Best Under Bed Gun Safe Reviews: Keep Your Valuables Safe

A responsible gun owner will Understand It is essential to keep his or her weapons kept in a gun safe, far from children and thieves. It is the absolute most important facets of owning a firearm. Consequently, an excellent investment for people who own firearms are replicas you can store under the bed. It’s because numerous gun safes for sale nowadays are therefore large that it’s unattainable to hide them.

ImageProduct NameRatingPrice
​Monster Vault Low Profile Underbed Safe$$$
American Security Defense Vault$$$
Lock and Roll Portable Under-Bed$$
Hornady Rapid Safe Gunloacker$$$
Titan Under bed Gun Safe$$$

​The Truth Is That there is no gun secure on the market today that’s Ensured to safeguard your belongings from your burglar. If the aim is there, a burglar can tamper to your safe in his attempt to crack it open. Most manufacturers offer some sort of warranty for your safety but that which you want to have at heart is that if a burglar tries to gain access to your safe and will take some harms to this safe, the warranty won’t pay the harm. You are going to need to pay some cash to possess your safe.

under bed gun safes

The main reason under bed gun safes Is becoming increasingly popular is that a lot of gun owners desire a safe they can get in moments if there’s an intruder in the house. Consequently, an under-bed unit is an outstanding choice for some gun owners. These types of safes have been designed for quick easy and secure access. What’s more, if you have a gun firmly stored under the bed, then it is going to offer you a safe feeling.

A Number of the under bed gun safe comprise A fingerprint lock. It has several benefits to have a safe with a fingerprint lock because you will have the ability to get into your safe extremely fast with just one finger. Truth be told, it is going to simply take a couple of seconds to access a biometric under the mattress protected than with a bigger safe because you may not have to spend your time entering a combination or look for a secret to start up the safe. Best Under Bed Gun Safe Reviews is something you should consider if you want to create peace to your mind knowing that you have protection in the event of an urgent situation.

​Best Under Bed Gun Safe Reviews​

1. Stealth Defense Vault DV652 Under Bed Gun Safe

​Secondly, the thing on the listing is that the Highly favored Stealth DV652 out of Stealth Safe Company. Perhaps this is the most popular and best under the mattress gun secure on the market if you have a gun or smaller shotgun. With this specific gun safe, you will have your firearms locked away, but still in reach when you needed the maximum. What the owner love about this item may be the way it’s uniquely designed and contains an easy to access electronic lock. Once you get to the keypad, then it is going to illuminate therefore there’ll be no trouble at all to observe the amounts on the pad, even in the darkest situations. To raise the security, it also comprises a heavy-duty 5-pins locking system, and once opened, you take out the foam-padded T-Ray to catch your gun. You can rest assured your firearms won’t scratch as the padding will prevent any harms.

Stealth Defense Vault DV652 Under Bed Gun Safe + Free 52" Dean Safe Rifle Sock

​This gun protected is also Quite a heavy-duty Product, since it weighs approximately 75 pounds (34kg) and constructed in 14-gauge steel. Gun-owners adore the fact that you could also bolt this safe down into the floor since it contains pre-drilled holes. You need to look at this safe in case you’re looking for high quality, well-built safe that provides you with more than enough space and easy accessibility to your gun or pistol.

2. ​​Monster Vault Low Profile Underbed Safe

​Here we’ve got a broad, large Slide-out drawer gun safe. These 3 cubic feet of storage gun safe with 100 lbs of capacity are compact and easily mobile, making it perfect for a gun safe for your truck too. It contains an electronic combination locking system you are going to find a way to the app using 38 amounts to get it. The Monster Vault Company will provide you with a 7-year product warranty.

Monster Vault Low Profile Underbed Safe

​Although this safe is advertised as A mobile unit, it’s safe enough to prevent an intruder from walking away with it. It isn’t just a unit that’s easily portable to take with you every single time you leave your home. If the batteries dry up, there is a master key contained. It is compact and fits under any bed and is spacious enough to save small rifles. 1 thing to mention here is that this gun safe is just perhaps not watertight or fireproof. You should opt-in with the product if you’re searching for superior quality, heavy-duty gun safe that’ll supply you with top-security at an extremely reasonable price. You are going to have the ability to transform waste-full distance under the bed into a secure storage space if you opt-in for this great safe.

3. American Security Defense Vault

​The American Security Defense Vault Includes an electric lock that may illuminate at night when you have to access it. It has a slide-out weapon with a rocky floor cover to safeguard your guns from any scratches. It has pre-drilled holes so that you could use it to anchor the safe firmly to the ground floor. You won’t need to go the extra mile for tools to anchor the safe down whilst the mounting-kit will be included in your order.

