Genuine Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Street Bike Full Face Helmet Review

A motor-bike maniac that is complete should be in a position to explain to you how crucial it’s to find the best helmet that feel and gives you the ideal fit. Don’t assume all helmet is very good, while the marketplace may have helmets decorating the shelves. And there’s just a difference between a helmet and also a helmet.

Genuine Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet

A excellent helmet will improve the connection with this journey while a helmet will perform a standard job of taking care of one’s skull. Not only are you going to believe you truly feel protected and comfortable, but may also agree that you can conduct better job on your bike.

Why 1Storm?

If it comes to trusting someone with your own life on the road, we’re confident that you may not exactly settle for a sub-standard brand. That’s the reason we bring you the best helmets in the market whose makers are reputable all around the world and who’ve worked very hard, caring for every small detail to ensure they bring to you a helmet that is nothing less than perfect.

1Storm perfectly fits the bill. The brand has been around for a while and knows the world of motorbikes. Their designers toil out to offer you that fit, undeniable ease and comfort, and looks that will meet your requirements of a fantastic helmet.

First Appearance

You may rest assured you will be impressed when you first set your eye. Genuine Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet immaculately designed, with an all black look and a superior finish. Even the visor and do look nice and add the helmet and a touch. Like any of the very excellent helmets in the marketplace, this one goes to be lasting and light on your own mind since it weighs just about 3.2 lbs. Another perk is as it is available in sizes to match minds of every shape and size, that size should not be a problem.

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  • The outer shell is composed of carbon fiber which makes it extremely strong and light weight. In actuality, it is milder than ABS and fiberglass build.
  • The helmet includes 5-position venting channels and 3-levels top ventilation controller.
  • The exhaust spoiler includes an aerodynamic back venturi effect.
  • The interiors are well cushioned and very comfortable therefore that you get yourself a great snug fit everytime you head out to get a ride.
  • The lining is removable and washable.
  • It’s a gorgeous glossy finish that is UV resistant as well.
  • When it comes to safety, the helmet has met with the DOT safety standards.
  • It is spacious enough that you wear it together with your specs or sunglasses.
  • It remains comfortably in your own face, without the end knocking, even at high speed.
  • The shield can be changed easily and quickly.

We Recommend This

First of all, way of a name that is famous to manufacture durable and good helmets which provide your face all of the security it takes makes it. The fact that it is lightweight and comfortable and looks trendy simply adds to an helmet features. It’s a heavy duty helmet that you can readily wear if you are aiming for a fun ride with your friends and will be ready for exhausting journeys.

Customer Verdict

Customers have been on the moon and genuinely believe that they got what they paid for.

One customer was impressed with this helmet as he met with an injury while he’d this helmet. Then he rolled over and his head hit the sidewalk and hit something with his head again. While he did get several bruises and broken bones, his mind was fine. The helmet has been strong enough to absorb the effect of the crash and, apart from a few scrapes, it had been great. This helmet’s potency needed him bowled over permanently.

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That really is one of many excellent reviews that helmet in 1Storm is receiving out of its users. The fit, exceptionally light weight, very good ventilation and noise economy has found a lot of takers. That a brand new travel whenever you’d like is also ensured by the simple fact that the liner can be removed and washed anytime. The helmet is fairly priced. Thus you’re currently getting what you’ve covered. That’s for sure. While many accustomed to ‘forget’ wearing their helmets they look for explanations to attract the helmet.


In general, we really enjoy this helmet. Of course should the customer verdict is anything to go by, then we aren’t alone. Why would anybody say no to a helmet that is composed of carbon fiber, so is light weight and durablecomfy and takes good care of your vision and venting too?!

This one falls in the category that is terrific, although there are a lot of helmets in the current market. It’s something which everybody is hoping to receive their hands on and with this particular one running out of stock we recommend you place your orders now to avoid missing out on this one hell of a helmet!

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