Best Tandem Kayak Reviews: Find the Perfect Boat For You

Kayaking for a Lot of People is a lot of Fun, plus it’s even more enjoyable if you can share the knowledge with somebody. That explains the popularity of most useful tandem kayaks. You are able to use you to go fishing with a buddy, to go researching with your kid, and sometimes to have an adventurous and romantic date onto the water.

ImageProduct NameRatingWeight
Sea Eagle 330500 pound
Intex Explorer K2 Kayak348 pound
LifeTime Sport Fisher500 pound
Sevylor Coleman Colorado470 pound
Advanced Elements Lagoon350 pound

But which is the best tandem kayak For you personally? The best tandem kayak for you is dependent upon several things, but here are a few of the most useful options you have if you want to get one for the two of you personally.

​Best Tandem Kayak Reviews​

1. ​Sea Eagle 330 Deluxe 2 Person Inflatable Sport Kayak

The Ocean Eagle is the inflatable Kayak, therefore even though discounted to fullsize it’s actually quite lightweight. You just require a single person to carry it to your water.

But It’s surprisingly strong, as it Includes a 500-pound load capacity. We found this as the very best among the tandem kayak reviews we all have do so much.

Sea Eagle 330 Deluxe 2 Person Inflatable Sport Kayak Canoe Boat w/ Pump & OarsPurchase It Now!

That is good enough for 2 adults, Even once you believe that a lot of adults these days are “above average” in size and weight loss. The potency is because of the use of K80 polykrylar strand substance, which is extra-thick in 33mm and puncture-resistant.

Beam structure is used for its Floor to make it specially stiff. The pits have been welded with 10,000 volts to fuse the kayak in to one good construct. The kayak includes 2 paddles and 2 molded skegs for tracking therefore you may go upon the water with less effort necessary for paddling.

The inflatable front and rear Chairs are also removable, so you have more space for snacks or equipment if you’d like to go solo. It doesn’t take 10 or more minutes to inflate this, although in the beginning it may take you some time to get used to the task.

In fact, it’ll likely take You a while to get used to sitting and paddling this kayak. But after a while, you’ll get accustomed to it as most people do. This can be utilized for a wide array of purposes. It’s chiefly for recreational usage however, it is still possible to utilize it for a little bit of fishing.

It is also rated for Class 3 White water kayaking, also there’s a self-bailing drain valve that’s very suitable for that purpose.


  • It’s easy to inflate
  • It is very lightweight
  • It’s extremely sturdy to get an inflatable


  • The fit can be just a bit cozy
  • It takes a whole lot of getting used to when you inflate or use it

2. ​Intex Explorer K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set

The Explorer K2 isn’t a kayak that You’d want to use if you’re a soldier infiltrating enemy territory. It’s specifically made to seem flamboyant and eye catching, and that is not only because such a design seems fantastic.

It’s also for safety reasons should you Ever happen to want emergency help, as its design makes it (along with also you by extension) easy to discover.

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air Pump, YellowPurchase It Now!

It looks like a fun journey, and that’s Natural since its main purpose is for recreational use. Its compact design is intended for gentle lakes and rivers. However, the Explorer isn’t great due to just its appearances.

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This really is an inflatable 2 person kayak Made from puncture-resistant vinyl that’s intended for durable usage. It’s actually light enough to get one person to carry into the sport, yet it’s also tough enough to bear 400 pounds of weight.

The Ibeam floor is inflatable and So are the 2 chairs which come with back rests. The chairs are flexible too so that you may sit yourself in a convenient position. Inflating that the entire kayak does not have a lot of time because it will just need about 5 to ten minutes together with the Boston valves.

It is very Simple to Use and very Stable. Gleam removable skeg (such as the fin on the surfboard) that steadies its direction. At each end, you are going to come across a grab line and catch handle too.


  • It seems right and sporty, and at worst case scenarios you will be easy to find.
  • It’s light and portable, so it is possible to carry this yourself
  • You might also use this solo, should you remove the excess seat you have more space for your material
  • It is very easy to manage, because you’ll have no trouble pushing it forward and directing it where you would like to proceed.
  • The equilibrium is quite comforting, because you will not tip over (or even feel at risk of doing so) even in the event that you get into the aftermath of motor boats and jet skis.


  • The simple fact that the skeg is removable can be debatable, because it’s really easy to get rid of it whenever you detach it.
  • As it’s really a purely recreational kayak, it isn’t really great for whitewater holiday or for fishing trips.

3. ​Lifetime 10 Foot, Two Person Tandem Fishing Kayak

While the name suggests, this is Technically a kayak for two people. It is possible to use this on your own, but that’s nothing special because you can do the very same with most of the other tandem kayaks.

However, this kayak does offer a lot Of distance for the kayaker. It won’t matter if you are too large as a NBA player.

Lifetime 10 Foot, Two Person Tandem Fishing Kayak with PaddlesPurchase It Now!

Why is this LifeTime kayak Unique is that it can be employed even by 3 people at the exact same time. It comes with 3 removable grownup chairs that are contoured for comfort. If you are likely to do so, you just need to make sure that you do not cover the 500 pound weight reduction capacity.

This really is very a versatile kayak, and It’s uniquely suited for fishing trips. It’s very stable, due to the wide tube hull design. This usually means you can stand on it when you are fishing just like you’re on a stage or you can lay medial side in a side saddle posture. You will not tip over.

You will find built-in and clips For your paddle as soon as you receive to your fishing spot you can rest your paddle and arrive at work. You have 3 fishing pole holders and a cupholder that fits a jar or can of “soft drink”. You also have several distinct foot rests therefore you can get maximum leverage because you haul into your tenacious catch.