American Security Defense Vault

​What owners like About that safe is that it’s cemented keypad for you to effortlessly gain access to your firearms in dark circumstances. It runs on batteries but you do not need to be fretting about unexpectedly running out of batteries without caution because the safe may beep in time before the batteries dry-out. Another plus is that this safe is spacious enough to put on two long guns. However, you want to take into consideration that when your gun has a longer barrel compared to standard, then it won’t fit.The general structure is top-rated, and it fits fast under most beds. If you’re trying to find a beautiful, modern designed bedroom gun safe solution to store your rifle or shotguns, I recommend you to look at this choice. It’s been receiving raving reviews, also it’s a stylish look and you may be sure to gain entry to your weapons quickly and effortlessly in the event of an emergency.

4. ​Lock and Roll Portable Under-Bed Personal Safe

​The final item on our list is that the Lock and Roll portable from ECR4Kids. To make things crystal clear, this isn’t just a unit to store your weapons. However, if you should be some of those people on the lookout for a safe to store other valuables, and that you don’t wish to put money into a heavy and thick steel container, then that is an alternative for you. It’s wheels, also it rolls under the bed, and also is a very good solution for individuals who wish to save valuable items inside their dwelling. Alternately, this is an amazing safe for teenagers or students who should secure essential documents or smaller sized items.

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Lock and Roll Portable Under-Bed Personal Safe

It comprises two keys, however, the keys Are universal so it is strongly advocated, for additional safety, to invest in a padlock safe. Although it isn’t constructed to serve like a steel gun safe, it may suit most of those guys out there which are only searching for a compact and vibrant answer to store important valuables. Recent owners are extremely pleased with the item, and it has been receiving only thumbs up!

5. Stealth Defense Vault

​This under bed gun safe is big enough to match one plus a shotgun or 2 pistols. The safe is made out of 14 Gauge steel, and the door includes a high-value locking system. The safe is specially designed to fit under your bed, also it has a height of just 6″. This model comes with the mounting hardware you’ll need, and also, it contains 4 pre-drilled holes that’ll help with the setup.

Stealth Defense Vault


  • This heavy duty below the mattress protected weighs 74 pounds. This is a sturdy safe, and you’re able to anchor it into place effortlessly. The safe’s weight as well as the anchors is likely to ensure it is nearly indestructible.
  • The safe is specially built to fit under your mattress, and hence the manufacturers comprised a little light which may let you punch on your security code. This really is a excellent feature, since it will facilitate your access into this safe at night.
  • This safe is large to get a beneath the bed model. The safe is big enough to fit a rifle or a shotgun as well as two handguns. A few people might actually succeed in matching two rifles from the secure, depending upon the version


  • The gun safe does not come with a vital backup. This can ultimately result in a problem if the combination locking system neglects to start the safe.
  • The memory tray isn’t spring loaded, which means you’ll need to haul it out of this safe. This might be embarrassing to do when the safe is under the bed.

6. ​​Hornady RAPiD Safe AR Rifle Gunlocker with RFID Touch Free Entry

​The Hornady Rapid Safe is specially Designed to shield your firearms against thieves and also continue to keep them away from your children. The secure safety standards exceed the global ones, plus they offer increased security against drop, pick, pry, and watched attacks.The safe’s exterior housing is Constructed from 14-gauge steel, and the door locks with two hardened lugs. The safe comes with a security cable which may allow you to fasten the safe in several locations.

Hornady RAPiD Safe AR Rifle Gunlocker with RFID Touch Free Entry


  • This gun safe meets the TSA requirements for safety. This usually means you will be able to make use of the safe to wash your rifle onto a plane with no issues.
  • The rifle safe is large enough to fit an AR15 rifle. Even the good storage capacity will provide enough space to get a gun and also a couple of handguns at the exact same period
  • The safe’s racks are both flexible, and also you need to use them to save a couple of rifles precisely.
  • The safe can be powered by batteries, however it is also possible to plug it in a wall socket.


  • The safe’s door produces a somewhat loud sound when it opens. This will show your position in the event of a home intrusion situation
  • The safe’s locking mechanism is pretty catchy to use. Some folks could face issues when trying to close down the safe’s door.
  • The safe’s power cord isn’t so long, so you will have to either stick it near a socket or utilize an extension cable.

