Diamondback Overdrive Sport Mountain Bike Reviews


    Why would I buy a Diamondback Overdrive Sport Mountain Bike now, you may well be wondering. Well, the overdrive is a traditional hardtail mountain bike, having profited from years of advanced evolution and refinements by a few of the main mountain bike manufacturers now.


    Diamondback Overdrive Sport Mountain Bike

    With regards to functionality, the Overdrive sports bike has been Demonstrated to be Better than some of the bikes priced about 2 times its own price. This would be to state that you are becoming the operation of a $2,000 bike by buying the DB Overdrive Sport at a comparatively cheap. This bike is visually appealing, strong and light weight; ergo less difficult to regulate and move in challenging terrain conditions.

    Who is The Overdrive Designed for?

    As the other high heeled hardtail mountain bicycles in the Marketplace Now, this bike is intended for the extreme riders out there. Since you will see in this DB overdrive Sport 27.5 reviews, this bike has a very rigid framework, which allows the bike to endure the roughest of biking conditions and terrain for a very long while.

    The bicycle is quite cheap, Considering that It's fitted with High-quality components and is fun to drive for both entry level passengers as well as the experienced riders. Owing to the countless benefits this bike has to offer, it's ranked one of many best selling hardtail mountain bikes today.

    What Makes the DB Overdrive Sport a 'Must Have' Bike?

    A Light Weight Frame

    The 6061t6 Aluminium frame includes, to a certain extent, revolutionized how Other manufacturers view the crafting and designing of MTB frames. To begin with, the frame is quite light; hence DB Overdrive Sport Weight should not be a concern for you. The light weight with this bike enhances its performance and makes it a lot easier to manage and move.

    The 6061 mix of Aluminium, Magnesium, and silicon onto this frame Supplies a relatively high electrical strength. This is very important, bearing in mind that the bike was created for mountainbiking trails.

    Enormous Wheels and Tires

    Any seasoned rider could attest to the truth that bigger wheels are very Beneficial when utilized on a mountain bike. As a question of fact, you may have realized that a great number of hardtail mountain bikes within this scope have either 27.5 inches or 29-inch tire. To be able to offer optimal performance, the Diamondback Overdrive Sport 27.5 Mountain Bike comes with 27.5 inch Kenda Honey Badger 2.2″ tires.

    These decrease the rolling resistance with this bicycle Somewhat consequently making It simpler to roll over obstacles. The Kenda Honey Badger tires applied to these brakes are of high quality and give a good grip in most terrains.

    Performance Drivetrain

    In case you think about this Overdrive game as just another 21-speed mountain bicycle, You're extremely wrong. Even the 27-speed drivetrain fitted on this hardtail mountain bike has a lot to give a normal rider, in comparison to its competitors. To start out with, producer doesn't compromise on the level of components applied to this mountain bike.

    In this regard, the bicycle includes Shimano rear and front derailleur, which Are paired into a Shimano Altus M370 shifters. As such, you ought to expect an easy and precise gearing adventure with this bike. Additionally, the gearing system supplies an extensive range of gears for beating steep ascents and descents with ease.

    Powerful Hydraulic Brakes

    As the price, framework , and wheel dimensions are important factors when Shopping for the ideal mountain bike to buy, the steering is something which you must consider before making your ultimate option. Mountain bicycles are built to be employed on the challenging mountain trails and difficult terrains. Such an endeavor can be quite dangerous for a rider and those near them when the bike does not need a efficient braking system.

    Consequently, the Overdrive Sport bike by Diamondback is fitted using Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes, an extremely rare feature for bikes in this price range.Unlike mechanical disc brakes, hydraulic brakes really are renowned for being very responsive and strong. Along with helping you avoid injuries, the powerful brakes on this bike improve handling of the bike in all terrains.

    Great Support

    The Diamondback MTB manufacturer is renowned across the globe for Un-matched Craftsmanship and also for producing quality products. To demonstrate that they're confident with their bicycles, the maker offers after sales service and customer support. This being the case, you may rest assured that you are buying a solid product that will provide you some problem in the near future.

    A Comfortable Ride

    Even Though Overdrive is a hardtail mountain bike, it is comparatively Comfortable to ride, even in rough terrains. This could possibly be credited to the high quality and effective front suspension frame. The suspension system is also an important part of any mountain bike today.

    This is only because the bicycles are meant for use within hard terrains. To Make sure that you've got a comfortable ride, the over drive is fitted with an SR Suntour suspension fork to consume all of the bumps on your trail.

    Pros & Cons of DB overDrive Sport 27.5 Bike


    • 27.5 large brakes to fit all size rider
    • 27-speed to help you ride the hills
    • SR Sun tour 100mm fork to absorb shock
    • Made of aluminum framework hence lightweight
    • Shimano shifter & drivetrain for trusted speed
    • Hydraulic disc brake out of Shimano to prevent instantly
    • Partially constructed by seller so decrease time to assemble
    • 2.2″ Kenda Honey Badger for remarkable grip in all terrains


    • Cheap brake cables
    • Saddle with this bike Isn't comfy enough

    Diamondback Overdrive Sport Mountain Bike Specs at Glance

    Final Verdict

    If you moved through the Diamondback Overdrive Sport Mountain Bike review you will Realize this mountain bike is just a great mountain bike for beginners. If you Are thinking about mountain biking, you ought to go for this bike, and also you may Never regret your choice.