Additionally you have Loads of space for Your equipment and catch. There is a freight area at very front, and it comes with shock cord straps to fasten almost any your loose products. If you’d like an even safer space for the indispensable smartphone (I really don’t think I am the only person that goes with it) then there’s also an interior storage hatch you can use.

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  • It can be used up to 3 people.
  • This can be used by 2 people even when they both have become heavy
  • The equilibrium is excellent so you can stand up or lay side
  • Or you could sit in your comfy chair and apply the numerous foot-rests for leverage if you tug your own fish.
  • It is made of durable plastic so it’s rough but you’re able to make use of a large vehicle like an SUV or minivan to create this into the water along with you
  • It has a drain you can use if you’re trapped in sunlight


  • The weight and width can make it difficult for a normal person to carry this
  • The chair may not have enough padding when you’ve got a poor spine

4. ​Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak

It could get a bit annoying if Kayak producers fudge on the burden capacity in these kayaks

Some speed their capacity in 250 Pounds even though it can hold more weight, probably to prevent lawsuits.

Other Folks reevaluate their ability, And soon you understand that a kayak rated for 450 pounds can’t actually handle even 350 pounds. At least with this inflatable Colorado, you don’t have to accept their word regarding their 470-pound capacity. This was certified by the NMMA.

Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing KayakPurchase It Now!

This really is great for use in lakes, as It uses rocky 18-gauge PVC. It features its trademarked Airtight System therefore you do not have yourself a escape. The PVC is demanding enough that you can read stories about how dogs may proceed on this and their owners don’t possess any trouble with their pet’s claws.

At the bottom there is high-strength 1000D tarpaulin using an 840D nylon cap so that you’re protected from punctures. Even if you do receive a puncture the kayak employs multiple air chambers so that you’ll still stay afloat.

You’ll have a Lot of usage with this Kayak if you’re a fishing enthusiast. There are presses which means you can set your paddle aside as it is the right time to fish. It has adjustable pole holders too. Additionally, there are several mesh storage pockets for various gear and snacks.

You can also join other bits of Equipment into the D-Rings. The seats are also adjustable. It’s not really that heavy, so 2 people can quickly carry this to the water. There are carry handles with it so it’s no problem.

It does not take long to inflate or Restoring the kayak, particularly with the dual threaded Boston valves. If you would like, you can even mount a motor with this kayak as it has trolling motor fittings.


  • It could transmit 2 significant people
  • The PVC material is really tough and that means you don’t need to fret constantly about punctures
  • Even in the off chance you do get a puncture, the multiple air chambers ensure that you won’t sink
  • There are lots of features for fishing (since it is promoted as a “fishing kayak”)
  • It comes with carry handles


  • This is simply not for quick travel through the water, since it’s mainly for fishing
  • The rod holder can get in the way when you’re paddling
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5. ​ADVANCED ELEMENTS Lagoon 2 Tandem Inflatable Kayak

This looks speedy Even when It Isn’t Moving, and its weight capacity reflects its sleek design. It’s simply designed for a combined weight of 350 lbs, so heavier adults may well not find this suitable.

However, if You Both come within The allowed weight capacity, you are going to find that this a very comfy and sturdy ride on placid waters.

ADVANCED ELEMENTS Lagoon 2 Tandem Inflatable KayakPurchase It Now!

While this is really a inflatable Kayak, it lacks the rounded design that is so common in other inflatables. Rather, the Advanced components Fireplace 2 Kayak is glossy, and that is since it’s rigid panels constructed in to your bow and stern. This firm form is inherent at the cover, therefore it really moves round the water plus it is easier to stay on course.

On the surface of the Lagoon 2, the Cover is made from two unique materials. The hull employs PVC tarpaulin that has really 2 sheets of PVC using a centre layer of fabric mesh. The top side uses high-denier polyester that’s laminated with PVC.

There’s also an internal tube cover for Added rigidity as well as also for abrasion protection. You wind up getting a kayak that can handle even very tough water conditions. It also utilizes a tracking fin to get greater performance.

The Fireplace two Can Be very quick to Inflate, because it employs the most special “Twistlok” along with Soring valves that permit greater airflow. It’s lightweight so even one person can carry this, and there are also handles with molded rubber grips.


  • It’s very comfortable to sit down this due to the well-padded seats and high backrest support
  • It’s very lasting
  • It is easy enough to transfer, both by car and by taking it into the water
  • You don’t take an excessive amount of time to inflate it


  • Despite its sturdiness, it’s not for whitewater conditions
  • The 350-pound limit might not adapt 2 typical adults nowadays

Buying Guide To Get Tandem Kayak

Specifying the best tandem kayak reviews Depends upon several critical facets. Obviously, there’s always the price, and like a lot of people you can have your own preference for certain colors and designs. However, some variables should still be considered:

Size And weight

This affects how portable the kayak Is, and you’ll want to be sure you own an automobile that can bring the kayak into the water. Additionally, it tells you if you can easily carry this into the water by your self whether you would like to use it again.

Weight Rating

Individuals are becoming heavier these Days, so you should ensure the kayak you intend on getting may accommodate your weight and also the weight of one’s company.


Some kayaks possess specific features Which make it more appropriate for specific kinds of applications. A kayak may be utilized for whitewater experiences, for fishing trips, or even for simple recreational applications. You ought to look for certain features that support the sort of use you intend for the kayak.


People like us understand that kayaking is Fun, plus it’s even more pleasing when you have somebody with you to experience the joy of this. The best tandem kayak will not give you issues. It makes your time in the water a great deal more pleasing since the kayak solves all of your issues instead.

Get some of these units we’ve got Urged with this best tandem kayak reviews essay, and start having a great time together!

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