Best Predator Motorcycle Helmets: Reviews and Buying Guide

List 10 Best Predator Motorcycle Helmets Reviews for you

1. ​SY15 Custom Predator Motorcycle Dot Approved Helmet matt black

​If you are trying to find a custom stylish helmet that’s designed by talented artists and also can be functional and cool to check it, then you must have a peek at one. Available in matte black, this helmet will protect your mind while getting all the ‘oooohs’ and ‘aaahs’.

SY15 Custom Predator Motorcycle Dot Approved Helmet matt black


  • It’s matte black in colour and features a reddish Tri-Laser (LED) which has an on/off switch.
  • The entire helmet uses DOT as its base whilst the Predator parts are made up of carbon great Fiber.
  • Whilst size Large is easily obtainable, the size may be customized to fulfill your needs.
  • Made of superior quality stuff, this customized helmet was created using special techniques.
  • The helmet is DOT approved.
  • The micro fiber cloth used in the lining can be easily cleaned and washed.


  • A powerful, sturdy and stylish helmet at an affordable price.
  • Customization usually means that the fit and size won’t be a problem.
  • Pro Predator Helmets are customer friendly and very useful in ensuring you are delighted with your buy.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.


  • The vents of the helmet are not so functional.
  • Riders will have to be cautious about their position whilst the helmet is top heavy.
  • The kind of the helmet is that it calms the peripheral vision, therefore turn your mind properly once you change lanes.

Customer Verdict: That the makers ensured their buyers were more than pleased with the helmets while Customers have been pleased. While the heaviness and the slight barrier of their vision while shifting lanes might be an issue, the majority of these dismissed them as negligible inconveniences when you take into account the appearance, superior craftsmanship, and excellent protection.

Bottom line: When it involves customized helmets, you need one that is operational, sturdy, and seems good too. All those boxes are cut off. Add to this the easy maintenance and you’ve got a wonderful helmet when you go off onto your bike rides, to protect yourself.

2. ​​Pro Predator Motorcycle DOT Approved Helmet Red and Black Style include Tri Laser SY33

​Yet another helmet of the manufacturers of helmets. Very good looks, superior quality fabrics, detailed craftsmanship along with unbeatable protection, so this particular helmet deserves a place on your prized collection.Whether it’s just a brief ride within the town or perhaps a long one in the countryside, then this particular helmet is more customized and made to serve all your requirements when it comes to enjoying your ride when protecting the absolute most important part of the body.

Pro Predator Motorcycle DOT Approved Helmet Red and Black Style include Tri Laser SY33


  • It is matte black in colour with striking designs in green that makes it more attractive.
  • Though the predator parts comprise of Carbon great Fiber, a DOT approved helmet can be used as the base.
  • DOT certificate means that the helmet was tested for safety.
  • Every size – S, M, L, XL and XXL – are all readily available to fit heads of most shapes and sizes.
  • There is a Red Tri-Laser (LED) having an on and off switch on the cable).


  • A tough and durable helmet made with superior quality materials.
  • Exemplary and attractive designs with impressive colour combo.
  • DOT approved helmet.
  • The micro fiber cloth can be cleaned to keep it clean and fresh.
  • The fit and size have been customized to get the rider feel comfortable in short and long journeys.
  • Inexpensive helmet.


  • The helmet can be an heavy one so that the rider needs to keep a watch on his or her posture.
  • The make of the helmet could marginally obstruct the cervical helmet.
  • The vents might have been operational.

Customer Verdict: Pro Predator makes customer-satisfaction its topmost priority which is not different from this one. Clients got everything that they look for in a customized helmet – a good layout. Superb make, sturdy and durable stuff and an impeccable make. Needless to state, most of them are happy with this one and also have felt that they have their money’s worth.

Final Verdict: It ticks off most of the boxes onto our checklist and, be confident, is going to perform the same for you. Get yours today and prepare for enjoying the rest of the rides on your bike.

3. Pro Predator Motorcycle DOT Approved White Helmet

​If you adore a helmet which causes you to feel and look like the boss on the path, then provide this white helmet from Pro Predator an attempt.While no one will mess with you and stick out of one’s manner, you will love your ride knowing you have just one of those best-customized helmets taking care of one’s head.

