Caberg Ghost Legend Helmet Review: A Scary Good Time!

Tired of playing CS:GO? Put and pretend to be where you tread that shot gun wielding SWAT. Even the Caberg Ghost Legend Helmet certainly will make people avoid them and has been a eye catcher. Or fearful. Or both.

Caberg Ghost Legend Helmet

A competitive looking helmet out of Caberg, Italy, the Caberg ‘Jet’ Ghost is a turn up helmet which may make you seem as an associate of a special ops unit. Not merely that, but it has a lot of features and also a PinLock dual lens in the package. Xmas has arrived home early. Get your bicycles ready!

What Can You Love?

The Caberg Jet ‘Ghost’ helmet is a Matt Black/White shell and has a Legend graphic. It’s only a stripe, counter to the best, with two narrow accent lines. Simple, but very powerful.

Caberg has opted for the buckle for operation instead of a DoubleD ring installation. It fits nicely with the one-handed performance of mask and this visor combined. There is an removable nose guard also included which makes this setup modular.

The cable is sold ready for Caberg’s Only Chat S Bluetooth communication system. The entire unit can be fit in the recess below the lining, and provides extra space for those speakers as well.

The facemask is an excellent addition and it is exactly what gives its form to this particular helmet. It can be taken off easily resulting in a lid. The highly modular design might be used in four distinct configurations. Full face face without nose guard. You can check these out combinations by eliminating or attaching the foam liner, facemask and the visor.

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Caberg has distanced itself a little by hammering the rim out of adhesive into the helmet at the brow and used steel in the neck inlets. This is a positive step forward so much as improving the general of the helmet is more worried.

The Most Notable Features to Be Aware of

With style similar to this, the Caberg Ghost Legend Helmet will have unique characteristics too. Let us find out.


In 2lbs. 8oz. this helmet is the lightest one that you can wear even in the XL size. Amazing! The contour is more of an intermediate around, so people with more narrow heads will have it rough.

The shell construction is still actually a one that is tri-composite. Caberg has used Kevlar fiber-glass in addition to Carbon to attain a solid skeleton. While strengthening their helmets A whole lot of helmet manufacturers are using Dyneema and Spectra. That means you can assume that Caberg will not be far behind.

Caberg Ghost comes to put out for learning your fit 6 settings.


Caberg has used a scratch resistant visor with this helmet, thinking about. As an additional benefit, they left it easier to install and eliminate a pin-lock Max Vision lens. Furthermore, the lens is also included from the box!

There are 6 visor tints. One of them includes a gold finish that will assist you pretend to be the Halo Masterchief that is old. The visor snugly closed are kept by the visor foam profile with excellent finish and dual reinforcements. Still, for optimum customization, Caberg has made the visor foam profile accessible 3 sizes 18 mm, 21mm and 25 mm.

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The Phantom includes a spring up leaning system to start the visor and face mask with only one hand. You pull the meeting and rotate it upwards to contain it in both hands in no time.

An education manual shows you how you can do that in a detailed manner, although the assembly’s removal is somewhat complicated and requires using your screwdriver.


The Caberg Ghost Legend Helmet does not need much going on for itself since its DNA remains open face. They do supply a bug guard when open-face is being ridden by you, to capture people gnats, therefore that is something.

The open face nature should furnish all of the cooling you can demand from this specific lid.

Padding and Li-ning

Even the ‘sanitized’ lining and inner ‘breathable’ fabric feels comfortable even with its multi-beveled, elongated honeycomb-weave structure. It is housed in an leather outline which feels very much enjoy the famous ‘Italian’ leather.

Customer Reviews

The scores excellent in all areas and many customers were pulled in by the noticeable contour it self. There were not any complaints concerning noise; well, due to the absence of any ventilation scheme.

But the drawback is the fact that the Helmet is only ECE 22.05 certified which can be a lot of those Europe. There is no DOT rating to anticipate, if you’re importing it into US or Canada.

Bottom line

Molto bene! This is just a beautiful helmet to really get your hands on if the language ‘cruising’ or ‘racer’ ring on your ears and mind on a regular basis. Super light weight, macho Forces look structure, amazingly decorative modular design and the pin-lock should be sufficient to influence your choice in one’s charge card’s favour.

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