Caberg Tourmax Metallic White Helmet Review: A Must-Have For Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Together with to be the very first helmet designed for Maxi and Enduro​  bicycle owners, this particular offering from Caberg can be just a solid sport lid that is worth one’s attention.

Caberg Tourmax Metallic White Helmet

It’s double homologated, making it legal to ride with the closed posture as well as an chin guard from the great outdoors. With all the ECE 22.05 evaluation and a 5/5 SHARP crash evaluation score, you’re taking a look at a few of the very feature rich, nonetheless safe helmets to utilize in the European region and the United Kingdom.

What Would You like?

Caberg Tourmax Metallic White Helmet features a unique platform to his or her visor – chin shield structure. They call it the Double Visor Tech System. The peak automatically corrects itself at a position and the snap in default position as the chin guard is opened and closed. Very trendy.

The white appearance has a feeling of class around it, and has stuff in black around the helmet.

The Tourmax helmet comes with a design at the ears by the side which makes wearing a breeze to goggles or spectacles.

Caberg has ensured their Only Chat com unit can be inserted into recesses already.

The Most Notable Features to Be Aware of

Some individuals are skeptical about flip-face helmets thinking about what they may go wrong, with features working at the same time. Are they right in believing that? Why don’t we see.


is your weight reduction. Sport helmets are found on the side of stuff. And that’s that the Caberg Tourmax Metallic White Helmet weighing in 1775 grams or 3.91 pounds. It could have easily grabbed the 4-pound mark with all the visor and additional summit, but Caberg has been successful to keep the weight down.

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This helmet shape is curved oblong, that ought to fit a lot of customers just fine. People who have heads on the wider side don’t have anything to be concerned about, since this helmet doesn’t create pressure points close to your temple region.

The Tourmax comes in to 61-62 cm or an XL size completely up at XS size with 53-54 cm.

The total appearance of the helmet is modern – futuristic with lines once again to justify an angular fit. The stance nicely contrasts the eyebrow shield ridge to provide you that refined style when riding your own BMW.


Caberg was made sure the visor provided is anti-scratch and included a pin-lock lens. An drop sunvisor slides smoothly down, managed at the top using a lever. You might feel that a force is necessary to close or open it, however the resistance is by design, which keeps the visor at the desirable positions.

The view is a bit narrow for comfort compared to the other helmets in precisely the same category, so you may have to move that to get a better perspective of their environment.


Caberg sold two coil vents for airflow and has kept things simple. A top vent at the center and the open eyebrow vent can be toggled on or off with a slider. Caberg has noticed the issue in managing levers with gloves and corrected the shape of the lever.

The airflow is kept with stations from the EPS. It has large vent holes placed evenly to get that atmosphere borne over your shirt.

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The chin port might disturb some riders. But in case you’ve got a Balaklava on, you won’t feel much distinction from colder weather.

Padding and Li-ning

Many riders are going to utilize this helmet so a liner has been incorporated by Caberg. The cheek pads have been fitted in addition to a neck collar to seal in air and noise with the chin guard in the downward position.

The comfortable liner comes out easily revealing the air stations inside the EPS and the massive air vents holes.

Customer Reviews

Although the helmet does not present much a few users faced a problem which is popularly known as the ‘Fish Lip’ syndrome. The eyebrow shield fits a tad too near the chin; so much so that the mouth and the chin area remaining within. People who have a jaw structure suggesting an over bite come set for some trouble using fitting.

Some cyclists also had a problem with the narrow field of view from the lateral as well as horizontal direction.

Some customers reported that the peak reduces buffeting at higher speeds, but has a propensity.

Important Thing

This fish lip syndrome will be taken good care of by making a larger shell dimensions and also a couple sizes available in case Caberg may take care of the eyebrow shield difficulty.

The Caberg Tourmax Metallic White Helmet is as good a face and will be contemplated worth buying tours. But only after you’ve found an ideal fit.

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