Caberg Freeride Helmet Reviews: A Great Option for Adventurous

Here is the face helmet. There’s nothing pseudo about no other face this or some further nonsense. Just a pure helmet character, sitting on top of one’s face, which makes you look like a ‘gentleman riding his loudly pipe’. Caberg went back into the origins and revived this retro style to combine it.

Caberg Freeride Helmet

Plus they haven’t forgotten to get the essential ECE 22.05 rating to have you riding around from the EU zone appearing all ‘hip’.

What Would You Love?

So we’ve got a open face helmet. What of a communication system? Relax. Caberg Freeride Helmet is now harmonious with their Just Chat S communications apparatus. You are not left high and dry if riding peeps having premium claws on.

They do have a visor included from the box if you want it. But the great thing about this helmet is the correction of sound and that the fit it brings with it. You ought to see that whenever you’re on a particularly loud ‘thump thump’.

For cyclists looking to relive their glory days, Caberg has made goggles available as an extra area.

A buckle that makes it a lot easier to use that the chin strap is a nice added feature which raises a celebrity.

The Very Best Qualities to Consider

17 colors, yet tasteful looks and simple define the Caberg Freeride Helmet. Let’s discover whether there is anything special that makes you ride ‘freely’ with this specific particular lid.


Caberg Freeride Helmet is currently using the tri combination to make the shell of free ride. It’s a combination of Kevlar, carbon and fiberglass compounds. Tri has turned out to be polycarbonate, so this really is a proof. Each material has its own strengths and weaknesses. Therefore rather than picking one within the other, it obviously made sense to search for ways of blending them all.

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Even the tri composite tolerate high temperatures also will withstand cracks and scratches the while defying high speed impacts. The energy transfer from the lid to your noggin is debatable, however it is always important to research the facts before jumping at ‘pricier is preferable’ bandwagon.

That having been said, that the Freeride does its job properly. Could you?

The helmet size is streamlined and small, by a touch too much to get many. But Caberg Freeride Helmet has provided two shell sizes for trying a comfortable fit out. The sizes vary to your high of 61 cm for XXL from 53 cm XS.

The helmet is extremely light weight, weighing in at a mere 800 to 850 grams. That is 1.8 lbs! It’s like moving out to a field day and putting a baseball cap.

Strategically placed rivets along the attention border and port and round the helmet remind us of that feeling straight out of the ’50s.


Worry not, there’s actually a visor. It will come from the carton. Order their goggles or it is completely up to you to place it on. The visor is scratch and does its work nicely to shelter you from insects, debris, stones or anything that dares to fly in your face.

If you attempt to order it online, you may come across the words ‘MehrschichTlackierung’ as an everyday feature. It means multi-layered tiling or coating (Courtesy – Google Translate) and was used to denote the construction of this visor. You wont find some of the advertised on the official web site as of this date of Caberg, although it’s been mentioned to have received a uv-resistant treatment. Before you believe any such thing check your Google.

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Though you require a screwdriver for the seal the attachment system for the visor is simple to use.


What ventilation? It’s an open face helmet. You receive the full blast of air and throughout the openings between your head along with the lining. Discuss wind in your hair…

You have to tilt your face angle to get, when you place the visor on. Nice and easy.

Padding and Lining

This is just another location. The liner is super simple to remove. It is a combination of leather outlines and everything appears to be faux lace and cloth, but the overall impression is extremely comfortable. The rear is adorned with a leather ‘Made in Italy’ – ring dangling out.

The gasket around the edges absolutely instills that nostalgia and is really thick when combined with rivets and also the leather liner.

Customer Reviews

A lot of riders seem like they waited for the opportunity to get their hands on a helmet like this one, just so they could take their Harleys out to the neighborhood bar meet. There showed A few concern about the flimsy ‘texture’ of their chin strap , however, nothing else.

Bottom Line

Therefore you are itching to really go all Rock ‘N’ Roll at the rider meet and previously own a Vtwin. Right? Wanna be the DaddyO all over again? Pop this baby on, git that FL Duo-Glide out and have ’em go ape. Right from the ice box, person!

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