Cordova Cooler Box Review: Great Way to Keep Your Drinks Cool!

Cordova is a new entrant into the cooler market that is roto-moudled. In this Cordova cooler inspection we’ll look at whether or not it’s worth buying and exactly what would make this cooler stick .

​CORDOVA 35 Small Cooler – Hard Sided Rotomolded Ice Chest with 28 Quart Capacity

CORDOVA 35 Small Cooler - Hard Sided Rotomolded Ice Chest with 28 Quart Capacity

A Little Bit About Cordova Cooler Box

Cordova certainly are a brand-new cooler, entering the market in June 2016 with 20-40 percent better ice retention’s assurance, the strongest and eco-friendly foam grips of any cooler available on the market.

Cordova was launched by 3 exteme exterior fans (Scott Campbell Jr. out of Deadliest Catch, Steve West in Steve’s Outdoor Adventures television and Mike West winner of the Baja 500) who believed that the recent coolers in the market didn’t live up to their requirements.

Features Which Produce Cordova Cooler Standout

Cordova cooler box are very similar to additional roto-moulded coolers available on the marketplace (watch Cordova compared to Yeti comparison) with a couple important differences.


The Cordova handles are 100% unique. While coolers use Nylon rope plastic or handles grips the Cordova takes it to the next level using their alumium handles.

These handles provide a few flair to the cooler’s plan and look badass.

They have built meaning that you may never be with no solution.

Coolers Much like this you don’t have you and bottle openers Need to buy them separately and put yourself. With that really is a feature.

Reverse TLock Latches

The Latches with this cooler are much like the T-Rex latches of the Yeti. They are made of thick rubber and also keep the lid sealed with the tension of the rubber inplace.

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The Cordova latches pull upward instead of down.

This may be marginally easier to utilize and can be much of a muchness Coolers as there isn’t to bend.

Highest Insulation Rating Of Any

Cordova promise to possess any cooler on the market’s insulation rating.

In saying this, I’m struggling to get they defined and have analyzed this so I wouldn’t take it as fact that is 100%.

As this cooler is indeed new, there are no comparison ice Evaluations to prove this cooler keeps ice the 20-40 percent longer that it says.

It will seem to have thicker walls (around 3 inches rather of Yeti’s 2 inches) therefore that will likely add to it’s ability to maintain ice, however for today I would only assume it work more straightforward to other roto-moulded coolers.

Eco-Friendly Foam

A nice feature of this cooler is the use of foam, which makes This a choice than other jets.

Made in USA

While other organizers such as Yeti and Engel Are manufactured the Cordova coolers is made completely within the USA. If local manufacturing occupations that are encouraging is essential for you then that cooler is definitely one to look at.

LifeTime Warranty

The Cordova cooler Box has one of the best warranties (see the details) in the industry – likely beaten only by Orca – with a lifetime warranty on their own springs.

This really is fantastic since you may buy this cooler it really is going to be.

If the cooler ever breaks of you really have a problem with it you know that it will be covered by warranty.

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Please be aware: you need to register your product to get the warranty to be valid. Don’t forget to do so.

The Cordova cooler Is in Fact one of the most expensive Coolers in the industry. Coming at $40-$150 more expensive compared to the Yeti, based upon size.

What this means is shoppers wanting to save a bit of money on a cooler like Yeti might have to appear elsewhere.

Yeti is already considered among the most expensive brands of Coolers on the market and you’ll see from the contrast chart than Cordova coolers are a bit more expensive than Yeti.

They do include a lifetime warranty and they are made in The USA I suppose the purchase price can be justified. But then again the Orca cooler is also produced in the united states and the price of the cooler is on par with Yeti, so I am not convinced.

Issues With Cordova Coolers

No cooler is ideal it isn’t without it’s flaws, when it has to do with the Cordova. Therefore let’s look to them.

Newness – The biggest flaw I have with this particular cooler At the present time is it is. Some times new means something is far better (eg. New computer) but fresh also suggests that some thing isn’t too tested and may have problems. The Cordova does not have any contrast ice hockey examinations so there’s no way to prove the performance of it yet.

Price – The Cordova is far more expensive than the Yeti That I really don’t enjoy. I would be inclined to recommend individuals buy it on a 19, whether this cooler was cheaper. However, being more costly when compared to a Yeti means it REALLY needs to stand out.

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Insufficient Color Options – There is currently only one Color option grey with a white lid. Therefore, if you are not in to that color you’re out of luck.

Insufficient Accessories – Other coolers sell accessories (like cup holders, seats etc) but now Cordova don’t have any accessories offered.

If You Buy A Cordova Cooler Box?

The Cordova cooler resembles a excellent cooler.

The aluminum handles and also the lifetime guarantee Being produced in the united states, are selling points for this cooler.

The design Is Actually nice and it comes with All of the features you’de Expect in a roto-moulded cooler – firm grade gasket, keep proof, non slip rubber accomplishment, keeps ice for more than 5 days.

The question would be would you think the Cordova cooler is worth the Extra price when compared to more popular brand or would you want to check in to coolers like Yeti but more economical?

The last of similar ice cubes as well as the fact that this product Has never been available on the industry very long also makes it a much riskier purchase than some thing like a Pelican or Yeti that has been around nearly ten years ago.

Ultimately the choice is yours and I wish you the greatest of luck.

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