The HJC CL 17 Rebel Helmet: A Review

The HJC CL17 ‘Rebel’ Graphic helmet is a successor into the CL 16. It’s an contour which appears to be far more aerodynamic than the. There really are a few functional updates which attract the CL17 up into the mark in today’s rivalry in the sub-premium category.

HJC CL17 Rebel Helmet Full Face


The helmet is DOT and SNELL rated, which means some burden by virtue of materials with greater density in the manufacturing procedure. Still, it does not provide your neck exercising and is never bad.

What Would You like?

The CL17 has a great fairing on the brow shield and about the borders of helmet.

The graphic appears fabulous at a blaze of gold color adorned with a matte black finish. ‘Performance’, ‘Hurry’, ‘Full Throttle’, ‘Wide Ride’, ‘1971’ and similar words are interspersed with a creature which seems to be a combo of an angel with Santa beard, holding a departure scythe and using hooves rather than feet.

This picture can be offered in a color that is gray, but it does not catch the attention quite as quickly as the individual does.

The Most Notable Qualities to Be Aware of

The CL17 Helmet is a lid from HJC helmet and provides the impression of a beginner helmet that is fantastic. But are there the features that HJC touts so? Let’s have a look.


HJC has used polycarbonate to manufacture the CL17. Weighing in at 3 lbs. 14 oz., it places itself somewhere between light and heavy.

The design of this helmet is impartial around or round oval shape. Which means that people with ‘earth’ shaped minds are going to have a comfortable ride, while those wobbling at exactly the worst or with oval are going to need to manage pressure points.

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A face protector with a 3D design is PinLock lens and gives 95% UV protection ready. The PinLock lens is not provided, however, you can see the mounts on the visor. Installation ought to be simple and quick.

By moving a lever under the mounts A RapidFire shield replacement mechanism works. This tool free system makes replacing the facial shield a breeze and is fantastic.

There are detents with only three rankings. No town or ‘broken open’ location available. Still, the mechanism fits stuff out, making you a sealed to continue to keep other gook along with that rainwater and snug on the gasket.


The CL17 Rebel Helmet includes a much better venting strategy. Besides this standard chin port, there are forehead vents in the helmets along with 2 chimney vents in the place of 1. A couple of inlets also have been provided on each side of the brow vent for airflow along your neck and jaw.

The chimney vents opened or could be shut independently on top with the assistance of all directly.

Passive dual scheme predicated on Venturi effect stinks from the rancid air from the inside. The front vents and two parallel atmosphere channels from the EPS and the atmosphere back into the exhausts hook up. All these are assumed to be flushing out humidity and the heat.

But the air stations inside the EPS really are a bit shallow. Whether that really is by faulty design or intention isn’t known. They are typically seen in some of the top helmets. What does happen is the air tends to keep circulating near the surface of one’s own scalp rather than being squeezed out and replaced with air that is incoming. This will not appear to be considered a venting installation, despite a fancy acronym. It is Named ACS or Advanced Channeling Ventilation System. Once you find some of the premium figurines as well as also their ventilation schemes out there, then you begin to believe this is just a marketing gimmick.

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Padding and Lining

Cheek pads are removable readily with pop out mounts. All these are contoured good and also the design is appealing, however, the thing here is that they are able to be substituted with different sized pliers. The comfort lining, along with the pads includes a sweat-wicking fabric that is very smooth. And, it has been given an anti-bacterial treatment which is a wonderful improvement looking at the price purpose of the helmet.

Even the comfortable liner has cutaways instead of net to get rid of any disturbance. It has eyebrow fit mounts and from popping their heads up rear snap mounts near the form to avoid any tension points.

Customer Reviews

You’re absolutely likely to find compromises, since this is a budget helmet aimed to the environment of riding. There have already been reports of the cheek pads maybe not matching precisely and the aerodynamic design collapse at higher rates (lift) among others.

However, they’re all praises about the protection of this particular helmet, many of them having tested it OnRoad in accidents. Not that you need to do the same…

Important Thing

If safety is everything you are looking for at a affordable price point, then the HJC CL17 Helmet should work fine.

It’s about 60% features and comfort using a superior helmet. Not bad if you’re merely a newcomer to the world of sport riding on your own SBKs from the 300cc to category.

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