Caberg Ghost Carbon Helmet: A Spooky Good Deal

The Caberg Jet ‘Ghost’ helmet is now making waves on account of its looks. How of a carbon fiber variation? Why not?! Caberg has introduced the most Ghost helmet at a carbon fiber shell. The weave makes it exceptionally trendy and light that’s comparable to merely ‘pop-yer-hat-n-lets-go’ routine.

Caberg Ghost Carbon Helmet

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Perfect for staring at by-standers as they throw suspicious and giggling to yourself glances at you.

What Would You like

In addition to this structure, the Phantom has some little features. The nose and mouth mask and visor, for instance, features a spring loaded mechanism to snap it in the up or down spots.

A insect shield blocks insects out of sneaking in to the helmet once you are not aware, or in higher rates out.

Homologation conveys the carbon fiber variant for satisfaction when riding with the nose and mouth mask roads turned up with the Ghost string unto forward.

Top Features To Consider

The Caberg Ghost Carbon Helmet is a hit. However, can there be something specific about the entire thing? This goes.

Therefore the tri combination in regards the carbon fiber and gets put a side. Helmet manufacturers started using this material in various capacities since the last decade and have kept abreast of these advances in processes. What was a novelty is currently a requirement. This version looks just as amazing as the matt-black one with all the weaves clearly observable on the surface. Where the weaves join although, the seams might have been refined – akin to a ‘certain’ German helmet? But this might just be wishful thinking.

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The carbon fiber shell makes this among the lightest helmets on the current market, weighing 2.61 or just about 1188 g pounds! This may be one reason that balances out all the negatives you might find on this lid.

Or so nearly all European clients should be OK with this, except a few with elongated heads fitting and the design is similar to the Ghost in matt black, if no spacious.

Still, Caberg has two shell sizes for those.


Doing away with the goggle straps, the Ghost is sold with rotating visor and face mask.

The (almost) premium-quality is justified because Caberg has included a pin-lock double lens that has been awarded an anti-scratch, anti-fog therapy. It comes straight out of the box and fits at the given mounts in seamlessly. What’s more, it’s A-Max Vision, not the typical one.

The spring-loaded tilting system makes it effortless to flip that visor up. You rotate it backward to start it up and pull it forward. This could seem as an excess step for those that are accustomed to just rotating the assembly backwards. But it’s a vital step in getting the lid double homologated, since the visor may be ‘locked’ to the various places.

Caberg Ghost Carbon Helmet has given six different tints to pick from. You receive the light smoke version included in your box. You might have it replaced with mirror finish, dark, clear (transparent) and yellow (golden).

If you have to remove the visor for whatever reason or exchange it with another tinted one, you may possibly find it tricky to do with a Brand-Ed screwdriver (Philips). There’s always a possibility because maybe not fragile plastic has not been been doing a way with by really Caberg nonetheless to break some things. Therefore tread with caution sir Do-It-Yourself-A-Lot.

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There’s absolutely absolutely no sun visor to talk about.


Caberg Ghost Carbon Helmet set do not have structures for venting. The open face nature of this helmet should be more than enough for your venting requirements. Once the visor is down the absence of a chin curtain can guarantee a few airflow.

Padding and Li-Ning

Mesh lining and the weave fabric is sure to keep matters on the comfy and more warmer side. Fabric usually means that your sweat will be evil. This can help your sensitive skin skin stay away from sweat rashes or every shenanigans.

Same holds for your material used for the chinstrap which rubs against own skin.

The throat roll overview looks and feels much like leather, also Caberg does say that it’s in fact made of leather. So there isn’t any harm in believing it.

Customer Reviews

Lack of DOT continues to be a major barrier in the entry in Canadian Industry and the Usa of Caberg. Nevertheless, the economy has little to complain about using this helmet. If you had to select out something, then it would be the weird way the carbon fiber weave comes together at the rear. It could have been refined to give it a more symmetrical look.

Customers are increasingly being smart about being quiet when it comes to end noise.

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Bottom Line

A fantastic helmet at an even superior shell version – that the carbon fiber – is just not.

Particularly when you are a rider at the EU zone. Dual homologation styling, good protection, comfort fit and a pin-lock Max Vision available in a package is like a dream. If your wallet can handle it, so can you.

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Go have some fun. You deserve it!

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