Pro Predator Motorcycle DOT Approved White Helmet


  • The entire face design gives better protection than most other helmets as soon as it concerns superior level protection of your skull.
  • The flexible locking string ensures a secure fit.
  • It is specially handcrafted by experienced designers that understand motorcycle accessories like nobody else.
  • It’s DOT and ECE R22.05 accepted.
  • It is composed of strong fiber glass which means it is tough and durable.
  • It’s a Polarize visor fitted with a Triple Laserlight along with an off/on switch.
  • Has light nylon dreadlocks to get that extra mean look.
  • Made to resemble the creature in The Predator.
  • Remove the interior padding easily for cleanup it.
  • All sizes are easily available and just get in touch with the manufacturers if you need any further clarifications about the perfect fit and size.
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  • This really is a lightweight helmet which gives the wearers and exceptional protection and a superb fit.
  • Tough, durable and a well made helmet with striking appearances.
  • The visor may be eliminated and changed and wearers also receive a broad, clear vision.
  • Easy cleaning will help keep it clean and smelling fresh once you place it on.
  • It is a inexpensive helmet, given most of the features that it is sold with.
  • Be confident of acquiring the right fit and size.


  • It is tough to find even a single con in this.

Client verdict: Customers have loved it around the very first sight, were so impressed with the functionality and fit and a lot have recommended it to their near and beloved. Need we say more?

Important thing: This helmet brings about the fire style you have and can require your riding from boring to exciting, the moment you put it on.

4. ​Predator Motorcycle Helmet – DOT Approved – Unisex – Alien Green Abyss

​You take your monster if you like looking meanwhile buttoning a shirt want people to learn that you are not to be interfering with that helmet out of Orion will be your very best friend every single time.

Predator Motorcycle Helmet - DOT Approved - Unisex - Alien Green Abyss


  • Complete face helmet with premium excellent protection.
  • Attractive design with a mean orange and black colour combo.
  • The lighting, nylon dreadlocks, put in an extra wicked touch.
  • It has the Basic Helmet NHK as well as the DOT certification.
  • The helmet includes a Laser lighting alongside an on/off switch.
  • It is constructed from superior quality materials and outstanding craftsmanship.
  • It is primarily comprised of Fiber Resin Catalis that provides extra strength to the helmet.


  • Inexpensive full face helmet.
  • Tough, durable and well equipped.
  • All sizes — S, M, L and XL can be found to match minds of unique size and shapes.
  • Easy care and secure fit.
  • Ideal fro gifting goals.
  • Easy movement of atmosphere to get ventilation that is excellent.


  • It is actually a slightly heavy helmet.
  • The area of vision is a little more obstructed on the sides, so wearers need to be careful about this while switching lanes.

Customer Verdict: although some have found the helmet to become thicker than expected, it wasn’t much of a huge deal because it seems amazing and gives unbeatable protection. They are most likely to urge the others looking for a good helmet also and also have all been happy. The appearances the personalization, the protection, and fit – it has tickets off their requirements and gives them their money’s worth.

Final Verdict: This helmet from Orion is a must-try since it ensures that the safety alongside providing you the mean appearance which you’ve always desired that you want. And this comes at a high price that you can afford!

5. ​Predator Motorcycle Helmet – DOT Approved

​Another well designed and helmet from the main one of the best manufacturers of helmets. This red and black helmet helps you bring out the best in you, giving you a don’t-mess-with-me look whilst giving one of the ideal protection around your mind.With functionality and a fit, this helmet is going to become your favorite for a very long time.

Predator Motorcycle Helmet - DOT Approved


  • The helmet is composed of solid insulation material rendering it a tough and long lasting one.
  • It’s created by seasoned and experienced craftsmen who understand their helmets also have a appealing design and shade combination.
  • The full face helmet includes a triple Laser Beam with a simple on/off switch.
  • The helmet has received DOT ECE R22.05 safety certificates. Therefore it has been tested for safety standards.
  • It is available in all sizes for a nice and secure fit — M, S, L, XL and XXL.
  • It has a polarized visor and an adjustable chinstrap.
  • The padding on the interior can be removed to scrub and wash it.


  • Strong, well constructed and helmet.
  • The ny-lon dreadlocks offer an even more menacing and distinctive appearance to it.
  • The various sizes ensure a good fit for heads of every single shapes and sizes.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance ensures a brand new and wash helmet you put it on.
  • Gives you your money’s worth.


