Get the Best Fish Finder for Your Money: Garmin Striker 4DV Review

Finding fish might be difficult, once you are out on the water. Even if you’re at a high-income area, this does not imply you’ll find a snack. Too often, you can spend hours your boat without a show for this, which can be very disappointing.

Garmin Striker 4dv Fish Finders

Garmin Striker 4cv with transducer

With the Striker 4DV Fish Finder out of Garmin, that problem is likely to soon be considered a thing of the past. This fish-finder provides you with all of the various tools that you need to find your next grab. Let’s see how it might get your fishing trip a victory.

3.5-Inch HD Screen

When taking a look in different fishfinders, you’ll notice there’s a lot of variation from the size of the screen. In this case, the Striker is intended to be mobile and compact than anything. Its size allows you put it on an inferior craft, like even a kayak or a dinghy, as well as to reposition you’d like.

We enjoy the screen because it still exhibits in HD that is crystalclear, plus it provides a full-color image. It’s back lit so that you may read it.

Rugged Housing

Since the Garmin Striker 4dv Fish Finders has been built to be portable, it needs to withstand more abuse than other finders. Therefore, it has an home that protect the inner components, as well as will withstand dents and scratches. The system is waterproof, so there must not be any damage if you accidentally drop it. Just be sure to recover it ASAP to be more safe.

High-Sensitivity GPS

If you should be knowledgeable about the new Garmin, then you are aware it is wellknown for making high quality GPS techniques. The business has attracted its expert knowledge of tracking your position for the particular fish finder, that lets you do more.

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Can you see where you are on the water, however, you can navigate by plotting a course and calculating way-points. This will enable you to avoid any rough spots or dead zones, also also you may refer back to those maps on your next fishing trip. In addition, it will reveal boat rate for the advantage.


Each one of those features do not mean anything when the device can not find any fish. Providentially, that the Striker 4DV comes with a supreme quality sonar system. CHIRP is better compared to almost every other styles as it sends out a variety of frequencies. This makes the floor to be mapped by it and it provides you.

In cases like this, you may see as much as 1,750 feet making this finder well suited. As it’s a rocky home, don’t hesitate to simply take it out in to the ocean for some deep-sea fishing.

Built-In Flasher

Once again, this finder’s portability gives you plenty of flexibility in how it is used by you. Not only can you attach it (along with also the transducer) to a boat or kayak, however you also might use its flasher for vertical jigging or ice fishing. No matter what type of trip you are going on, the Striker can help make sure that it’s successful.

Pros & Cons


  • Durable construction
  • Compact and mobile design
  • GPS built for advantage
  • way-point charting and plotting
  • Boat rate and water temp display
  • 3.5-inch H D screen
  • Rugged home is waterproof and scratch-resistant
  • Works on both fresh and salt water
  • CHIRP sonar for reliable viewing
  • Flasher contained for ice fishing or vertical jigging
  • GT20 transducer included
  • Mount to any water craft
  • 1,750-foot thickness capacity
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  • Screen may be too small for many users
  • In rare situations, that the GPS may well not be as accurate as it should


Q: Can I mount this fish-finder to my canoe or kayak?

A: Yes, it’s compact enough it is going to fit. It is sold with suction cup mounts that you’re able to swap ships.

Q: What is the evaluation for that transducer that comes with it?

A: It operates at 300-watt RMS. As far as beams, it works together Conventional 50/77/200 kHz CHIRP (mid and high) and also DownVü 260/455/800 kHz.

Q: Does this store your valuable maps for you personally?

A: Yes, it is going to save so you can reuse them on your trip.

Final Verdict

We love its portability and ruggedness, although the tiny size of this Garmin Striker 4dv Fish Finders could be off putting for several users. We enjoy you can go on it ice fishing and that you can swap it. In spite of a more compact design, it still provides all of the details you need, making it a surefire hit for any and all anglers.

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