The best marine GPS: Garmin Echomap 73SV Marine GPS Review

If you are an experienced angler, then you’re probably conscious of various types of fishfinders on the marketplace. These handy devices ensure that you do not waste your time on the water looking.

​​​Garmin ECHOMAP 73sv, 7″ Keyed-Assist Touchscreen Chartplotter

Garmin ECHOMAP 73sv, 7" Keyed-Assist Touchscreen Chartplotter

Although there’s a lot of rivalry with fishfinders, we feel that the Echomap 7​3sv from Garmin is one of the greatest choices. It has a slew of features, also it provides enough customization and performance to work for almost all types of fishermen. Your livelihood is just getting started or whether you are an old pro, you’ll make the Echomap 7​3sv work for you.

Let’s see how it could improve your fishing experience.

Multiple Screen Sizes Available

One reason we like the version is that you just get to pick your size. Most finders have one option available. In this case, you may select out of five, four, seven, or two inches for your screen. If you can’t see well, we strongly advise that you go with either of the larger models.

The excellent thing about these screens (every one of these) is that they provide high definition imaging and a full-color display. They are backlit, therefore you’re fishing during the night or whether the sun is shining onto time, you can easily see everything.

With the larger sizes, you can divide the screen so that you can monitor your location to the GPS (we’ll get into that in a second) as well as view what’s happening below the top. The one thing missing is that a touchscreen capability, but you won’t miss it.

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Still another exceptional reason to invest in the Garmin Echomap 7​3sv Marine GPS is the fact that it uses CHIRP Sonar. In contrast to other techniques that are fish-finding, CHIRP is far better because it operates. One signal frequency is only used by Standard sonar. This version sends out sound waves you can get imaging. It also provides clearer and sharper designs for fish.

The other great thing about the Garmin Echomap 7​3sv Marine GPS, specifically, is that it is sold with view imaging and both the side. Fishfinders may only find out what’s happening directly beneath the transducer. But if you want to check at what’s happening around your ship also, it is possible to activate the negative view screen and find yourself a better appearance.

you can find out the best plan of activity, this option provides a comprehensive image of their water to you.

Built-In GPS w/ Maps

Since Garmin produces this FishFinder, you can expect it to own a GPS that is high quality. That the 7​3sv will come with a few extras that make it better compared to the competition.

First, it’s chart plotting and waypoints. This enables you to map your advancement and mark areas having the most fish. The next time you venture out you don’t have to spend as long looking for the perfect spot.

Second, it comes with 1000s of preloaded maps. They’re limited by each one North America (therefore no global fishing), however, that needs to be more than enough for you.

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Finally, GPS enables for Quickdraw Contouring. This feature maps the bottom of waters so you can get a sense of what’s happening beneath the surface. The image that is contoured may be saved for next time.


  • Durable construction
  • high definition full-color display
  • Maps preloaded for several North America
  • quick-draw Contouring brings maps from scratch
  • Steps boat speed and water proofing
  • effortless to use navigation and controls
  • Side along with downvu imaging
  • CHIRP Sonar comprised
  • High-sensitivity GPS builtin
  • Wayfinding and graph plotting
  • Saves maps for later use
  • Transducer provided


  • in some instances, the preloaded maps might be limited
  • smaller dimensions can be harder to learn for some users


Q: Could I share data on different Echomap models?

A: Yes however, you need to purchase an ethernet cable to join them.

Q: How shallow does exactly the design go?

A: It may map out the bottom in one-foot increments, so shallow and deep water are perfectly fine.

Q: Can this unit come with a transducer?

A: Yes, there’s only contained. You can install the apparatus and also proceed fishing.

Final Verdict

​We love everything which the ​Garmin Echomap 73sv has to offer you when compared to other fishfinders. It uses a much sonar system, a superior GPS, and it can have a few of those screens available on the market. Overall, you will be impressed with what you can do with this particular machine.

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