GMax GM11D Expedition Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

GM11D has proven itself to be one of the sports helmets. For the past few decades, every model was a marked improvement on the previous’ designs and features. GMax GM11D Expedition Motorcycle Helmet, their latest, can be an all season helmet which methods to guard you from the roughest of the outside.

GMax GM11D Expedition Motorcycle Helmet

GMax GM11D Expedition Motorcycle Helmet

With a visor and visor less settings, the helmet forced to operate and may be aligned to your tastes. Our full length review will clear up.

Structure and Style

Even the GMax GM11D was provided a sleek look with its own redesigned look to. The helmet was given a mouthpiece and also a peak for safety and removal when you want to. The additional summit aids keeping in mind the helmet more cool aside from giving it a appearance and will help in maintaining a excellent current.

The helmet fits like it fits ordinary heads’ shape well and says. The helmet has wider vision and allows the riders to have a fantastic idea of the trail when riding on a highway, etc.. This provides more room wear glasses or to add their earphones to the rider. The weight of the helmet is around 3.92 lbs and so, is on the milder side as compared to many different helmets available for sport. The GMAX GM11D Expedition Helmet is available in XS to 3XL sizes and so is very well suited for most heads.

Advanced Features

The GMax GM11D Expedition Motorcycle Helmet is actually a helmet packed with features which is supposed to produce your roadtrips better as well as your rides smoother. The sport helmet enables you the possibility to put it on without its wide structure, in addition to a visor helps riders with glasses.

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As soon as it comes to using glossy design and wonderful features in one package, the GMax GM11D Expedition helmet covers its squares.

Light Weight Shell

The metal shell of the GMax GM11D helmet makes it strong enough to manage all situations. The alloy also makes the helmet more lightweight helping the rider concentrate on the street. The lesser the weight on the mind.

Dual Configuration

The helmet comes with dual configuration using a visor configuration pre-installed. But, you can opt to really go visor less by rotating the lever and simply removing the 2 side screws. Post this, fasten the side guard plate ride without your visor, and covers.

Contained Side Shield Plate Covers

When making use of the visor less installation, the helmet is made up of side shield plate covers that provide security.

Hidden Outer Flip Shield

The flip shield of the helmet has been hidden under the visor and is hard to spot with its visor-on mode. When in position, the defense is from sight, and provides the rider with vision.

Large Eyeport

For riders who tend to wear larger abilities are unable to fit them into their helmets and while riding, their GMAX GM11D helmet big eye interface helps with this goal. As well when using of goggles, the shield of this helmet could be raised or lowered.

Avoid Helmet Lift

Avoid any helmet elevator and the helmet’s visor is intended to enable the airflow pass uninterrupted. This makes the helmets safer to terrains and rocky areas .

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Good Ventilation

Even the GMax GM11D Expedition helmet flourishes on providing excellent ventilation with its vents, at faster rates at its top , front, and jaw bits. These are able to be fully opened or shut with gloved hands on. Relaxation liner vents and the shell/styro help achieve maximum airflow at the helmet, subsequently avoiding the helmet lifts.

Clear-coat Covering

The helmet has been marked with your final coat covering all around the helmet which causes it to be extremely durable and increases its toughness. The dual game helmet may be utilised in most seasons and will continue.

Outside Audio Reduction

For a riding, the GMax GM11D helmet focuses on providing maximum comfort and outside noise reduction when. That is achieved by using further support folds between your cheek pads and also the helmet shell. These cheek pads can be removed and washed any time you desire.

Integrated Speaker Pockets

GMax GM11D Expedition Matte

The helmet comes equipped with speaker pockets that are integral to help you pay attention to a selection of music when keeping and riding the distraction that is outside and sound far from you.

Padded Chin Strap

The GMAX GM11D helmet includes a padded d ring chin strap together side a retention strap that adjusts to the length that is extra.


  • The helmet is lighter compared to many more out there in the marketplace.
  • It is highly durable.
  • The helmet has good airflow.
  • It offers maximum comfort as well as affordable.


  • The helmet will not offer some end resistance while moving sideways.
  • The cheek pads can be stiff.
  • The chin strap of the helmet is slightly leaner and lies almost on the neck.
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To Buy or Not to Buy

Many features are offered by the GMax GM11D Expedition Motorcycle Helmet. The helmet is highly affordable for of the benefits it isn’t just great on style and provides but also on comfort. In addition to that, it supports dual mode, is high on safety, has great venting and can be durable. Despite a small stiffness on the insides, this helmet can be really a excellent buy for sport bikers.

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