Caberg Drift Carbon Helmet Review: A Great Choice for Racers and Adventurers Alike

Drift’ is an unusual word. To this means ‘sideways’. Therefore when Caberg does a ‘drift’ and comes out with a helmet with the exact same name, it does not seem right. It is really a metaphor? Is this? Who knows?

Caberg Drift Carbon Helmet

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However, we all do realize that the carbon fiber version looks striking, glossy as well as shiny. The Caberg Drift is the ECE 22.05 accredited Full Face Helmet. It’s available in the carbonfiber variation, which we will talk as well as a tri composite shell.

What Could You like?

The Drift has all the qualities of a Caberg lid. It has a fantastic finish. Fittings and all the parts sit. There are no occurrences of the levers and almost any flimsy fittings as well as locking mechanisms provide this helmet a ‘hard’ feeling. It must not be considered a surprise.

The helmet is provided buckle for bending at the chinstrap. Normally people now choose. Nevertheless, the Double dring has never become obsolete yet. It might be operated with gloves and it is likely to loosen it somewhat without even taking it all 27, to remove the helmet.

The compatibility with their Just Speak S system is very good, with Caberg taking attention to mold the recess from the EPS to have shape of this com unit.

The Most Notable Qualities to Consider

The Drift’s carbon fiber variation looks nice, but is it worth the hard earned money? Let us see.


Caberg Drift Carbon Helmet launched the combo shell, but the complete carbon fiber variant came after. As more manufacturers have begun embracing it carbon-fiber is on track for slowly becoming the standard material in helmet molding. A novelty for the time being, it will become standard once everyone becomes accustomed to it.

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Fit is a oval, that is standard for most people with head contours. The helmet includes a shell size which ranges from XS to XXL. That is 5​3 cm to 63 cm at best.

Weighing at 1340 grams or 2.95 pounds, this helmet is still amazingly light, since this can be the full face helmet, with inner visor installed. This really really is an impressive degree of weight loss from Caberg.

The rims have been lined with a thick gasket that prevents the rainwater from seeping in and giving you.


The face shield is huge. It can not obstruct the vision by much even though this is really the full face lid. The Drift is advertised with ‘PinLock Original In the Box’, and it is a Max Vision!

Caberg can be touting a new technology – the self-sealing anti-scratch Visor. A spring mechanism supports it. So when the helmet is closed by you, you’ve got two choices – maintain the visor from the position that is downward or press it only a little more to lock it backwards to get a tight fit from the gasket. This seals see your own face in, preventing anything.

It looks complicated, but is very simple to use. This technique is complimented by the Anti Mist visor lock that prevents fogging and works in tandem.

A drop down sun-visor comes pre-integrated with the helmet.


A function chin vent acts because the key inlet. This front port strengthens this pin-lock Max Vision’s anti fogging ability. The large dual vent system additionally permits a generous amount of atmosphere for the reason that is steered and drained out straight back. Both exhaust and vent can be corrected in position.

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The consequence is without blowing air directly over the head of anyone, an air leak, much like air conditioning that keeps ambient temperatures .

This moment, the lining has cut workouts that fit the stations in the EPS, which means that the ventilation won’t need much in the way of interruptions.

Padding and LiNing

Lining is washable and removable. The cushioning on the chin strap washed and can be removed. Fabric is watertight and breathable. Along with combination involves a good deal of black stripes with a gray and light grey at places. The cushion is not so plush but does its job well to keep your chin, cheekbones and jaw line comfortable without creating any tension points.

A chin curtain has been provided, which blocks chilly atmosphere. The installation and removal is quite easy and it stays in place.

Customer Reviews

For a helmet similar to this may be your sound level. Some have claimed that it is acceptable. However, the opinion leans towards an factor of the end noise, which could have been avoided easily with good design.

Bottom Line

Noise level is regarded as subjective, depending on sensitivity and every individual’s hearing capability. Thus, individuals are going to hear noise at a specific degree. If this threshold is appropriate for you, Caberg Drift Carbon Helmet is actually a helmet for you personally.

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