Garmin Striker 7sv Fish Finders Reviews: The Result In Our Test


    If you should be familiar with fishfinders, then you definitely know they can vary considerably in price and functionality. Additionally, different brands are far more reliable than many others, meaning that you have to perform a bit of research to get the right one.


    Garmin Striker 7sv Fish​ Finders

    In cases like this, nevertheless, we've completed a lot of the leg work for you personally. Garmin can be a business that's well-known for making some of those best GPS units and fish finders available on the current market, and also the Striker 7SV is a highly capable version which will make sure that your future fishing trip is fruitful.

    Then you will cherish this particular socket if you are a serious fisherman that wants to find results. Let us take a good look at how you can be helped by it.

    ​7 Inch Screen

    One of the problems with fishing gear that are non invasive is they have such screens that are dreadful. Either they are far too small to see what's happening, or the image will be fuzzy. Fortunately, neither of those problems exist with all an Garmin Striker 7sv Fish Finders.

    First of all has a large screen, helping to make it simple to find out what's going on, even in the event you switch to a style.

    Second, this display is in high-definition and color, meaning you can see everything beneath your vessel with crystal texture, irrespective of one's position on your water.

    In general this screen allows you to get a lot more using this finder than you'd with most other models.

    CHIRP Sonar Integral

    If it comes to locating fish, why the Striker 7SV is therefore reliable is it comes with the industry-leading CHIRP sonar. This technique gives the best imaging possible, ensuring that you can map the base of the lake or riverbed easily.

    This unit also comes with a transducer, which offers depth range. In water, you can easily see around 2,300 feet. Then you can look down as much as 1,100 feet below, if you should be out on the sea.

    Flasher Contained

    Part of the reason why we love the Garmin Striker 7sv Fish Finders is the fact that it works a stationary model together with a boat fish finder. So, if you enjoy fishing from the coast or over the ice, you can certainly do so without needing to buy some equipment.

    This version has a vertical flasher, which allows one to see what's happening without a transducer. The data is transmitted by it to the monitor that you quantify thickness and obtain an concept of what kind of fish have been grinding around below the surface.

    Although the flasher imaging is not as accurate as it really is when you utilize the boat transducer, it is still hugely beneficial, specially for fishing fishing.

    Waypoints and Chartplotting

    As you can imagine, there is a GPS system built to this specific fish finder. Garmin is one of the top navigation companies, and the Striker 7SV demonstrates they will be able to aid you in finding your way. Not only does it offer tracking, however, also you can mark waypoints and plot your course. This will help save you plenty of energy as you need not keep looking for your best areas each time you move out.

    Pros & Cons

    That which we liked

    • Durable construction
    • High-definition seven-inch display
    • Vertical flasher for static fishing
    • GPS built-in
    • Chartplotting capability with way-points
    • Save and share advancement wirelessly
    • Track position and rate as you move on the water
    • Negative and down perspective imaging
    • Monitor boat rate
    • Crystal clarity
    • simple to use menu
    • Displays water temperature
    • Max depths: 2,300 ft (freshwater), 1,100 feet (salt water)

    That which we did not like

    • Restricted map options installed
    • in some instances, it could perhaps not be able to chart your class


    - How waterproof is this fish socket?

    It will maintain nice against splashes and environmental conditions (except heavy rains). Don't let it get soaked.

    - Could I use this finder for fishing fishing?

    Yes, because it comes with a vertical flasher, you can maximize it for static fishing of any kind, including on the ice hockey.

    - What type of mounting hardware is sold for this unit?

    It's a standard swivel mounting bracket. You can discover additional mounts on Garmin's website.

    Final Verdict

    The Garmin Striker 7sv Fish Finders is just one of the most dependable fishfinders of Garmin. Imaging that is exceptional is provided by it, also also gives a lot of flexibility, particularly. Also you're searching for a device which can make you more productive on the water and if you're a serious angler, then you will love the Striker.