7. ​Monster Vault Dual Lock Under Bed Safe

​This secure Is an Excellent size using a Large slide-out drawer. The inside is spacious and that means you can save a handgun that an extra clip. The safe can be good for the vehicle since it’s small and easy to carry. See how it contrasts with specialized car gun safes inside our review set of the best car gun safes. It is equipped with a digital combination lock. You may program the safe with a three to five-eight amount accessibility code. The safe comes with a 7-year user warranty.

Monster Vault Dual Lock Under Bed Safe


  • The safe is heavy enough if an intruder finds it that they probably wont make an effort to take it away.
  • Includes an override input case that the battery goes dead, or you forget that the access code.
  • The safe is small therefore that it readily fits beneath the bed or in tight spaces.
  • The safe is big enough to keep modest rifles.


  • You have to make use of something to remove a plate so that you can use the override key.
  • They safe can be too thick for you to carry it with you each single time you leave home.
  • The price is somewhat high since you’re able to get an upright safe for around the identical price.
  • It is perhaps not fire proof or watertight.

8. ​Lock and Roll Portable Under-Bed Personal Safe

​A Lot of People desire a Tiny secure to Store things other than guns so they don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars in a steel safe. This is the right inexpensive alternative if that’s your line of thinking. This rolling storage container is good for your home or a dorm. It fits perfectly underneath the bed because it has a very low profile. Additionally, it also comes with a steel security cable. This is a wonderful storage container to lock valuables in whether you’re an adult or a teenager. The wheels enable you to move the safe fast without the heavy lifting.

Portable Under Bed Personal Safe


  • It’s built with wheels so it is possible to roll up the storage container under the mattress, and unlike many others which you need to lift.
  • Comes with 2 keys. If you purchase this for the teenager, you can let them have a key, and you can keep one in case they lose theirs.
  • This would be great safe to lock things away from toddlers or little kids.
  • It is possible to continue this safe with you when you travel.


  • This safe is made from plastic, so it is not waterproof or fire proof.
  • A burglar could easily gain access to the safe.
  • I would recommend you get a padlock to lock the shield considering that the keys are all universal.

9. ​Titan Pistol Vault Gun Safe Fail-Safe Mechanical Lock Fast Rugged Handgun Safe

​This does not require a battery such as A great many other little safes. It’s small enough to fit underneath the bed or take along with you once you leave home. It is possible to mount the safe to your good surface with all the mounting brackets that are contained. In the event you choose to proceed with the safe, it only requires a few moments to move it out of a permanent location to the next. The safe has a one-piece manufacturer guarantee.

Titan Pistol Vault Gun Safe Fail-Safe Mechanical Lock Fast Rugged Handgun Safe with Auto Delivery Holster


  • Doesn’t take a battery powered, which means you do not have to be worried about losing use of the safe.
  • The gun swings out whenever the door opens making it simpler to recover your handgun compared to a number of other safes.
  • You have the choice of adjusting it to put on different size guns.
  • The pushbutton combination lock makes it simpler to access than safes with key locks or combination dials.
  • It is possible to mount this safe under your mattress from sight of kids and thieves.
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  • The safe is a little high priced compared to similar ones from different businesses.
  • You can’t store extra ammunition indoors until you pay more money to your ammo box.
  • An experienced thief could get access to this safe together with the help of any hand tools and a small moment.

Best Under Bed Gun Safe ​Buying guide

One of the main reasons for Purchasing an under bed gun safe is accessibility. In the case of intruders in your home, this is one of the most useful places to hide a gun. Having it set strategically beneath your bed is likely to make it much easier for one to catch it and protect your self and your family even in the dark.

There are many manufacturers and versions outside There at the current market that sells under bed gun safe. Just how will you know that one is ideal for you? Here I’ve listed some hints or advice about how to choose which one is right for you.

   1. When deciding on a gun safe you need first to be aware of the sort of gun, size you need, and how many guns do you mean to maintain the safe

2. If the safe you will pick will fit under your bed

3. Will you be using the safe just inside the house or are you planning to create it outside on travel

4. What material are you going to want it to possess? Will you choose a metallic kind or a plastic kind?

5. Would you like it to possess rollers?

6. How heavy the safe is.

7. Can you get it fast in case of an emergency and it is dark?

8. Do you desire a fireproof or waterproof sort of safe? If you are looking for safes who have these qualities, then you want to have a larger budget as these kinds of safe are costly. Check out what fireproof gun safe is approximately this.

