Caberg Duke Commander Helmet Review

Caberg lasts its modern, modular port tradition (a recent one) with the Caberg Duke turn up helmet. At first look, the Duke feels just as any other face helmet with chin guard, the visor, angular fit and features. And then you realize that that really is not one of one’s standard helmets and begin taking a look at the style hints.

Caberg Duke Commander Helmet

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A more recent design is of this chin guard, and also the ridge traces of this game that is helmet an aerodynamic design. The placement of this strategy and also the levers give out a very Alfa Romeo texture towards the very best.

This really is very good news as Caberg keeps pumping out high quality helmets featuring innovation, improving design and added functionality in a pace.

What Can You Adore

The roofing spade and chin have shapes which keep reminding us from the Lamborghinis and Alfa Spiders. Design exemplified? You be the judge.

Pioneers of those flip up helmets in Italy, Caberg has had homologation incorporated within this helmet. So you can ride together with your own chin guard down or up and it is going to still be legal and safe according to this ECE 22.05 standard.

It’s such a advancement that is currently keeping Caberg in front of Italian manufacturers. Godspeed.

Top Features To Consider

Therefore what exactly is special about the Duke, which is truly an iteration of Konda (that is actually an iteration of Trip)? Take a look.


Only at 1550 +/ – 5 gm. Or 3.41 pounds, it’s not quite heavy, however it isn’t light. The shape is. Some things have been brought by Caberg when working on the fit for men and women who have wider foreheads and modeled the brow region.

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It appears that Caberg has addressed the issue at the Duke, although A helmets have the bass lip syndrome when you pulled the back guard.

The building of the shell is from poly carbonate. It may well not be the epitome of strength, but is still strong enough to pass on SHARP crash evaluations and tote that the ECE 22.05 ratings.

The profile with this helmet can be emphasized by tactfully embedded ridges which promote an purpose at a posture. Things may feel somewhat different if you attempt using it to get a evaluation.


Caberg Duke Commander Helmet has equipped the Duke using their Double Visor Tech system. The face protector is a lens pin-lock anti-scratch as seems to be the standard nowadays. The face shield is large, moving beyond the eyeport gasket over the shell at the very top and within the attention vent. This is to keep with providing a wide opinion personally for one of your own tours to you.

The dropdown sun visor is an anti-scratch one and can be managed by the flick of your thumb. The friction system helps to ensure that you can get intermediate places.

The retention system to your own chin shield – visor assembly is fairly simple and has a pleasing ‘snap’ texture to it whenever you close it up and seal your self in or shut this to it reaches the absolute top.


Ventilation is via a chin port system, supported by dual jaw line vents on either side. To make things more easy a chin curtain prevents cold air.

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A sizable high vent shaped while in the EPS channels in atmosphere like front of a specific Lambo vents. The comfort liner cubes some, although ordinarily that might have worked fine. Some advancement in this aspect ought to really be on the cards if their Duke is got by Caberg.

Padding and Li-ning

Liner and the cheek pads are put in onto the neck roll with segments of faux leather. The fabric feels soft on the pads, but maybe not too much on the comfort lining due to the reduced foam thickness.

The liner can be eliminated and hand washed with cold water. Anti treatment has been provided to be certain the sweat wicked up by the liner don’t promote procreation of these germs.

Customer Reviews

Average may be that the phrase you’re taking a look at. However, together with Caberg rapidly iterating different lineups, it is possible to make certain one of these Duke’s successors will be there at the top. The complaints have been mainly in the form of noise levels and venting; when you are in for a face helmet, nevertheless these should be likely.

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Important Thing

A lot is happening at the Duke, but not enough to put it before the competition. It will have accessories that are added, but so do the other. The addition of removable wind-stop and double neck roll do seem nice. But the absence of a DOT rating can be an important bummer for its US audience.

As far as Caberg Duke Commander Helmet proceed, you be delighted with what you have and also will find the Duke of rides that are less than.

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