The Best Rat Bedding Reviews: Make Your Pet Rat Comfortable!

Best Rat bedding is among the very Important additions you’ll make to your rat cages, keeping your rat warm, odor-free, and clean it’s a massive concern for many rat owners.

​​Rat Bedding – Comparison

In this report we’ll be comparing The ideal best bedding for rats, providing you with an opportunity to determine for yourselves which bedding best suits your needs.

Choosing The Best Rat Bedding​

Selecting the right bedding for your Rats boils to a few factors, however, the most important one is maintaining both the health and quality of life of your own rats.

There are many different types of Bedding you can utilize, and each has their own benefits and drawbacks, while others should be avoided in any way costs…

What to Find:

When You’ve determined what type of Bedding, or which of those types you’d believe it’s essential to factor in the following considerations as well:

  • Quantity – Generally the more you can get for a good price that the better.
  • Quality – Does the bedding comprise some other compounds that are nasty? Could it be dust free?
  • Price – Why is your purchase price within your budget?
  • Value – may be the deal a great affordable or is it overpriced?
  • Effectiveness – Can it do what it claims? Might it be absorbent enough?

Tip:If your primary concern is the rat’s Health afterward the best beddings will become 99.9% dust-free and comprise the fewest chemicals compared to other brands.

Signs That you ought to change your rat bedding new:

– Are you aware that if your rats get Persistent porphyrin that it might be due to bedding that contains too much dust?

– Other Indicators which it May Be Time to Change your bedding may be your rat’s cage smells very quickly, usually, such a thing under 2-3 days is just a sign your bedding may perhaps not be absorbent enough.

– Lastly, it might be a Fantastic idea to Change your rat bedding new in case a rat has had a respiratory illness… This is because while those are common in rats, one of the main causes is bedding!

What Brands are suggested?

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There are some recommended Brands, some of which you’ll see us compare and compare below… However, to name some of the most reputable brands here is a quick list:

These brands are all good, a few Are not always offered, but if you aren’t pleased with the choices we outline below then feel free to look at the ones we are not reviewing out in your own discretion using our recommendations ‘what to search for’ above.

  • Back2Nature
  • Eco Bedding
  • Yesterday’s News
  • Aspen Supreme
  • Cellu-Dri
  • CritterCare

​Best Rat Bedding ​Review

​These are in our opinion that the best Rat bedding products which we’ve used, however, they’re not all created equal. We’ll be assessing the pros and also the Pitfalls of each and every assigning each mattress a rating out of 5 to aid you with deciding precisely what the ideal best bedding for your rats is going to be.

1. ​​​​Kaytee Clean & Cozy Extreme Odor Control

The ​Kaytee Clean Bedding by CritterCare is among the very popular beddings and for a good reason.

Promoting and your worms a 99.9% Dust-free product, that’s created from recycled wood pulp is unquestionably dissimilar to lots of different products available on the market.​

Don’t misunderstand, however, Wood-pulp is not the same as wood chip bedding. Meaning, no pine and no cedar, so it passes our quality checks!​

Kaytee Clean & Cozy Extreme Odor Control

The main Distinction is that Woodpulp is a paper such as’ product that is produced from corrugated cardboard. Making this specific bedding just a little longer lasting than traditional newspaper bedding.

It’s also still very absorbent since It’s created from a custom base, so it’s still quite effective at hiding odor and keeping the cage dry in regions where it might not usually be.

That which we liked

  • The brand is trusted.
  • Bedding is virtually dust-free.
  • Absorbent because of being a cardboard established product.
  • Available at a good quantity to get a Fantastic price.

That which we did not like

  • Not likely to become as sterile as a normal paper bedding.
  • Maybe not all batches are nearly as great as the last, some times they have arrived dusty.
  • Maybe not easily available outside the U.S.
  • perhaps not fully guaranteed to be totally chemical free.
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2. ​​Purina Yesterday’s News Unscented Paper Cat Litter

Yesterday’s News Cat Litter Bedding Is actually quite awesome for our fighters, it’s 99.7% Nominal also it’s really a paper-based product.

