Caberg Duke Matt Black Helmet Review

Everything started which Caberg placed out. It became exceptionally popular due to design that was progressive and its own distinctive shape. It had de-fogging abilities that are excellent. However, it lacked behind in some areas. Improper ventilation, an inner sun-visor that was inefficient, and water leaks lowered the caliber of an reverse up ‘Rhyno’ helmet.

Caberg Duke Matt Black Helmet

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Caberg listened, and out came the (Ana)Konda. It embraced the Trip design that was excellent but made subtle variations in the visible features such as the chin vents and accent lines. The chin vents currently actually had a purpose of letting the air in for ventilation other than just defogging. Minor improvements did make it a worthy upgrade. But something was away. This lid has been loud – louder.

Enter Duke. Caberg re designed the casing and updated the venting just a bit when keeping some design and visual features. Can it function? Let us find out.

What Would You Adore

Among the up grades, Caberg made the Speak S communicating system that was harmonious with its Merely. Commensurate with the changing times that is a fantastic thing.

The overall look of this helmet is equally outstanding. Dropdown visor slider and the vents are nolonger in a line. Instead, they have been pieces by their unique shapes.

A better positioning that transports the aesthetic appearance towards modernization is additionally featured by the chin vents.

Top Features To Look Out For

We all could agree with the most obvious aesthetic enhancements. Think about functionality?


Caberg Duke Matt Black Helmet utilizes a shell which includes proven its strength from your afternoon tests were performed. Caberg Duke will come to provide out five EPS sizes ranging from 53 cm to 62 cm.

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Intermediate fit should be fine for a lot of people, in the event you bought one size too 33, although a number of you may feel your jaw showcasing the interior liner of this eyebrow shield.

The look has been shown to generate the helmet seem more futuristic than its predecessors. They had a few of the retro styling of a forgotten age.

The ridge lines speak more of this language rather than simply serving as decorators to break the monotony of the silhouette.

Even the ‘working’ elements have a different ‘hard’ texture to them. Things actually lock into their places today.


Perhaps one of the most crucial changes which come with this particular helmet within its older variants is your compatibility with PinLock anti-scratch. In the box would be your icing on your cake, A pin-lock lens included.

The face shield has an extra wide field of view. The clarity of both the face shield and also the sun visors is commendable.

The visor discharge mechanism has been reworked a little bit. Caberg has made it easier to take out the face protector in this version. The process cannot be regarded as more like stress, although exactly tool-free absolutely free.

With a locking system and then switch behind the visor bracket on the left the flip face helmet is now homologated.

The face shield will not fit as closely as you would think leaving a difference between the helmet and the casing. Normally this might be a problem that the waiter is going to flow in and cause chaos. But whenever you are travelling at triple or double digit velocities, any rain drops or liquid will be swept off due to this force.

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Caberg’s experimentation with the ventilation system has yielded some consequences. However, it’s nearly there yet. There are five chin ports (or three hands along with 2 jaw-line vents at front) and a cool appearing top port which must be pulling air to hold the ambient temperature indoors comfortable.

What works will be your chin port complimenting the PinLock system. What doesn’t work may be your warmth. The vents make that air in just fine. However, there are no loopholes in the trunk.

Second, Caberg Duke Matt Black Helmet did get those atmosphere stations however the connection from the top vent and also also the fitting of this comfortable liner do not work. The outcome is a helmet that is slightly warmer.

Padding and Lining

The fabric feels and looks smooth as a microfiber cloth. It is soft enough to be gentle in skin and it has been given the treatment that is anti-bacterial by Caberg. Cheek pads and comfort liner are a breeze to remove and may be cleaned easily with cold drinking water.

Customer Reviews

A good deal of owners liked the simple fact that the Duke was analyzed and offered a much quieter experience than a number of the competition. Obviously. It can’t be contrasted with all a full face helmet’s noise suppression. Never the less, it’s great to see Caberg paying attention to little things that thing.

Bottom line

The Caberg Duke Matt Black Helmet is just a helmet that does not bite a lot more than it needs to your pocket. It is an awesome design with excellent build quality, barring several flaws. They will be adjusted. But in the event you absolutely need a open face helmet that does not violate your bank, this really is a product to really get on the fingers.

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