  • To be honest, none. Really.

Customer Verdict: Even the buyers now have loved the helmet for your features they get for an unbelievable price. A number of them have adored it a lot that while they accustomed to ‘forget carrying a helmet’ earlier in the day, they now make them even to the cheapest bicycle ride.

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Final Verdict: Great looking, affordable, exceptional build and create, superior quality stuff and also meets the security standards. What more could you potentially require?

6. Fiber Optic Green Predator Helmet of Kustomzairbrushing

​This beastly helmet out of Kustomzairbrushing will make you look nothing less than pure evil on the streets since you zoom the beast across the city.The different colors and also the dreadlocks make it look different and are likely to ensure that all eyes are on you while safeguarding your head simultaneously.

Fiber Optic Green Predator Helmet of Kustomzairbrushing


  • It’s a properly designed helmet with an airbrushed finish.
  • The inner casing of the helmet is DOT approved.
  • The helmet comes with six fiber-optic dreadlocks to bring an excess touch of wicked.
  • Is sold with three tri lasers.
  • Offered in different sizes — S, M, L, XL and XXL to suit all of minds out of the smallest to the largest in size.


  • The look of an alien creature has won many admirers.
  • DOT certification means your skull is in safe hands.
  • Good quality helmet that is affordably priced.


  • Are you kidding is?! None!

Customer verdict: This particular helmet has been adored by the clients. The mean appearance that it carries has turned heads they rode their bicycles wearing it. One of them got videotaped because he went on his bike with this particular helmet. This helmet is comfortable, simple to maintain and tidy, menacing to check at, and gives your skull all of the comfort and security that you need as you enjoy the pure joy of riding your bike.

Final Verdict: This optic predator apparel is undoubtedly among the ones that you may find in the helmet. It offers you the comfort that you need additionally giving you the thumbs from the passers-by and while protecting your face. And all this is designed specifically for you at an unbelievable price. So in case you want to look meaner and feel safer you understand which helmet you’re looking for.

7. ​​Pro Predator Motorcycle DOT Approved Helmet Berserker Style include Tri Laser SY29

​This helmet will provide your head the protection when enabling passersby to know that you’re never to be messed with. This helmet is going to be your chosen from day one, don’t ever doubt that.With the nylon dreadlocks as well as the deadly green and black color combination, this one is really as evil as it could capture. Pro Predator is a name that is trusted, so be certain you may get yourself a helmet that’s customized to meet your requirements.

Pro Predator Motorcycle DOT Approved Helmet Berserker Style include Tri Laser SY29


  • The final degree paint on this particular helmet is accomplished by none apart from the famous artist TO TMK.
  • A DOT certified helmet is used as the bottom helmet.
  • It Has a reddish Tri Laser along using an on/off switch.
  • The predator parts are made up of Carbon Fiber.
  • It’s a T-series motorcycle helmet.
  • Available in various sizes, so getting the right fit isn’t so difficult in any way.


  • The buyers can change the colour combination by just informing the maker.
  • A safe and robust helmet that is only one of the better ones on the marketplace.
  • Price is affordable and cleaning and maintenance is easy.


  • let us let you know and We failed to obtain any , we strove hard.

Customer Verdict: They have adored everything concerning the helmet – by the fit to the affordable pricing – what on their record was ticked off and may have been happier.

Last Verdict: Can you desire it. Customize it and find the perfect size for the head and you have a helmet that may cause you to seem while ensuring your skull is so padded, which you will be. Made with superior quality materials and craftsmen who love their bikes and helmets, this helmet can make you fall in love with it each time you lay your eyes on it.

8. ​Pro Predator Motorcycle DOT Approved Helmet Shine Black Style include Tri Laser SY27

​Pro Predator is surely turning out to be industry popular using its wide variety of helmets that are customized that is offered in most size. With just one more individual using this manufacturer-featuring on our list, you know as a buyer, this one assures you of what that you simply look out for at personalized apparel – well made, striking appearances, superb fit, and superior protection for the skull.