9. Do you desire a mechanical kind or even a biometric kind that scans your mic for effortless access?

10. Can you have children?

11. Just how a lot of people are you going to want access to the safe? Some biometric gun safe can only allow 5 people to gain access to while some move beyond 10 based on the model

12. Do you want a safe that is battery powered or chargeable? Lock and key or only combine access codes?

13. Read some customer testimonials and reviews before buying the gun safe. Reading reviews helps a lot when choosing items because some criticized or praised frankly.

14. What is most used and trusted?

15. How much is your budget? You need to take into account your budget as you want the biometric type of safe; it’s very more costly compared to the regular safe.

These Are Only several things to consider if purchasing a beneath the mattress gun protected. Always remember though that should you have kids to pick a significant sort of safe and also something tough to open. Kiddies are always inquisitive and may find a way for them to start your safe. They are also intelligent and certainly will remember your access codes when they have seen you open it once. Keep it all safe. Having a gun will secure your family but will also harm them or even kept properly. And lastly always bear in mind that you are liable for your gun, keep it safe.

Every single day somebody is searching for a gun. Every day somebody can be murdered by a gun that got into the wrong hands. Every day that an intruder enters a home. You can be dwelling, and also an intruder could enter your home with a gun that has fallen into the wrong hands. A little gun safe is fantastic for keeping your self ready at any moment to safeguard your family while keeping the firearms away from kids too. For those who have children around your house, you know as well as I do these children are curious. Purchasing a tiny gun safe won’t fundamentally keep out your gun of your children’s hands however it is going to keep it out of sight. A kid can open many modest gun safes. Most of these can be opened by picking them up a few inches away from the floor and dropping them onto a hard surface. Watch yourself!

If You Buy a beneath the mattress Safe, I recommend you buy one that has pre-drilled holes so you can bolt the safe to the floor. Bolting the safe to a floor could continue to keep your kids from lifting the safe off the ground and falling it when they do eventually think it is hidden under your bed. Many beneath the bed safes are all made to have quick access to your weapon and many of them have illuminated keypads. There’s also a small number of under the safes which can be large enough to house a few rifles. A tiny under the mattress secure will not maintain a thief away from your guns if they have just a little time and a handtool. Most of them also won’t safeguard your firearms from fire or water damage and mold. A beneath the mattress gun secure is also of use for keeping your weapon apart from young children while having the ability to arrive at a gun fast.

Gun Casket Fast Opening Shot Gun Safe

The first item on the record is that the Brilliantly rustproof and anodized aluminum assembled gun safe. This unit is an excellent pick for individuals who desire a compact and lightweight gun safe that fits perfectly under most beds, so its overall height is just 4 1/4in. Having a gun safe at this site, you’ll have the capacity to store it under some bed, truck seat, or some other piece of furniture. Though it fits flawlessly under many beds, it is 50″ long, which supplies you with loads of space to save any long weapon.

This rifle Features an electronic keypad lock. This way you will love the quick and easy access to the safe. What’s more, this apparatus might be programmed for use with a backup key as well. The inside is coated with thick foam to correct into the form of your rifle and the door includes soft carpeting to secure your gun from scrapes and dings. If you’d prefer a lightweight, mobile, and easy to access gun safe that may take a long gun or some other hand-held and also will fit under any bed, I seriously urge you to check out this version.

Titan Under Bed Gun Safe Pistol Vault

Next on the list is the most popular Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault. This rifle item is somewhat different from many others on the market because that one does not need any batteries. It’s compact and will easily fit under any bed and mobile enough to take with you every day out of your house. The safe comes with a one-piece manufacturer guarantee. Unlike a lot of gun safes, which can be electric, there will be a time if you need to adjust the batteries. If you don’t do it with time, you may lose access to this safe. But for this safe, there’s no battery to deal with, and also you won’t need to should consider maybe not having the ability to access this safe. Consequently, as this isn’t an electric safe, you’ll need to start it with a physical secret.

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It takes just a few seconds to gain access to the safe whilst the racket slides out once you open it. In this manner, you’ll be able to grab your rifle quicker compared to other gun safe brands. Small gun owners simply adore this safe and for a fantastic reason. It’s very easy to bolt down, and you can even take it along with you to the go if you prefer without any hassle. In general, if you own a pistol or revolver, and you are hunting for a stylish and handy security safe, then have a look at this great product. The audience loves this gun safe!

Do You Need an Under Bed Gun Safe?

