bicycles for the childhood under $200 budget.

​As the Name Implies this bike is Specially intended for your young boys that love cycling but girls also will find this bike for street riding. So that the adolescent or young boys will possess excellent enjoyment when they ride on this amazing 24″ boys mountain bicycle. This 24 wheel may be the best size for your teenaged rider.

Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Boys' Mountain Bike

​This bike is also a Wonderful alternative as A birthday present. The birthday boy will like it greatly as he can delight in the beauty of nature by drifting with this boy’s mountain bike.

Who’s Is this bike designed for

​As said earlier, by name this Mountain bike is suggested for boys youth from 8 12 years who possess great enthusiasm for biking but can not ride 26″ bike because of their height problem. 24″ wheel size of this bike solved the issue easily.

​Now boys can enjoy riding this Mountain bike with no fear. This bike could be utilized for multipurpose like mild road riding, for faculty reason or city commuting with friends on holidays. Comes with a system. Willing to execute both the rocky and also the eloquent terrains, the high and the low, both the urban and also the not so urban.

​It has an aluminum suspension frame With a suspension fork which provides a smooth ride. Additionally fitted with a padded bench and linear-pull brakes that come in convenient at every required prevent. It’s a lightweight bike, yet rugged and should fulfill every child’s desire.


  • Includes a chain guard & kick stand
  • Perfect gift for those boys birthday or xmas.
  • Great bike for your young rider who is still climbing.
  • Construct with Shimano components to perform well.
  • Well constructed mountain bike to get a young adult to pre-teen
  • could be used for multipurpose like college or school going or street riding.
  • Partially built by the seller if you buy online. That reduces assembly time.


  • Brakes might require some alterations by a professional
  • Doesn’t have some place or pre-drilled holes for water jar

Final Impression: ​The bicycle Is a Superb bit for the young boy who is searching for a 24″ bicycle to begin biking with friends & family as well. It’s a great choice for outdoor and also a longlasting one at that. Therefore, if you are looking for a boys mountain bike under 200 dollars, I’d advise you to check this best mountain bike to get young boys such as son, grandson, young brother, etc..

​8. ​​Mongoose Status Mountain Bike for Men and Women

​We all know men adore bicycles and heights. It’s some of the things that you may like to accomplish on a Saturday getaway from the buzz of the city. Preferably in a few scenic locations and take from the cool air as you ride a bike as you have done the same walking. The ​Mongoose Status Mountain Bike for Men and Women amazing for the demands.

Mongoose Status Mountain Bike for Men and Women

Who’s Is this bike intended for

​As Stated in the bike name, This is an Adult men’s mountain bike. It’s a 27.5″ medium-sized bike which can be an excellent size between 26″ or 29″ wheel sized bicycle seat. Fitted using a hardtail frame, which conserves energy as you are pedaling. It also features a mongoose suspension fork facing front, making your experience traveling smooth and awesome.

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​Handlebars are risen by 30mm designed to Offer you more control during the biking session. Couple this together with a steel twist, which helps you to alter smoothly although holding the grip. Designed with aluminum, the bike is incredibly light and can be used for OnRoad or rocky off Road utilization

Along with this, the bicycle is Fitted using a 3*7 speed drivetrain with Shimano Revo grip shifters along with a metal linear pull V brakes to get fast or slow stopping should you need to.


  • Great performer on rocky off-road & rugged trails
  • 300 mm increase handlebars for better grip on trails
  • Able to cross any barriers in terrain together with 27.5″ tires
  • Comparatively Lightweight. You cannot feel its weight.
  • Can be used by any elevation rider in short to tall riders
  • Shimano drivetrain with gear shifter for ruling Up-hill easily


  • Pedals are constructed of vinyl.
  • The seat might be uncomfortable over long rides.

Final Impression: ​In case you’re Buying 27.5 Hardtail Mountain bikes for men under 200 dollars, I believe that you have to check this particular bike. It’s a lightweight bike with many features which is maybe not so typical in other bicycles out there in the industry now as of this budget.

​9. ​​Titan Wildcat Women’s 12-Speed Hard Tail Mountain Bike

​The number of people riding a Hardtail bike is getting high. While this number increases, women too are linking the game. To keep fit & circumvent town women also need a mountain bike. We provide the Titan wild cat mountain bike for all women under 200 dollars with a hardtail frame.

