The HJC FG 17 Motorcycle Helmet Review


    The HJC FG 17 helmets have been presented by the newest HJC, who is famed for attracting excellent helmets at affordable prices.

    This helmet has many unique qualities of a RPHA 10-race Helmet for example the central lock technique.


    HJC FG 17 Motorcycle Helmet

    HJC FG 17 Motorcycle Helmet

    The HJC FG 17 helmet also has won the "World's Most Useful All-Around Motorcycle Helmet Bargain" and the "Motorcycle Helmet worth of the Year" awards.

    The HJC helmets have been tested in labs in addition to on the track that was real.

    The FG series helmets would be the newest lineup of helmets produced by your home of HJC Helmets. The FG series has helmets which range from mid weight weight and is just a helmet that's guaranteed to provide you with the greatest protection during most riding scenarios.

    Inside this HJC fg 17 motorcycle helmet review we let you know whether it is right for you personally and bring the features!


    The HJC FG 17 helmet is available in many solid colors. These colors include all the "colorless" colors like white, silver, black, white and matte black. All these are the glossy colors which can force you to look irresistible on your own bicycle.

    You will not feel that the weight of this helmet, because it only weighs 3.53 lbs.

    You're able to remove the entire lining of the helmet, wash it, then place it inside the helmet. This will stop the bacteria develop in your own lining.

    The shield can be readily replaced, in the case of an unexpected emergency.

    You may even have a greater vertical perspective, in order times where your head is perched non, you are going to still have the ability to determine just fine.

    It's a viewport which allows visibility. The lack of visibility is that the most reason behind an collision. There are fair probability of crashing in to someone's vehicle whenever you cannot need a clear peripheral vision of the object which are on your sides. This helmet has a visor which will make it possible for one to view Fig.


    The shell is constructed of the fiberglass that's very elastic and also a material. It's also a relatively lighter material. The fiberglass helmet has been reinforced with Kevlar that's really a synthetic fiber that is para-aramid.

    • The vents of the helmet can easily be operable even with a gloved hand.
    • The incorporated spoiler on the helmet that controls air flow on the helmet follows the path of the vehicle and does not divert.
    • The pin-lock lens is used from the shield to maintain the visor precipitation-free.
    • The gasket well seals across the visor.

    Shell Design and Quality

    The shell utilizes the complex fiberglass composite which has Kevlar reinforced init, which is just a strong and versatile material. CAD technology which creates this helmet super comfortable and light is used by the shell.

    The aerodynamic features will reduce the shock created by the impact in order that part of the mind doesn't experience the shock impact by distributing in all portions of the helmet. Hence, it prevents any injury to a massive extent.


    Good innovative technology is used by this HJC fg 17 helmet interior. The lining of the helmet wicks the moisture immediately. There are two relaxation liners within the helmet, one on the ideal side and one on the left side.

    These liners can be removed by you and scrub them before placing them within the casing. The lining is left handed with a silver thread. Silver, that is known for its properties, will not let germ build up inside the helmet.

    It has multi-density EPS foam coating for shock absorption.


    The HJC FG 17 helmet uses the ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation System which permits the air to flow in and from also the vents and the combustion vents respectively.

    Just a chin bar vent is which prevents shield. The vents can easily be operable even with the gloves.


    Rapid fire shield technology, meaning that it doesn't need any application to get rid of the protector or to do the installation is used by the shield.

    The visor of the helmet is shockproof. It is easy to attach and detach the visor out of the helmet. A snap and it's completed!

    The pin lock technology lens which works as an lens has been used by the visor.

    As the coating will wear off after some time, this is better than any other coating.

    The visor is 20 M glass using higher definition visibility. It is scratch resistant, so your vision will not be because of the scratches.

    The shield is hard-coated and uses an 3D lens.


    Let's face it! Helmets are not bought by us because it will make us look edgy and fashionable. We buy it as we take care of our thoughts as much as we care for our personality statement. Hence, putting your money is definitely the best option.

    The helmet matches Snell M 2010 in addition to the safety standards of DOT.

    Different Factors for Consideration

    The helmet will not have a couple of ear pockets for keeping the comm radio, on the interior. You may require a set of Bluetooth. So, keep in mind that the extra growth of this size.

    The helmet is not suited for an erect position; nevertheless, it really is more suited for a body position that was racing.

    This helmet does not get noisy atmosphere flow that is to regularized. It's a spot to set your head.


    The helmet includes all it takes to be considered a superb racing helmet at an price of just $189.99. It's actually affordable and also you should have it.