Diamondback Cobra 24 Reviews: Best for Kids

Getting the perfect bike for your young man may be a difficult job. Particularly considering the character of small boys, even being playful and daring, you may hassle hard before locating the ideal choice. Diamondback Cobra 24 Mountain Bike wont be considered a bad option.

Diamondback Cobra 24

Diamondback Bicycles Cobra 24 Youth 24" Wheel Mountain Bike, Blue

To start, kids have some undying love for dirt. It is a common but treatable condition. Yes treated by locating the very best bike to ride. The diamondback Cobra is not only going to help introduce your youngster to the area of cycling but also help him bridge out of kids to mature bicycles. To make this happen, the bike really must possess quality and worthy features.

The 24 inch brakes provide a Excellent rollover through obstructions Effortlessly, 21 Gear speed supply the needed wide variety, linear pull brakes ascertain powerful braking, suspension handles bumps professionally, along with the higher tensile steel framework ensures durability. If you wish to learn more about this 24 inch mountain bike to get you kids then proceed forward to the diamondback Cobra 24 review below.

Who’s the Bike Designed For?

  • Since its name implies, diamondback Cobra bicycle is a good option for young boys with ambitions of becoming riding enthusiasts.
  • For this, your kid will graduate out of the conventional paths in the pack and paved trails to a great mountain adventure.
  • The bike comes in 1 size. As mentioned, it’s the ideal choice for kids graduating from toy bicycles to mature bicycles. It’s an excellent intermediate bike.
  • The bike, 24″ in size is excellent for kids aged between 9 to 12 decades.
  • Notice that the sizing of bicycles is loosely based on several parameters. Ensure that the bike fits your kid before purchasing it.
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Feature Information on Diamondback Cobra 24 Mountain Bike 2019

Outstanding Frame and Fork

Aluminum metal frames are frequently the beast when it comes to frame types. However, that would be the ideal selection for adults and other bikes used in abusive terrains. For the bicycle that comes moment after aluminum in durability and strength are the best option.

This kid bicycle features high tensile steel 24″ eyeglasses by DB. The frame is Strong enough to defy the roughness of your own kid. On the flip side, terrific suspension fork with 40mm of travel is enough to provide a smooth ride over the mountainous terrains.

Broad Rate Range

Initially, bikes, notably those meant for children had a one-speed alternative. That is perhaps why there have been few mountainous bikes for kiddies. Cruising the hilly terrains was almost not possible. The bonus with multiple gears in a bicycle is that they maintain the riding rate no matter the riding terrain.

As for the Diamondback Cobra 24 mountain bike, it comes with all the 21-speed Drivetrain. This number gives a vast selection of gears to select from. Your child will delight in riding various trails. The shifters will also be smooth and easy to take care of. Switching between gears will not be a issue.

Riding Comfortability

For an enjoyable and pleasurable riding experience, your kid needs to possess extreme Riding comfort ability. At a bike, comfort is as a consequence of varied interacting componentry. All work hand in hand to meet the normal requirements for comfortable riding.

The componentry Contains the frame dimensions, pedals, suspension system, Handlebar, seat and seatpost and also the steering. In terms of the frame dimensions, you get to decide on a perfect one for maximum relaxation. Other features have been determined by producer. The diamondback Cobra 24 mountain bike does not emphasise on this particular. As stated previously, the bike comes with fantastic features, comfortable for your kid.

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Great Wheelset

Your child May Be utilized to paved trails and paths at the playground with little Bumps and barriers. The small wheel set could have readily maneuvered throughout them. As you graduate these to mature bikes, this is actually the finest intermediate wheelset choice. The rough mountainous terrain can easily be handled by the 24-inch wheel this bike features.

At the Path of their explorative nature, children cruise through varied Terrains with unimaginable barriers. Therefore, it is prudent having the kid a good wheel size to facilitate rolling obstacles. Whereas they aren’t too big to take care of, they easily overcome bumps and barriers.

Saddle and Seatpost

How could riding be potential with out a seat? Probably you would have to chair on The frame. Yet, thanks to the presence of the seat and an adjustable seat post which provide an easy riding posture. As stated before, a bike’s saddle leads hugely towards the riding comfort ability.

Having Said That, the bicycle comprises a JR ATB 2-panel model drawing service from the 25.4mm Steel pillar seat pole. The saddle is wide or narrow. It absolutely simplifies the buttocks of a kid. This allows a cozy cycling position.

Braking System

Children are naturally adventurous. Adventure without an efficient braking System compromises on safety. This includes both the bike’s and kid’s safety. As an introductory bicycle into the mountain riding escapades, enormous gear choices ergo speed and unexpected obstacles, it’s prudent having a efficient braking system on the bike.

For bike experts, they like the disc brakes. However, fixing Them with this bike is overly much better. Children do not possess much riding capability as adults. Consequently, for them, the linear pull brakes are just fine. The brakes are powerful, to their own level, and ensure an instant halt on the bike regardless of the riding condition.

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Pros & Cons of Diamond back Cobra 24 Kids Mountain bike


  • Has a high tensile steel framework that’s long lasting.
  • The 24″ tires easily roll over obstructions with great control
  • Has tough tires along with overall wheelset for easy mountain biking
  • The bike is very good for helping bridge the difference between mature bicycles
  • The suspension fork helps in absorbing lumps for a quieter ride.
  • Shimano drive train with 21 gear speed offers a wide range of gears.
  • The bike has great stopping power provided by the linear pull brakes.


  • Small bit thick as a result of steel frame but lasting
  • No kick-stand available. You have to add one for you.

Diamondback Cobra 24 Mountain Bike at a Glance

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a Amazing present for a birthday boy, consider a Bicycle. Not only any bike however, the Diamondback Cobra 24 blue kid’s mountain bike. The bicycle includes all it takes to create your son’s or grandson’s Birthday the very ideal. It will be a present perhaps not readily forgotten. He will be riding Reminiscing the memories generated by this bicycle.

The High tensile steel frame, Shimano drive train using 21 gear choices, linear pull Brakes, and effective suspension fork really are what makes this bike an Outstanding piece. To finish it off would be the 24 inch Wheel Set That Is Good For an intermediate kid graduating from kid to adult bicycles.

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