A review of the EVS T5 Venture Helmet

The EVS R5 Venture helmet provides a expert finish, snug fit and a helmet. The helmet comes with a perfect design and sport a perfect conclusion.

EVS 5 Venture helmet has therefore established it self. Let’s good look at.

EVS T5 Venture Helmet

EVS Sports T5 Dual Sport Venture Helmet

The Look

An aerodynamic look is adorned by the helmet. There are three choices available black, white and yellow. In giving a finish the brand has done a commendable job. The jacket is thick and polished making the helmet resist the climatic states and shine to get long. The looks are next to none and can impress you before you examine the remainder of the helmet.

The Structure

The shell is made up of thermoplastic that’s durable and light. The inner liner of the helmet is composed of material that has a property to wick the moisture, making it an appropriate choice for your rider. The lining can be removed and washed to maintain it for long and maintain it. The cushioning can also be highly porous with numerous parroted holes. The openings keep the atmosphere flow uninterrupted and smooth and also act as an aid.

The helmet comes from an extensive array of sizes with the fit no more than 20 inches. The helmet sits on your head and is only a little bigger than the size graph that is prescribed. Because of this, it is suggested to thoroughly inspect the fit before making a purchase by trying it.

The shell renders the helmet somewhat lighter from the usual ones at the double sports helmet category weighing just 1587 grams. Thus the helmet can be mounted by the rider comfortably for extended periods of time without any discomfort. What’s more, the aerodynamic contour prevents the helmet out of flying away under the effect of winds.

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Ventilation System

The EVS T5 Venture Helmet gives a top notch venting system. It includes a flexible mouth intake port and an interface which ensures a heating system. You’ll find also an exhaust vent at the rear and EPS ventilation stations present. The plan of the vents is such there is a dynamic air pressure generated when the vehicle is in motion which then increases the pressure, allowing a larger intake of air through the helmet.

The vents are flexible and may be readily opened or shut. There is a end channel along which the visor and the helmet meet. The oversized intake and exhaust ports maintain a continuous circulation of air during the helmet. The internal venting process is efficient enough to retain the moisture and hence any efforts is in vain. The helmet is, hence, made a trendy asset during hot states by the venting.


The wind channel where the helmet is met by the visor has an padding material that’s effective at dampening the sound. The helmet is more quiet than others when the bike is speeding on highways that are open.

There is no harm in having a handful of ear plugs on the resultant hearing loss and to guarantee additional protection against the sound.

The Shield and the Visor

The EVS T5 Venture Helmet comes with a simple structure of a defense, sunshade, and visor which provides a perfect shield of the mind from this sun’s UV rays. In addition, it serves as a cover for your own dirt, dirt, mud and other hard-shell whenever you are outside in an experience, flying insects.

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The defense is correct with no parallax error. Glass and even the anti-scratch doesn’t hinder the visibility while riding extreme situations. The shield is assisted using a visor that has friction to keep it open at any point throughout the full range motion. The tip which you break your thumb into close or open the visor operated and is readily manipulated.

The EVS T5 Venture Helmet also comes to shield the eyes. The shade works being a breeze sail at high rates. Additionally, it may be used in line with your own needs and can be readily removed with the spin of merely 3 knobs.

Additional Capabilities

The cable is certified by both DOT and ECE that ensures high safety standards (The ECE is a European security standard). The helmet is a very effective shock absorbent which will withstand both lower and the high impact because of the lining material which the helmet is padded with.


The light weight, comfort and budget range create. The helmet has been so designed that it competes with the ones.

The RAM cooling system keeps the air flowing and making it an perfect fit for cyclists that frequent in warm weather conditions. The padding has reduced the noise levels which is another design. The features provided when you see the price tag , might not be believable, however, the helmet really satisfies them all and is a very satisfying buy. So do not hesitate because you won’t regret it, to invest in the Venture helmet. It will be your very best friend in the highway.

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