Fox Racing V3 Kustm Helmet: The Best of Both Worlds

Motocross can be a sport, maybe not for the faint of heart. But that must not signify heart’s strong should behave as a jumping jack without the protection. The Fox Racing V3 Kustm helmet should allow you to maintain your face intact once you’re up there on the ramps attempting to pull off stunts. So, Johnny Blaze, let’s look ‘skull’.

Fox Racing V3 Kustm Helmet

Fox Racing V3 Kustm Helmet

At first glance, this helmet resembles the head of a hawk or an eagle having its beak able to snatch its prey at a split second. It’s that the ‘summit’, perhaps not the beak that gives its own distinctive look to this helmet.

Fox has been able to help keep the design simple, yet fashionable. It has a compact shape that offers minimum resistance whenever you’re testing the limits of one’s bike while in the country.

Equipped with ECE 22.05 along with DOT certifications, you can be certain lid will perform its job with sincerity.

What Would You Love?

Fox has integrated a Magnet Visor Release System (MVSR) inside this helmet today. Rather than using clips, bolts, nuts, straps or rivets, what they have done can be used magnetic brackets. While you’re busy rubbing your nose onto a lawn the visor comes off quite easily. Furthermore, it can snap back on whether it gets its integrity impaired whatsoever as a result of that wreck or has not busted.

The helmet can be also equipped with a Multi-Directional Impact Protection System or MIPS, a technology that is being accommodated by many helmet manufacturers. Your brain is protected by it from any violence caused by a rotational effect. It consists of a coating between your casing and the head. This coating is simply such as the brain’s protective fluid which exists between itself and also the skull to absorb impacts that are angled.

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Fox has a bonus for anyone. They’ve made a gear collection available too. Thus you’ve got a one-stop-shop-solution at your palms if you order online.

The Features to Be Aware of

For a helmet that’s intended to demanding it it ought not cut you out. Here’s what Fox has to offer.


The Fox Racing V3 Kustm Helmet is an update over the earlier V3 helmets. They have upped their game and chosen a material that was different for its 2019 V3 which makes it lighter compared to the prior variants.

Available in 4 cup sizes in addition to 4 EPS sizes, there is loads of ‘headroom’ that you get your precise matching.

The Fox Racing V3 Kustm Helmet comes in four colors as the primary choice. The graphic’s caliber is trendy, with two ‘foxes’ wing and accent lines depicting a ‘speedy’ feeling.


The peak with the helmet features a rather solid outline, with two extra with a small one. This ensures equilibrium of this helmet at elevated rates.

Fox includes a convenient upgrade to this visors at the sort of the MVRS or Magnetic Visor Release System, which saves you by cursing the gods in regards off at a face first wreck. Instead the three visor screws that held the visor in place and snapped it off when you crashed, you finally have of. Worry not though; the magnets are strong enough to help keep the lid in place at dreadful velocities.


14 intakes and 4 exhausts look after the atmosphere coming in and going out. This is.

A large chin vent accounts for letting the air in. There are just two extra inlets right on top the chin port that distract the air across that person. The model features a pentagon-reverse-pentagon contour that is effective with the aggressive nose design that is Sub-Zero which the lid is supposed to exude. Two jaw line inlets add more warmth.

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There are two upper five eyebrow vents and three lesser ones onto your helmet body. The two connect and the lower three trendy your own forehead. Two top vents blow off the incoming air on your scalp.

Two vents at the top back and two at the base near the winglet area keep things nice and cool and remove this stifling air.

Padding and LiNing

A dri-lex Comfort Liner wicks your perspiration off and keeps you warm typically. Comfort liner and the pads are perforated enough to keep the air flow constant. The material must not bother you and feels very soft.

Customer Reviews

Many clients find this attractive piece. But in their honesty a few of them whined about the grade of plastic. There were not any negative opinions.

Important Thing

This is a wonderful helmet for Motocross. It is powerful and durable with a detachable peak and should last you long until you think about the V4 or V5.

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