Pro Predator Motorcycle DOT Approved Helmet Shine Black Style include Tri Laser SY27


  • The helmet has been specially created by experts who have a profound comprehension of biking fittings.
  • It is the complete face helmet that provides better protection than most the others offered in the industry.
  • It’s excessively tough because it’s made up of ceramic material.
  • It also features a double edged laser beam along with an easy on/off switch.
  • Available in most sizes for various minds of different sizes — Small, medium, large, extra large and extra extra large.
  • Once it comes to safety, it’s been given both DOT and ECE R22.05 certificate.
  • The removable inner padding makes cleanup easy.
  • Black nylon dreadlocks.
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  • The mean appearance helps you channel your inner monster like never before.
  • A heavy duty bicycle helmet using a polarized visor.
  • The chin strap ensures a secure fit once you set it on.
  • Easy to clean and keep.
  • The helmet reminds you about a creature from the renowned picture The Predator.
  • Inexpensive helmet from the dependable and trusted maker.


  • We scrutinized this particular helmet from every possible angle and you will find not any drawbacks at all in such a 1.

Customer Verdict: Much like most of the helmets from Pro Predator, this one has won many hearts. Getting the thumbs up and whistles onto the road was an added bonus they got as the wearers felt comfortable and safe with all the helmet on. And of this comes at a high price that is extremely fair.

Last Verdict: Watch 1 now and you will know why we love this particular helmet better.

9. ​Predator Wolf 03 custom motorcycle helmet

This is one helmet that is protective comfortable and awesome to look at! Just enjoy the name of the helmet implies, that one will give the wearer, an average, wolf look that is guaranteed to get you all the eyeballs on the road.

This helmet gives the onlookers the impression that you’re wearing a mask and not a helmet. Impressive huh? That’s not all, there is more to the particular helmet that’s growing to be a favorite one.

Predator Wolf 03 custom motorcycle helmet


  • A well-made helmet having an abysmal finish for that perfect look and finish.
  • It is available in two different sizes for minds of unique size and shapes.
  • There are 25 removable dreadlocks so that you are able to get a grip on the way mean you wish to look on your bike.
  • Includes a LED module and Features varying batteries.
  • The visor shield can be closed or opened with one hand only.
  • HJC TR-1 can be employed because the donor helmet.


  • A well designed helmet made with superior quality materials
  • It includes a helmet instance that’ll protect the helmet if it isn’t busy protecting you.
  • Adaptive, easy, suitable to utilize.
  • Top level rob air-brushing finish.
  • DOT certified helmet.


  • It is only available in Small and Small sizes which makes it unsuitable for those with bigger heads.

Customer Verdict: Individuals who have obtained it are enjoying it or recommending it to others looking for a custom helmet in the industry. That one having its wolflike looks isn’t a helmet that you find on the roads.

Final Verdict: If you’re tired of the plain straightforward helmets which the industry is flooded with and would like to receive your very own distinct customized, then you are aware that you want to appear at this one for sure!

10. ​Pro Predator Helmet Custom Predator Motorcycle DOT ECE Helmets SY07

​Yet another made helmet. This helmet sports a wolf-like feature creating the impression that you are wearing a mask and never really a helmet.This helmet does precisely what an excellent one should do providing your skull with unquestionable safety, good in fit and looks, and easy on the pocket.

Pro Predator Helmet Custom Predator Motorcycle DOT ECE Helmets SY07


  • The very best amount is air brushed for that perfect finish.
  • It has an LED module.
  • The helmet comes with DOT certificate.
  • You’ll find 25 dreadlocks which could be removed as well.
  • There are different sizes available that’ll fit heads of various size and shapes.
  • The visor shield might be opened and shut with one hand.
  • An HJC TR-1 helmet is employed as the bottom helmet the alterations are done.


  • A simple and convenient helmet that can readily be worn and removed.
  • An personalized helmet which matches a mean wolf look.
  • The DOT certificate makes it a safe and dependable helmet.
  • Weighs only 1.85 kgs rendering it a great helmet that can be worn both for long and short journeys.


  • Sizes available are small and moderate along with more sizes should’ve been around.

Customer Verdict: Having its raw and menacing look and the dreadlocks, that is only one professionally created helmet that will not simply draw in all striking glances traveling but could keep you safe and secure too.

Final Verdict: This helmet is what you would like from an ideal individual from the looks to the pricing and the functionality. Rezzer has heated your rivalry in the world of helmets with this specific one. Get 1 now to understand most people are talking about it!

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