Biltwell Lanesplitter Helmet: The Best Budget Motorcycle Helmet

Once in as you happen you fall inlove with it which is just what the Biltwell Lanesplitter Helmet is going to do to you.

Biltwell Lanesplitter Helmet

Biltwell Lane Splitter Helmet (X-Large) (Flat Black)

From the design to the cheek pads onto the interior, every major feature a helmet should possess is taken care of as it concerns this helmet. And the very best part is that it’s among the most reasonably priced helmets out there.

Considering that the looks, the features, and the comfort, it seems affordable. You may see that the Biltwell Lanesplitter Helmet is far ahead, should you compare it with a lot of the helmets on the current market.

Exactly why Biltwell?

For Biltwell started off with helmets. It acquired an enviable reputation because of the superior quality helmets that it unleashing and had been designing on the market. The fire and love for motorbikes is extremely important for your own Biltwell Team and it is appreciated by the world.

Biltwell has established several dot-compliant helmets – make sure it full face or the variation that was three-fourth that they initially started off with now. It did not just build a reputation by manufacturing sub standard helmets​ these helmets are some of the top available on the market.

The Overall Picture of the Lanesplitter

Let’s tell you that you will likely be digging this helmet’s features. By the design and the ABS outer shell which is a proprietary feature of Biltwell, to the shock absorbing EPS liner and the interior padding that is handstitched, you can get a superb snug match the cushioning and comfort.

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The helmet includes optics and also a single range mechanical system for model and easy removal. Although durable, it is easy to maintain and wash. On side, you will come across a brass peg and hole setup that allows for fastening.


If you wish to acquire special and have a glance at all the enviable features that the helmet is packaged together with, then read on to know why this could be the perfect helmet for all youpersonally!

  • The helmet was approved by DOT and meets the safety standards of ECE R22.05.
  • It’s an ABS outer shell that produces the helmet strong and light.
  • The hand painted finish makes the Lanesplitter quite attractive.
  • The inner shell is made up of expanded polystyrene.
  • The inner liner is hand stitched and will be readily removed for cleaning. The lycra liner features a diamond-stitched and quilted foam cushioning for a snug fit.
  • There are vents in front and back that offer great ventilation.
  • The item is fairly priced, if you think about of its notable capabilities.
  • You’ll find audio pockets in the ear recesses.

The Overall Picture

The thing in regards to the Biltwell Lanesplitter Helmet that you’ll notice is the soft finish that gives you the relaxation of the ones that are faced and the protection of bulky helmets. It has an amazing area of vision, giving you a very clear picture of this road. The vents work perfectly fine. The typical complaint of wind noise is expunged thanks to its neoprene cover, within this helmet that puts itself over your chin to block the wind disturbance out .

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In a closer look, you will be impressed with the stitches and the soft and firm padding. It will come with a helmet bag which may look after the helmet if it is not taking care of you! As it’s light weight, it is possible to wear it for long journeys without feeling any stress around the top or the neck area.

There is of full face helmets are generally big which makes you feel nauseous at the mere notion of getting them but the Lanesplitter A good deal different. Thus thinka full face helmet that has a firm fit is light, comfortable, also isn’t overly costly. We’re impressed!

Customer Verdict

People who have used that the product have fallen inlove with it. Most of them were surprised with just how readily it eradicated any chances of a bobble head fit them. Together with features such as the chin gator impressing a amount of consumers, it is no surprise that the helmet has gotten such a warm welcome.

A great deal of clients do concur that the helmet isn’t readily cheap, however up on using it and having a feel of its flawlessness, they stated that the helmet was worth it and inexpensive compared to many others in the marketplace which are not as efficient but fall in precisely the identical price range.

Another thing to notice is that Biltwell failed to compromise the design of the helmet just because it had been offering you a helmet packed with features​ it looks amazing!

Bottom Line

We’ve analyzed that the helmet out of every angle and its features, be it perhaps the snug fit or the outside EPS casing. What else can anyone possibly expect, together with Biltwell being the maker? The client reviews have been rather striking. Most users might select on this helmet on any specified the maker’s trustworthiness.

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Our final decision? Exactly what are you waiting for?

You have to provide this helmet a go! It you have to save to get a time to become one of many proud owners of this Lanesplitter, go ahead and get started saving because as soon as you get your hands on this helmet, you will get reasons to put this onto each and every moment!

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