Caberg Ghost Matt Black Helmet Review: The Coolest Way to Stay Safe

Caberg’s (Italy) lineup of Jet helmets also have taken the rider world by storm, and also the Ghost series is definitely the most widely used of these. 1 look at these helmets and you also start visualizing ‘SWAT’, ‘Spec-Ops’ and ‘SAS’ along the lines of ‘combat’. If you take a Remington 870 and wear a Kevlar vest or ride that roadster of yours is all your decision personally. Additionally, it may meet your Cosplay needs where you are able to take a bang and provide two or two back.

Caberg Ghost Matt Black Helmet

Nonetheless, it really is encouraged while riding your bike for wearing it. And Caberg has brought good care for making it powerful, light weight and comfortable for this purpose that was bespoke.

What Can You Love

The Caberg Ghost Matt Black Helmet finish on this particular helmet gives it a particularly serious look. Any individual wearing this helmet, however poor of heart and mind, will feel as a superhuman. But that’s only one reasons this helmet is special. Its design is just what will impress you ‘flip up’ or ‘open face’ view.

Almost all the sections of the helmet can be removed and put back together. Foam liner, the visor, face mask, in addition to the nose shield can be detached if you desire an actual open facial experience. It does demand using a screwdriver, because a plastic snap fit design rests however attentive one can be, however, that’s fine. An accessory that is screwed on is less likely to break apart. The attachment remains complete if it can.

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This also contributes to using the helmet. A face config without the nose shield a half face shield but without breathing apparatus the face configuration where all is in place, 5 face position. You could remove every thing and retain only the lid. Be ready to swallow several pests at high rate though…

They have incorporated recesses that are proper plus Caberg produces the Only Speak S com unit for communication and mount points in the Phantom to get a fast fit.

The construction of the helmet and completing places Caberg to becoming a trendsetter on the path, and is first class. You’ll find rivets on the helmet at which different things are mounted, also steel has been used by Caberg in some of the parts.

Top Features To Look Out For

By appearing spectacular the Ghost that offer from Caberg has shown itself. What else has it got? Let us take a glimpse.


Light can there be a helmet? 4 lbs? 3 lbs? Caberg has really managed to achieve 2 pounds. 8 oz. In creating this helmet that is wonderful! Instead of poly carbonate, this helmet is constructed from a tri material comprising fiberglass, Kevlar and carbon substances. This helps make it strong while still remaining light weight.

Two shell sizes result for your head in an unique helmet fittings. The form of this helmet will be exactly what can be known as oblong, so that people can get this lid. But, some pressure points out can be expected by folks with a head shape that is more at the forehead.


You are protected by A visor from gravel dust or insects. Caberg also has provided mounts for attaching a PinLock Max Vision lens that’s included within the box for a stock purchase – an additional reason not to turn a blind eye.

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The visor is offered in 6 different fashionable tints – light smoke which comes as stock, mirror, dark, translucent and yellow (golden). These are able to be attached with all an foam face which is available in three sizes – 18mm, 21mm and 25mm for a flawless fit.

A spring up tilting system makes for a flip upward feel it a lot easier to start the face mask and visor assembly. This can be accomplished simply rotating it upwards and by pulling on the facial skin hide. It’s good in the sense which assembly is prevented from accidental openings in case of a wreck. This really is a part of dual-homologation. An ECE 22.05 ordinary means that the helmet is both secure and streetlegal to utilize in a closed as well as open facial settings.


There isn’t much to say about ventilation as this is an open face helmet in its core. Therefore any venting scheme would be useless because you would be driving the face mask open at times.

Padding and Lining

The Ghost helmet features a watertight weave fabric that is also ‘sanitized’. It’s housed to the leather inserts.

Customer Reviews

Clients aren’t exactly raving at this particular helmet, since there are equally exemplary helmets available from different brands. But peeps trying to find a few looks and excitement really are adding it to their ranges no matter. Most of the whining is since there’s no DOT certificate. And that’s probably why Caberg is having it demanding getting a trader in US or Canada.

Bottom Line

This can be a strong, brilliant and impenetrable gift from Caberg which shouldn’t be ignored just because of the fiddly breathing apparatus removal or because there’s absolutely no ventilation scheme. The aesthetic looks and great protection should really be enough to make it.

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