Titan Wildcat Women's 12-Speed Hard Tail Mountain Bike

Who’s Is this bike intended for

​The Titan Wildcat is chiefly Geared towards girls. More specifically, perfect for the women age 12 years and up to with short or average height who would like to enter into hardtail mountain biking for being a beginner. Fitted with the commuter tires to get traction on uneven terrain, an individual can go on a ride in the wild smoothly.

​The handlebars are regular to help The rider seat uprightly. The bike comes constructed 85% already. The couple easily fit in could be done at home with basic tools. The bike comes fitted with a POWER derailleur & long-distance series.


  • Acceptable for teenaged women and girls
  • Kick stand included that is not normal for many
  • Most talented bike on Amazon in women category
  • Perfect for exercising, commuting or street riding
  • Tubular sturdy steel frame particularly for your ladies.
  • Adjustable chair pole to coordinate with your height absolutely
  • POWER drive-train with longevity series to pay 12 rate
  • Excellent bike for women and teenage girls at reasonable price
  • 85% constructed hence don’t be concerned about meeting the rest
  • Five beautiful colours to get the lucrative one that you want.


  • The chair is quite hard. Better to substitute
  • Gears want professional tuning after extended rides

Final Impression: ​Despite its easy character, this Appears to be a good selection for average height riders. It is but one of the greatest 26 hardtail mountain bicycles for most women below 200 dollars. Additionally, you will give it to someone special like daughter, granddaughter, sister, mother, girlfriend, wife, classmate, or colleague for a present for that birthday, Xmas, or occasion. This will help them to remain in shape by cycling.

10. ORKAN 27.5″ Mountain Bike Hybrid Bike

​Here’s the last one for the Ladies Out of ORKAN brand. I understand you did not hear about this company before me. But I have to say that though this new is not so comfortable, they are doing great at producing mountain bicycle. We also analyzed this bike because of exemplary performance.

Who’s Is this bike designed for

​The ORKAN mountain bike is an Outstanding pick for those ladies planning to start mountain biking as it’s a solid and compact texture for this. It’s likewise excellent for urban cycling owing to its sleek design and a creative color combination of color black and blue. Ladies who do not feel good on 26″ hardtail mountain bicycle they will enjoy this bike for sure because this bike builds with 27.5″ wheels.

​Featuring a steel mountain frame Complete with a suspension fork, the more ORKAN seems to have solved the firmness of the bike because of its riders. Additionally, it has a rear Derailleur shift for easy switching through its 21-gear rate system.

​The 16.6″ framework design is fitted Having an adjustable chair stable for taller people. It’s a 3-piece metal crank with three different sprockets. The bike will come from partially assembled; thus, you’ll need to construct front tire, bench, pedals, and handlebars.


  • Stylish and slick bike design.
  • Hi-TEN mtb steel frame by ORKAN hence light weight
  • Shimano derailleur & shifter to improve 2 1 speed easily
  • Nicely, build & sturdy look. Nicely painted
  • Dual mechanical disk brake for optimum stopping power
  • Great 27.5″ hardtail mountain bike for girls
  • Perform well on urban terrain & quite easy on rugged streets
  • Comes partially constructed that saves the assembly time.


  • Quicker shipping period
  • Brakes may need adjustment

Final Impression: The bicycle has a Fantastic suspension and Can handle tall riders. In a sentence, it’s one of the best quality mountain bicycles for tall ladies below 200 dollars. Men also can utilize the bike, because it is very versatile. It’s lightweight since it weighs 35 pounds and can manage a weight up to 250 pounds.


I believe you can now connect me at the Belief that 200 ​dollars may indeed procure you a quality bike a bike that is not only catchy to the eye but may also provide you with the performance you desire so much from a machine. All these MTBs in best mountain bikes under 200 dollars list are several of the great bikes by user & category advantages which you could buy without any hesitation as the entry level to moderate level riding partner.

​You will notice that all of these Bikes are not the same in features but includes a few slight differences in bicycle specialization such as which bike is ideal for whom. So there is not any more problem to select the desirable MTB from this very best mountain bikes reviews list.

In case you still have confusion about Select an ideal one for your needs then I could narrow down your search & suggest you buy any one of these according to your riding style & demand.

All Of these are the excellent celebrity on the paths & city roads. So you can Take anyone from this list with no hesitation.

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