HJC CL Max 2 Helmet Review

If you should be looking to either restore an older worn out one or even want an upgrade then you should have a look at the 2. A step up from earlier models the cl max 2 is stuffed with striking features and is still really a fantastic investment.

​HJC CL​ MAX 2 Helmet

HJC Helmets CL-MAX 2 Helmet

HJC offers a wide range of sizes with this particular solution and it is sold onto a black casing that is black. Not only will you be able to obtain the fit that is ideal, you look hard-core.

Founded in at 3.72 pounds (1.69 kg), the cl max 2 is obviously a round oval shape. It’s strong, durable, and gives optimum protection. It is likewise user-friendly in a great deal of methods.

If you are in to long and touring rides, then then your 2 may be an ideal companion for you personally. So, let’s take a peek at features and each of the benefits that HJC has to offer you.


Some of the chief advantages of the cl max 2, and all modular is that it’s really a “flip-up” helmet. Any fan of flip-up designs will soon be in a position to share with you that feature (that allows them to turn the full face helmet right into an open face helmet) is a huge bonus point. This permits one to let in air while you are stuck in stop signals or flip up front without even taking off the entire helmet to see a map or even smoke. It has its own advantages, although it’s, clearly, a matter of personal preference.

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The key benefit of this ​HJC CL MAX 2 Helmet is the fact that it comes ready for Bluetooth communication. This is going to be particularly helpful for commuters. You can tune in to music since you idle on traffic and also create essential calls. The bluetooth unit though is sold separately, which really is a damper.

The face protector that HJC helmet supplies is easy to operate. It helps for tool-less setup and removal. In addition, it comes with a face guard launch mechanism that is single-button. Not only that, but provides clear visions to crystal and is protected. These features combined make the cl max 2 shield.

Last, the two posseses an advanced ventilation system designed to keep you comfortable and relaxed in all climate. It modulates airflow such a manner that it matches the overall aerodynamic structure of the helmet. This allows one to remain balanced and stable even at high levels.

Now you understand about the benefits of the two, let’s take a far more thorough look at its attributes and see whether this is the perfect helmet to you.


The cl max 2 includes several features that sets it a degree above helmets at its own price range. From its casing to its own lining, HJC provides quality and relaxation.


HJC Helmets CL-MAX 2

The two is available in a broad range of sizes, as mentioned earlier in the day. It gives no less than 9 fits XS, SM, MD, LG, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, and 5XL. That is of particular benefit to people with large heads that find it hard to get a good fit.

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The helmet is constructed from an polycarbonate shell. This makes it durable and capable of handling high-force impacts. HJC includes a flexible chin bar to the cl max 2.

Face Shield

The face protector of this 2 comes with a lot of useful features. It has a single-button face guard discharge mechanism. It is glove-friendly and will be easily opened with 1 hand.

HJC supplies a QuickSlide shield replacement procedure for tool-less reinstallation and removal. The 2 allows for secure, tool-less removal and setup of an HJ-17 shield.

The face protector that is superior gives an extensive field of vision and clarity. It allows its users to have a distortion-free peripheral vision in most light requirements.

The face shield provides 95 percent UV protection, making the cl max 2 a superb choice for long summer rides, to top it off.

Ventilation System

HJC Offers ACS (Advanced Channeling Ventilation System) for your Cl Max 2. This allows full air-flow which flushes out humidity and heat from the inside of the helmet.

The shoot in let out of air and of air provides relaxation. This keeps the rider focused and relaxed on the road during long journeys, especially in warm weather.

Liner and Cheek Pads

The Nylex Interior of the cl max 2 is just one of its major benefits. It’s removable, anti bacterial and washable. The cheek pads are absolutely simple to remove, which makes maintenance that much more easy.

Of the liner and cheek pads are made for comfort and offer a cozy and snug fit. This enables you to utilize the helmet for extended durations without getting cramps or any aches.

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Extra Features Worth Nothing

Now that we’ve experienced the majority of the leading features of the cl max 2, let’s look.

HJC supplies a single-button release mechanism because of its chin bar (just like this one used for its face protector). It’s some of those simple conveniences which can go a long way, especially whenever a helmet is something that you are using to a day-to-day basis.

The Polycarbonate Alloy chin bar is just another extra bonus. The thermoplastic shell is injection-molded with ABS. These two qualities are a nod to longevity and the cl max 2 strength.

Finally, the HJC CL Max 2 Friction Helmet is DOT approved. Therefore, security standards and its own quality are dependable and certified.

The fact that the HJC CL Max 2 Friction Helmet will come in a array of sizes is definitely an advantage because you’ll be sure to obtain a size that fits you. The lining and cheek pads have been an additional bonus which make your ride cozy and comfortable. The ventilation process is in a way that you will acquire optimum air circulation in all climate. All in all is an fantastic product for use.

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