If you’re looking for an under Bed gun safe, then your main element is of course access. In the worst instance, if a burglar breaks into your home late at night, then the best location to have access to a gun is in your bedroom. If you want to play it smart, then you should place a gun safe under the bed. If you do that, you will have instant access to your weapon during night time.

You will discover so many under bed gun safes in many sizes and shapes to suit unique needs. It can be a daunting task to go through all of the models and different brands, and therefore, you must wind up with a gun safe that fits your demands and needs. Here you may read a few points on the way you’re able to narrow your search down to just a few picks.

– It’s extremely crucial to know very well what size of a gun safe you will want to put away your rifle. Moreover, you need to think about the number of guns you intend to store inside a safe.

– Can you put the safe perfectly under your bed? Measure the height and make certain you’re investing in a gun safe that fits under the bed.

– How thick do you want the safe to be? Are you going to bolt it down into the floor or are you looking for a portable gun safe that you can take on the move?

– Are you currently interested in finding something which you could have instant access to, much in the darkest situations? Are you going to be satisfied with a steel gun safe or plastic assembled gun safe? Maybe you need a unit wheels to grab from underneath the bed.

– If you are trying to find a watertight or gun safe, you ought to have in mind that you would have to pay longer to have one.

– Are you currently interested in finding a biometric gun safe? Or you that is going to have a digital keypad? Maybe you prefer the mechanical type at which you do you want keys and turning wheel?

– Are you currently hoping to find a gun safe with a digital keypad or mix accessibility code? You want to consider and decide how many folks are going to have use of this safe. You will find biodegradable safes for sale that will only allow 2 distinct codes to open up the safe while additional brands allow up to 10 different codes.

– You must do your research. Attempt to figure out what type of gun safe you are looking for. We’re all unique with different needs and requirements. What may fit your requirements and personality might not fit your neighbor. Read what current owners have to say regarding the gun safe you intent to buy. What’s more, assess the warranty and what company produces the gun safe you desire to buy. There are some big sharks on the market you could trust 100 percent but on the other hand, you’ll find lower-quality gun manufacturers.

– The last point to consider is clear how much you’re ready to expand. It is probably among the main facets because if you should be searching for a fire/waterproof, they’ll be more expensive. Also, if you are on the lookout for biometric Kind of protected, you will have to bring more money to the dining table

Reasons To opt-in for Under Bed Gun Safe

Let’s be honest here, at the moment If you chance to handle an intruder in your house, you will need protection. Having said that, you have to have quick and easy access to your weapons in just about any Emergency scenario. Possessing a gun safe stored directly under the mattress is your greatest Solution for security since you wouldn’t wish to be in the situation of needing to spend your time browsing for the firearms. If you’re a safe beneath the Bed, that you never only ease your mind up realizing that your weapons are firmly Stored, but also you will have instant access to your firearms late through the night time.

Final Thoughts

For anybody out there trying to invest at a gun safe to store under their mattress, so I strongly advise you to have a closer look at any gun safe you may safely fasten to the concrete floor. The majority of the under bed gun safes incorporate pre-drilled holes, and so they often comprise all the tools you need to anchor it into the floor. As everyone probably knows, by today, under bed gun safe may vary in size, price and all of them have different security features and fire/water ratings. Just like I have been mentioning over and over again, you must anchor it down to the floor. In case you do this, the safe will provide sufficient security for your guns along with other valuable items. At last, I hope you could use the information to your benefit, and I expect that you will be able to invest in a gun safe that fits your demands and lifestyle.

If you’re a gun owner you know keeping your guns away from the thief and children is a significant part of having a gun. Rifle safes are investments for all gun owners. The main reason is gun safes are both large and can’t be hidden. A huge gun safe may be tampered with by way of a burglar. Gun safe companies typically have a warranty set up in the event a thief damages your rifle safe but in case the warranty is outdated you might have to fix the safe away from one’s pocket or purchase a fresh safely. Additionally, you want a safe which may make addressing a weapon accessible from the event an intruder enters your dwelling. An under bed gun safe is a great investment for several gun owners. It’s designed for easy access and storage. Possessing a gun locked out under your bed that you can very quickly access will give you a better reassurance. For those who have a handgun for protection, it will be useless if you own it locked at a larger gun safe and is not easily accessed. A number come equipped with a biometric fingerprint lock, and that means you can get your gun quickly with a single finger click the link to check out the best biometric gun safes. It takes less time and energy to put in a biometric under bed gun safe that it does with a bigger safe because you don’t need to devote precious time inputting a combination or fumbling with keys. You should look into one if you have young kids in your dwelling.

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