The pellets are very Soft, which happens to be a bonus if you have rats that like jumping around the cage.

Another big also, is it’s not Blossom meaning there are zero additional chemicals. While being very expensive itself, this means that the smell will not find dreadful quickly.​

Purina Yesterday's News Unscented Paper Cat Litter

If You’d like a strong all-round Bedding that is free of whatever harmful that this is amongst the best ones you are going to buy for price and amount. It was the product of this season in 2012 and the fact it’s still moving strong attests its excellence.

That which we liked

  • 99.7% Nominal.
  • No added chemicals.
  • Paper based bedding that is fantastic for absorbency.
  • Available for a good price, in decent quantities.

That which we did not like

  • Maybe not fully guaranteed to be 99.9% dust-free.
  • Does not look’pretty’ if that matters for you.
  • Costlier than CritterCare.

3. ​​Fibrecycle USA Inc. Back-2-Nature Small Animal Bedding

Back 2 Nature Small Animal Bedding by FibreCycle is just another popular bedding for rats, and also this is the reason it fits all the criteria very well.

It is 99.9% dust-free and it’s free Of chemical additives and will be fully guaranteed to have been created by no chemical means.​

This makes this bedding the Healthiest on the market for rats, no matter how the price reflects that. Being nearly twice as expensive pound for pound as several many other brands.

Fibrecycle USA Inc. Back-2-Nature Small Animal Bedding 20 Liter

If it’s a matter of quality and You are able to pay the trouble subsequently it is rather worth it.

You can always combine this bedding With different bedding, to find the best of the world which is still a frequent practice among rat proprietors that are far somewhat more cash-strapped.

If I needed to Provide this brand a solitary Word review it’d be outstanding this is exactly why we continue to recommend it in different articles on the site.

That which we liked

  • Paper established product.
  • 99.9% dust-free.
  • Absolutely free of chemicals at every step of fabricating process.
  • Eco-friendly shipping.
  • As absorbent as every good paper based bedding.
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That which we did not like

  • More costly than other brands.
  • Much more expensive outside of those U.S.

Types of Bedding:

Wood Shavings: Including sawdust Are often created from Pine & Cedar trees which are long-known to create respiratory and liver issues in rats.

This type of bedding is common in Pet shops but must be avoided for greater choices you can get online.​

Clay Bedding: This is Usually found in Kitty litters, which is employed for rats, but generally clay is recognized as a little too unpleasant for rats.

Clay isn’t a popular option among many rat owners, but it could be utilized in conjunction with other protected bedding options.

Corn Bedding: Corn bedding is more vulnerable to Growing molds when sodden from water or urine.

This leaves corn catchy bedding, Unless you’re on top of changing your rat’s bedding regularly it’s perhaps not a perfect choice.

Aspen Bedding: Aspen unlike Cedar and Pine is a Safe wood that is frequently used for rat bedding.

Aspen is popular among particular rat Owners because this wood goes great with newspaper pellet bedding to give your rats much more diverse cage surroundings.

Paper Pellet Bedding: Paper pellet bedding would be your favorite choice of the majority of experienced rat owners, this type of bedding is most often the most absorbent and it’s usually the most dust-free.

This makes newspaper bedding that the clear Choice for health reasons, it is also rather inexpensive and is often created from recycled paper, so which makes it eco-friendly as well.​


While there are countless bedding Products on the current market, we’ve examined the 3 which we’ve found to be the most appropriate for rats.

We’ve also given you the resources to go Out there and look for yourself at the other alternatives available, additionally providing you the means to choose if specific bedding fits the beneficial to rats’ stamp of approval.

Of the 3 products examined, they are All well above average in terms of quality, together with varying prices and benefits.

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