Caberg Riviera Legend Helmet Review

Caberg is all about improvement, innovation and reiterations. That is the reason why they’ve been in the industry when others have disappeared. Applying the development technique to these lines’ production, Caberg has continued to remain in the race, while incorporating all the vital adjustments and certifications in their own eyelids.

Caberg Riviera Legend Helmet

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One such wonder is the Caberg Riviera Legend Helmet. ECE 22.05 approved and homologated, the version 2 of their first Riviera has finer things up its sleeve than its progenitor.

What Could You Love?

The Caberg Riviera Legend Helmet, that comes in five different picture and finish versions includes a ‘Legend’ graphic available. It’s marginally different from the one. Caberg has chosen to utilize two reflective white lines down the centre, while it was just a little offset to the best into that helmet. This is on top of a more glossy finish. Knowing the old Camaro or your viper using a paint scheme, this graphic will be known by you also nicely.

The consequence is in the shape of an gap in comparison with the black version. It seems more elegant and polished (obviously) enough to project out this glistening warmth from the specular sunlight spot.

Now here’s an additional thing that looks out from the ordinary. As proclaimed by Caberg this helmet has been tested in a wind tunnel. Some are skeptical of the saying it’s unnecessary. But those can rejoice about analyzing standards.

The Qualities to Consider

Face helmet, opens? Sure, why don’t you. Here is what will come from the package.

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The Caberg Riviera Legend Helmet employs and again to be good at absorbing influences and protecting the something that makes us special. The structure feels stiff and fine which justifies its high security standard.

For finding the best fit, Caberg provides selection of 2 shell sizes.

The contour was kept simple without a lot of going on over the outside. Just a couple of accent crests which reduce turbulence and promote a angled airflow.


The face protector is quite large and it comes all of the way in which down covering a bit and your chin beyond. Protection against debris insects directly in the middle of your eyes, or even worse, your own sings.

The face protector may be removed relatively easily, however it’s not as straightforward as popping off it and pulling out it. You need to eliminate the seal and then yank on the seal away. Without bending, you lift the visor properly. There are four lugs in the visor that line up using the sockets given on each side, hidden by the inner and outer circular seals in the casing to get a fit that is cozy. Seems somewhat fiddly, however it is useful to hold that visor in place.

A drop down smoke visor is provided for protection against the UV rays.


You won’t locate an active or passive venting scheme thinking of that is an open face helmet. You can control the number of air arriving from underneath the visor by adjusting the angle of your neck just a bit.

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There will appear to be the casing which is good for air circulation and a difference between the comfort lining. But the helmet port holes or doesn’t require structure that is channeled in EPS.

Padding and Lining

When you reach the guts of the helmet, then you can understand that the cheek pads could be taken away extremely readily. Hold them and pull out them with a ‘pop’. The liner is repaired at points which means that you may spend a few seconds snapping off them. Essential to be aware that it’s fixed at the brow and at the trunk, eliminating pressure points in between.

The liner and cloth was ‘sanitized’; another term for being given an anti-microbial treatment. The perforated fabric is effective in wicking sweat up, which means you aren’t left bathing.

The also point is the cheek pads have been ready to your Just Chat S system, although the pads and the lining is a little on the dimensions that is averagely thin. You take out the Velcro, fit the item in the mat recess, Velcro it back along with Bob’s your uncle.

Customer Reviews

Clients who purchased this helmet are all satisfied, because this lid is currently proving that fact, and partially on account of the name Caberg has designed. A visor removal mechanism and minor complaints concerning padding dimensions stipulates the overall experience to decrease a superstar. But that is not what customers are worried about. The protection of an open face helmet would be what which makes this little wonder shine out from your competition and so is currently becoming ‘Go for it’ accolades.

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Bottom line

A helmet that is not shy of protecting your skull from impacts undoubtedly deserves your interest. Give this one a try if open face is your thing. Crash accepted by experienced clients and tested successfully you will not regret your purchase.

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