Diamondback Overdrive Comp 29er Mountain Bike Reviews

Are you which will offer you flexibility, high Performance, simplicity and, needless to say, excellent value for your money? The ideal solution may be your Diamondback Overdrive Comp 29er Mountain Bike. Along with the, the more Diamondback bike overdrive comp offers entrylevel riders a great value for their money.

Diamondback Overdrive Comp 29er Mountain Bike

Diamondback Overdrive 2 29 Complete Mountain Bike

The bike requires minimal installation, is lightweight and is a great ride to get your Local park pleasure or even more demanding offroad riding. You will also love the fact that the manufacturer partially hastens the bike before being delivered for you. Are you currently of those riders who delight in all speed? Then you definitely should start trying to find a Diamondback overdrive comp 29er on the market.

Who’s the Diamondback Overdrive Comp 29er meant For?

This bicycle is just designed for avid riders who are looking for The perfect hardtail bike to ride trails, slopes and even on pavements. In this regard, the bike comes with a neutral geometry that comprises of formed and butted tubes. This kind of structure creates the bike exceptionally responsive and light weight to use on cross-country trails.

The 29″ brakes fitted on the Overdrive mountain bike not simply make this bike Simple to quicken; additionally they permit the bike to roll over obstacles easily. Throughout this Diamondback over-drive short article review, you will discover the reason why this is the best hardtail mountain bike below $1000 today.

Features of Diamondback overDrive Comp 29er

Strong Aluminium Frame

The frame used with this particular bike is hand-crafted from 6061 T6 aluminum, which Contributes to the lightweight nature of this bike. The shape, as well as tubing butted aspects of the frame, is entirely designed for superior quality and visual appeal. The framework is then mated to a 100 mm travel suspension fork, which is capable of shooting on the roughest of terrain requirements onto your own trail.

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To complement the solid structure, the producer uses a diminished head Tube with this bike. This offers riders enhanced control over the bike, especially when maneuvering through obstacles on trails.

ReadyRide Features

The aluminum framework utilized with this bicycle was especially designed to compensate For the relatively larger size of the bike. You will even agree with me that the silver matte finish to the frame provides you a stimulating feel and look. Along with the appealing bike geometry, you will also enjoy the installation the manufacturer applied setting this bike apart from the competition. In this aspect, you may just be required to set the sag to about 20 percent.

It is possible to adjust this using the preload adjuster onto the fork. You will also be Required to adjust the bounce control into halfway. Other than that, the bike includes ReadyRide features that so the bike delivered with 95% constructed by the manufacturer. This makes the diamondback overdrive comp more suitable when comparing to additional hardtail bikes that are sent in parts.

Smooth and Reputable Gearing

All the parts used on this bicycle are of premium quality and therefore are extremely reliable. Additionally, this goes to your drivetrain applied to the bike. The drivetrain on the diamondback overdrive comp 29 hardtail MTB includes Shimano 2×10 shifters, rear and rear derailleurs. All these, together with the highprecision crank set let you accurately alter the gears, so regardless of road conditions you’re riding under.

Again, You’ll Also Realize That the Shimano 2 X10 Drivetrain with this particular bike Provides you with a large choice of gears to ensure you have an easy time while you were cranking up hills or speeding on flat terrain requirements.

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Comparatively Enormous Wheels

When Compared to additional wheel dimensions options Designed for mountain bike, the 29-inch tires fitted to the bike are comparatively large. As such, the brakes are easier to quicken and also to roll over obstacles. This really is the situation, you will have a simple time overcoming such obstacles as rocks, roots, and boulders in your route while riding this bike.

With the Overdrive comp mountain bicycle, you will be surprised that you can Cross streams considerably easier while riding your bike than you’d while riding a bike with tires that are smaller. To match the large tires, the bike includes solid hubs, rims, wheel set and quite competitive tires to take on an array of terrain conditions.

An Exceptional Suspension System

Although You’re shopping for a hardtail mountain bike, do you realize that you simply Can get you with a comfortable suspension method? Even the diamondback overdrive comp 29 hardtail MTB is proof hardtail mountain bicycles may also be comfortable to ride through rough terrain.

In this regard, the bicycle is fitted using a RockShox XC30, superior quality Suspension fork. The fork also includes turn-key lockout controls, that allows passengers to adjust the suspension system easily and more conveniently. This suspension system is designed to absorb all the shocks and offer you a comfortable riding adventure.

Suggested Sizing – Discover appropriate dimension

The manufacturer company avails this bike in many size choices, That You May choose based on your elevation. For example, riders between 5’4 and 5’7 tall ought to select for the Small dimensions (16″) of their bike. The Medium size (18″) bicycle is meant for passengers involving 5’7 and 5’10 tall while the Big (20″) Overdrive bike is meant for riders between 5’10 to 6’1 bigger and also the final size Extra Large (22″) for riders who are taller compared to″1.

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Pros & Cons of Diamondback Overdrive comp 29er MTB


  • The bicycle is lightweight
  • Provides high precision equipment altering
  • Aluminum framework offers the stiffness and durability
  • for a evidence of craftsmanship and quality of the bike
  • Includes a Effective and Successful disc steering
  • The comparatively large over Drive tires are puncture resistant
  • Bike is delivered 95% assembled, making it a convenient ride


  • Grips are harder and smaller for many riders

Diamondback Overdrive Comp 29er at a Glance

Final Verdict

When you’ve seen throughout this Diamondback Overdrive Comp 29er Mountain Bike overview, the bicycle Offers satisfactorily added functionality and convenience features for entry-level and experienced riders alike. Overall, the bike is more easy enough for novice riders to work out and also ride through hard problems. The after sales service offered by the manufacturer on the Diamondback overdrive comp 29er ensure you are certain to get reliable support from them. This really is the situation, this is among the bikes offering the very best deal for your money in the market today.

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