The best caberg riviera white helmet reviews

Italian craftsmanship has existed. However, you can find it in the form of helmets made by Caberg. 1 such offering may be your Caberg Riviera ‘Jet’ helmet in alloy white.

Caberg Riviera White Helmet

Caberg is becoming famous for their helmets. The finish and build with this helmet shows.

What Can You Love?

This helmet has a number of features to offer, which could only be found in some of the greater end figurines if face planting is not your concern then.

Even though this is an open face helmet, Caberg has managed to get ready to their Only Discuss S communicating platform.

A visor is provided that fits quite snugly and comes with rain protection. The matching is unique in the aspect it’s not going to permit any rain drops to flow in through both sides. However, you’d need to be travelling at considerable rate for your own visor to complete its job correctly.

It is made an issue to open up the chin strap with a single hand by A buckle. It may not be regarded as safe by a few hard core riders that prefer Double D rings. However safety is subjective regardless of specifications ratings and approvals. Here’s where the quotation comes into effect: “You can never be too careful”. That is hardly the crux of the topic, although it has two meanings.

Caberg also included a quick release system at the Riviera and also has kept in mind. So in the event of the improbable, you can relieve away from an position.

The Top Qualities to Be Aware of

So an open face helmet with Speak S and a capabilities that are notable. What exactly does this helmet possess?

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Caberg has chosen for a resin or polycarbonate to make the shell. Though it is from another brand or Lexan it’s uncertain, but the texture of the helmet is solid.

Available in two shell sizes, you have abundant choice to make that the helmet you get is really a fit for the melon.

The form of this helmet is nice, using 60 degree angled borders at eye interface, the brow and the area where your jaw line ends along with simple design cues. Caberg has used rivets sparingly which works to incorporate looks.

There are no significant lines to indicate any type of issues; extrudes and rather subtle chamfers that do not deviate the contour too much.


The Caberg Riviera White Helmet comes with dual visors, one transparent and one smoke. Whilst the drop down, inner sun visor is smoked, the face protector is evident. The lever to get the dropdown visor is handily placed at the top so it’s simpler to locate with your glove.

The face protector is wide enough never to restrict your opinion and should keep true to this facial nature.

The visor attachment system is feature and fashionable of the some of the recent helmets from Caberg’s line up. As soon as you uninstall the curved plate on each side it appears easy enough to take out the face shield. But keep your mind ready.


It’s a open face helmet, so you get the ventilation you want from the atmosphere arriving from leading directly, even if you have the visor on. With the visor off, you also can welcome air rain, hail and germs. You risk having an insectivore, if you consume two or one.

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You will not find any venting scheme or any chin vents or at the sides. Likewise, you will not locate any exhausts with this particular helmet.

Padding and Li-ning

The fabric and lining feel smooth once you plop the lid onto your face. The fit is comfortable and the cheek pads tend not to create any pressure points in your chin line. The lining is breathable, which means it really is likely to soak up your sweat quick. And it anti inflammatory treatment has been also given by Caberg the assimilated unmentionable doesn’t permit any microbes to procreate.

As previously mentioned in their user manual entire lining and also the cheek pads may be removed and cleaned thoroughly and then dry up.

There is sufficient space close to the ear pockets to allow any spectacle users to slide their specs or eyeglasses through with minimal work.

Customer Reviews

Customers openly advise getting you and have given 4 star or 5 star  reviews for this particular helmet. Annoyances like wind noise and cushioning round the head bothered a number of the owners, but perhaps not much.

However, other than these issues build quality, design and style that is simple, comfort and adequate visibility with the visor on. A few of these have undergone crashes and reported exemplary security also.

Bottom Line

There is. It you are convinced about your own personal safety, regardless of what speed you traveling (a few unfortunate have managed to lose a stationary bike), the more Caberg Riviera White Helmet open face helmet is exactly what you could be on the lookout for.

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